February 10, 2016

Toplikar to run for county commission chair

John Toplikar threw his hat in the ring today. Toplikar, who represented Gardner and Edgerton on the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners, has joined the race for County Commission Chair. He faces current Chair Annabeth Surbaugh and Commissioner Ed Eilert. The three-person race will force an Aug. 3 primary.

Toplikar narrowly lost re-election to maintain his sixth district seat on the board of commissioners to current commissioner Calvin Hayden in 2008 after being accused of stealing two campaign signs days before the election.

Toplikar of Olathe has also served in the Kansas Legislature and served on the Olathe City Council.


  1. Jack Burden says:

    John Toplikar is running for office again?
    John Toplikar the sign stealer?
    John Toplikar has no shame then, right?

  2. Glad to see John back in the ring again. He looks like a flower or is a refreshing breeze in the air of dirty, rotten politics in Johnson County and more specifically with the Jo. Co. Commissioners that is the cradle for cronyism government. Watch out for the Hayden and Jo. County Sheriff’s Office cameras, John and all of the money mongers who will taking care of Surbaugh and Eilert – they will be trying to smear you in the headlines once again. John will need to wear a bullet proof vest on his chest and his back to keep him alive from the hate mongers. But oh, how nice it would be to see him in that Chairman’s seat and watch those other slimeballs on the Commission have an outbreak of shingles along with the special interests who live off of these worthless politicians.

  3. He’s the only commissioner tried to toe the line on spending; that’s why they had to get him out of office.
    Watch out John. I bet your decision has tongues wagging in the county ivory towers. Politics is a hard place for an honest man Hold your head up and watch your back. We all know the real story was never in the media. You must have really had them worried.

  4. Jack Burden says:

    @ Wendy …

    How could you call John Toplikar honest? The man stole his opponent’s campaign signs.

    Stealing = Dishonest

    For whatever good he may have done, that one single (single?) act tarnished him, in the mind of this voter, forever.

  5. Hey, Jack, you better check to see what Surbaugh and Eilert have done to you before going to the polls – lots of kinds of theft – those two know how to do it legally while they take care of the big boys. Toplikar looks like an angel compared to those two and what we have here in Gardner, Ks.

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