February 12, 2016

Taxpayers to foot bill for running trucks through downtown Gardner

David Bohen
The poor Kansas taxpayers. They will have to pay to relocate the weigh stations that are located on Interstate 35, just south of the Gardner exit, to a few miles north.
Why, one would ask: The answer is that the trucks that will be using the intermodal won’t have the annoyance and inconvenience of having their weight and papers checked.
This relocation will be between Main Street and 199th Street, placing it between the two entrances and exits off of I-35 to the intermodal. This new location will allow any truck going to or from the intermodal to avoid the weigh station.
It will also allow any other truck to avoid this weigh station by taking the triangular route by the intermodal.
The Kansas Department of Transportation tells us that it did not do a study about how many trucks will be using Main Street to avoid the weigh station. Why not?
They have set up a simple way to avoid their station, yet have no idea how many trucks this will put on Gardner’s streets.
One would ask again: Why do taxpayers have to foot this bill if the only benefactor is BNSF?
The answer, I’m afraid, is the failure of the media to explain what and why things are happening.
Thus, the taxpayers, without knowing what is going on, have little clout. Without knowledge, you can’t act!
But don’t worry about these coming taxes. Wait until you get the repair bill for the damage the trucks do to our roads.


  1. seanmcguire says:

    What weigh stations are you referring to from your statement of “They will have to pay to relocate the weigh stations that are located on Interstate 35, just south of the Gardner exit, to a few miles north.”

    The only weigh stations I’m aware of are between 159th and 175th. Neither myself or several of my friends are aware of aware of any between Gardner Road South towards Edgerton or Wellsville? Maybe fact checking, clarification or expansion of your statement could be provided?

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Give me a freaking break!!! KDOT got the political pressure put on them via the big boys via the slimy politicians and went on bended knee to take care of the thieves once again. What the media has to say or not say about the matter is not in the equation in my opinion. Citizens look for a scapegoat to take the blame for their own apathy and not doing their jobs with respect to their lousy, lowlife government entities and they also keep voting into office politicians and indirectly hiring bureaucrats who work for the thieves and not the citizens and most of all they do not inform and educate themselves on important issues or take practical steps to protect themselves.

    The astronomical costs/adverse affects of that intermodal will be never ending and the people have themselves to blame for the most part since they allowed their politicians/bureaucrats to put the welcome mat out for that slimy, costly project. I continue to still hear, on occasion, that we should have got that project so we could CONTROL all of the risk exposures and costs – what a laugh that one is – you don’t control the big boys after they are here – they control practically every aspect of your lives now via slimy politicians/bureaucrats that YOU, THE TAXPAYER, have put into office and most citizens provide no oversight, are not informed or educated on important issues and too damn apathetic to do the jobs they should be doing. Citizens continue to go along to get along and suffer terribly because of it. You run with the thieves and constantly chase after them to come into your communities ON THEIR SELFISH AND GREEDY TERMS, then you have lost your moral compass just like these slimeballs have and you will pay the consequences.

    Elections do have consequences, poor choices have consequences, enabling and supporting wrongdoing have consequences, not doing your jobs and allowing this scum to take over your communities/government entities does have consequences. And you are and will be living with those consequences since citizens are getting as bad as their politicians/bureaucrats and the thieves due to their not doing their jobs and in the meantime trying to blame the media for their problems. The media does have a responsibility to a community in my opinion but the citizens have a higher responsibility and don’t need to be blaming others for their own shortcomings.

    The grinding of teeth has just begun and will only get worse………………

  3. Has anyone heard what the time frame of when this move is suppose to happen? If the local media doesn’t cover stories like this, where would the average person look to find this information? As far as I have seen Gardner News is the only local news source putting anything about the Intermodel out there. Maybe i’ve missed another source??

  4. Anybody that hasn’t heard about the intermodal hasn’t been listening. I’m deaf in one ear, and I can still hear the rumble of all those trucks rushing down Main Street. Read. Educate yourself. This isn’t something knew. It’s been talked about for years now.

  5. I’m not certain what the author hoped to achieve by posting this story. Aside from being geographically confused, it’s also factually inaccurate. KDOT did conduct a study as to the adequacy of the weigh station north of Gardner on I-35 and found it to be lacking. The weigh station is going to have to be moved at some point in the future, however no site has been determined. There was some discussion initially about placing it at 199th, but this was quickly eliminated as an option. I believe that future growth of Gardner would be hampered in the long run, and in the short run, we would very likely see trucks avoid the scales by driving through town. For both reasons, I opposed such a location. There are no plans for moving the station at this time, although a location in Franklin County is a possibility. I will be a part of all these discussions and will have the most up-to-date information, so please feel free to contact me prior to posting inaccurate news.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Mr. Sutton: Since you should be and I am sure you are completely informed and educated on this issue, what is your recommendation as to the location of the weigh station in the future. Drovetta and others stated they did not want it at 175th St/I-35. So please communicate clearly and concisely how this matter now stands and what your recommendations are for the future. I am sure your constituents want to be advised of your thoughts, viewpoint and opinion on the location of the weigh station in the future. And I believe citizens would also really like to know what your thoughts are of trucks running up and down Center St./Gardner Rd. and through Gardner on Main St./175th St./Hwy 56 which presently are already truck routes thanks to our politicians. I would think you would be wanting to check as many of those intermodal trucks as possible so you and all citizens would know how many trucks are traveling our highways and byways so highway/road/maintenance costs would be known and monitored for the present and future – I certainly know who will be paying for all of those costs.

    Please give us your thoughtful, carefully considered decisions and information on this matter since you are so well informed and have the most up-to-date information coming out of the back room of KDOT, City Hall, etc. I am sure the Gardner News could set up a special section on their website so you may constantly keep your constituents up to date on these important issues and then they wouldn’t even need to contact you and you would be communicating to many more citizens in the process. I would love to see that your honesty and credibility is top of the line when communicating with the citizens and you will be completely forthcoming, open and letting the people know in advance as to what is coming down the pike.

  7. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

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