February 6, 2016

Tornado demolishes barn south of town

Debris litters the yard of Marcia and Gerald Gay. The pair’s barn was demolished by a tornado on June 1. Submitted photo courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

Debris litters the yard of Marcia and Gerald Gay. The pair’s barn was demolished by a tornado on June 1. Photo courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

Danedri Thompson
Sirens didn’t alert Marcia Gay to the weather event occurring in her backyard. Her husband, Gerald, did.
“I had gone to bed, and Gerry said, ‘get to the basement,’ and he said, ‘run, Marcia, run,’” Marcia said after a tornado leveled a barn on the couple’s property.
The tornado struck shortly after 11:15 p.m. on June 1. By the time Marcia made it to the basement, the weather phenomenon was gone. Marcia said she could see pieces of the barn moving past the window as Gerry yelled to take cover.
Later, law enforcement officers told the couple they were lucky to be alive.
“The sheriff said (the tornado) was just over the barn at the side of the house or he wouldn’t have been talking to us,” she said.
Marcia said the gushing winds didn’t strike any of their neighbors.
“It was a Gerry and Marcia tornado,” Marcia said. “It didn’t strike our neighbors. It just hit our barn. It bent everything. You can see the path that it took, dragging the barn siding all the way clear to the neighbors across the street.”
On Sunday night, the Gays examined their losses. With the assistance of law enforcement officers, they attempted to track the path of the storm. They were out in the yard looking at the carnage until 2 a.m.
“Tornadoes are funny little things. It was up and then down. I don’t think it was on the ground,” Marcia said. “It just dropped down took the barn.”
By Monday afternoon, Marcia said there are still two-by-fours stuck in the ground and barn tools, including saws and an old cow trailer flung across the Gay property, which is just south of 199th Street on Moonlight Road.
There are holes in their siding and two broken windows on the house. She isn’t certain if the barn or equipment inside was covered by insurance.
No one was injured, however.
“We’re here and we thank the Lord for that,” Marcia said.


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    So you’re reporting news before it happens?

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