February 6, 2016

Unanimous council makes admin job offer

Danedri Thompson
After a lengthy search, Gardner City Council members unanimously agreed to start negotiations to hire Cheryl Harrison-Lee as city administrator.
If she accepts the position, Harrison-Lee will replace Stewart Fairburn, who left more than a year ago for a position in Chickasaw, Okla.
Initially, city officials hoped to hire a new city administrator last spring. However, two of three finalists last year for the position withdrew from the hiring process, and council opted to put the search for a new administrator on hold. In the interim, they hired Mike Press to serve as a consultant.
Assistant city administrator Melissa Mundt announced last month that her last day with the city will be May 23. Council members have not decided when or how they will replace Mundt.
Press’s contract as interim city administrator is set to expire before the end of the summer.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I went to the internet to check out Cheryl. If it is the same Cheryl it looks like she has been around the world with different jobs and I have to ask myself why she would want to move from the east coast to a dinky little town in the midwest with a population of only 18,000 – looks like she got into it with a Mayor she worked for in 2011 about getting to work at 8:00 A.M. – love those power struggles. Looks like she loves economic development and involved in planning – just what the Dictator and his appointed Council would love to have and I am sure dear ole Press made that a pertinent factor in his search. You better be ready with a strong lock on your wallet………….this gal looks like she may be another to take care of the thieves and give you the biggest tax bill ever for their wants and needs. Who knows but time will tell, however, I know who is doing the picking for that job and that fact alone certainly doesn’t provide me with any comfort level. Just like your dear ole School Dist. I know the manipulation, conniving, etc. will continue with adverse affects for the citizens – maybe I will be wrong but I highly doubt it.

  2. Judith I thought I heard this decision actually passed the council with all 5 voting Yes?

  3. nonamers says:

    Didn’t take long for Judith to start whining about new, unanimously-selected administrator.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I am not whining – I am being sarcastic since, as I stated earlier, I know who did the picking and I have lots of questions as to whether the best choice was made and my lovely “transparent” city government can certainly not be depended upon to be forthcoming with vital information. I have nothing but contempt for the slimy politicians and the thieves at this point in time and that should be very evident by my comments. I and all other average citizens are merely an ATM machine and they better have plenty of cash available for the bloodsuckers.

    Went to the Dr.’s office today for blood work and all of sudden my blood stopped coming out – I laughed and told the lab person that evidently the slimy politicians and the thieves had sucked out all the blood I had but she started pulling more out of another vein and that is exactly what the jerks do to me constantly. If it is isn’t a utility rate increase, it is a mill levy or sales tax increase or an increase in my fees at Motor Vehicle and on an on we go as they continue to borrow money we don’t have and put us in further debt which includes interest costs and more – the credit card is alive and well in America – where will it end?? Most people don’t even care to think about that question or the answer to it.

  5. Judith you’re no average citizen. 😉

  6. nonamers says:

    No blood, Judith? Are you sure you’re not a vampire?

    All joking aside, it IS whining that you are complaining about a person you know nothing about. Kind of like: “oh, boo hoo hoo, nobody listens to me so the new admin MUST be bad”.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I know I am not like the no-namers and the idiots who continue to support and enable the slimy government entities they have while they commit financial rape on the citizens across the U.S. And I certainly have more backbone and a genuine concern for my fellow man and speak out every day about the wrongdoing than many citizens. Your lovely city government has given not one tiny bit of information on the person they have hired to take care of our city business on a daily basis. Why is that??? I am helping to pay for that person’s generousl salary and benefit package and I feel I am entitled to lots of information on that person and the only way I will get it is to do my own research because my city government has never been and continues to not be forthcoming – they will only tell you what THEY want you to hear. I am also entitled to know what the city’s present debt is but I don’t get that either. So much for your transparent government that doesn’t exist and never will because the people will never be present in the closed door back room where the people’s business is really run. Those open meetings are just window dressing where the rubber stamp is utilized week after week. Many can support and enable the messes in government all they want but myself I have lost the faith and don’t trust them one iota and that is mainly due to the fact that the trust has been broken so many times.

  8. amused citizen says:

    I am impressed that it was unanimous. Not sure that has happened since the new council started. I suppose the only problem is that Judith did not get to personally review and dissect every candidate and have the council approve her choice. Which she would have complained about later if that person did not fully represent the common citizen known as Judith.

  9. nonamers says:

    No-namers? I’m not a no-namer. I signed in with my name and am insulted that you’re misusing it, Judith.

    @amused – I also found it interesting that the Council vote was unanimous. And that Judith didn’t find reason to complain about her pet Council favorite voting with the rest of the “slimy politicians”.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    Stick to the facts…………..those at City Hall and at the School Dist. Office do what they want and it really does not make any difference whether I or anyone else likes it but the taxpayers are expected to pay in many ways for the decisions and the choices they make. That is a fact. The only choice a citizen has is at the ballot box and that choice is very limited in my opinion because of the poor or no choices given to them………..I will continue to have contempt for the city and school district operations because of what I have seen and continue to see and have total confidence in them not even knowing what is the right thing to do. You can go along to get along or you can speak out about the crap that goes on – the choice is yours. I know what I will be doing. Just because a decision is unanimous doesn’t necessarily make it right but some idiots evidently think so and some don’t even want to know what information was utlilized to make a decision. Another day on the prairie with those who don’t even seem to want to be informed or educated on issues…….nothing new for those cult members who love the taste of the kool-aid and how they can communicate to each other through Facebook………….I wonder when was the last time a lot of them even read a book……….their greatest reference is what some person tells them on a Facebook site – that is what many consider research.

  11. nonamers says:

    YOU stick to the facts, Judith. As if that’ll ever happen.

    What part of “This is a fact” involves “cult members” and “kool-aid”? Oops. Sounds like your fact train kinda skipped the rail, huh.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    You can always bring out the no-namer cult members who are drunk on the kool-aid when you hit the nail on the head…………

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    I about died laughing when Beasley got up before the Council and expressed his concern about traffic that will occur due to the school that will be in his kingdom neighborhood. Aren’t you kinda a day late and a dollar short on this issue, Beasley???? I notice Gardner Bank got what they wanted on those storage lots while they continue to get their what I would call fraudulent farm appraisals and accompanying approximate $5 a year tax bill on their properties within the Moonlight Business Park Wonder how many times Gardner Bank has threatened to sue the citizens of Gardner if they don’t get what they want which is probably also true with the Russell Family. You transparent government is like a old farm pond muddy after a hard rainstorm.

  14. nonamers says:

    Why do you hate kids, Judith? Is it funny to you when they get run over?

    Also, what’s the deal with the “kingdom neighborhood” comment? Is that potshot at his religion? Nice to see that you’re once again showing your religious bigotry as well as your indifference for the safety of our children. Talk about “hitting the nail on the head”, you seem to be smacking your own noggin, every time you post.

  15. Judith Rogers says:

    LOL………..I didn’t even think about Beasley’s religion when I made my remark about the kingdom neighborhood (you sure must be sensitive evidently about your and Beasley’s religion)………I was thinking more on the line of how elite Beasley always wants to be and I highly doubt if the real reason for him being there is for the safety of the kids but more like he doesn’t want that vehicle traffic in his kingdom neighborhood or on his street…………I am sure he and the rest of the Beasley Bunch will get what THEY want since all they have to do is call in their favors from the Dictator and his appointed Council…….and I certainly do NOT hate kids but you would love for everyone to think that I do and the self-rightous hypocrites here in Gardner would want everyone to think I hate religion….same ole no-namer tactics…………

  16. Judith, our neighborhood’s main concern is the traffic, however with the increased traffic in our neighborhood comes the increase risk of an accident involving our children, so they are one in the same. Am I wrong to be concerned about the safety of my kids?

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    Beasley, you do what ever you want to do and care about whatever you want to care about. I just think it is ironic that you wanted those schools in your neighborhood but now you have a concern about the traffic – your timing seems to be idiotic. Why didn’t you address the traffic issue up front or did you think they were going to be bringing the kids in by helicopter to that school and then you would be having us all pay for those costs. As I said earlier the Dictator and his Appointed Council will be taking very good care of you and your Bunch and you can call in your favors at your leisure – you will be well taken care of and if there are any costs associated with that care, the ATM of choice will be helping to pay the bill.

  18. nonamers says:

    Yeah, whatever, Judith. Remember a few posts ago how you were supposed to be interested in the “facts”? I don’t recall ever telling you my religion, but it’s pretty clear that your religious bigotry and apparent love for seeing kids get run over kinda blinds you knowing the difference between fact and fantasy. Maybe if you tried sticking to the topic instead of turning every subject back to your personal bigotries and hatreds, you wouldn’t keep slipping up and showing the even more embarrassing side of your apparent true nature.

  19. Judith Rogers says:

    Yada, yada, yada………………same ole drivel……………your lies of me loving to see kids run over and my supposed religious bigotry, etc., etc. show how sick and pathetic you are………..

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