February 7, 2016

Thanks to precinct people, volunteers

Rep. Bill Sutton
Tuesday night I was appointed to complete the term of Rep. Mike Kiegerl following his resignation.  This followed immediately on the tail of a long hot primary season.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the Precinct Committee men and women for placing their trust in me, my campaign staff, campaign volunteers and the people of the 43rd District for their support.
I also want to thank Dan Thompson, for conducting a clean and strong campaign.  Primary battles often look like “family discussions” and can sometimes get pretty ugly.  Dan stayed above those tactics and I respect him for it.
With the primary race behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the general election.
A stagnant national economy still hinders our state, although we have good indicators that our state is ramping up ahead of the curve.  The specter of the Affordable Care Act still looms, causing businesses to hold off hiring.
Now is the time to come together to fight for the values that have made Kansas, and America, exceptional.  Practical, hard-working, compassionate lovers of freedom, that’s who we are as Kansans.  I invite you to join with me in this fight.
In closing, I’d also like to thank Mike Kiegerl.  He has served our district wonderfully for the last eight years.  He’s been a role-model and friend.  Be assured that I will continue his fight to end the waiting list for developmentally disabled children.  Mike has earned and deserves this legacy.
I wish him the very best.

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