February 6, 2016

Task force will examine DMV

A task force will be investigating how to create a modernized DMV in Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback announced during a press conference in Olathe Friday.

Long lines plagued DMV offices last spring after a new computer system for tag renewals and car registrations went live.

Brownback said the goal of the newly-created task force ill not be to rehash problems, but to study how to create the best system moving forward.

“The aim of the task force will be improving customer service and efficiency while recognizing the significant differences around the state,” Brownback said.

The more populous Kansas counties, including Johnson, were struck particularly hard following the DMV software updates with wait times sometimes surpassing full business days.

As recently as last month, Johnson County commissioners discussed increasing county registration and title fees to make up for losses the county incurred related to the computer system upgrades.

In September, Johnson County Treasurer Thomas Franzen told commissioners the county had spent more than $72,000 since the new system went online in May. That figure didn’t include the $60,000 used for added police security at the DMV.

The Governor tapped Franzen as well as several other county treasurers to serve on the task force.

The group also includes representatives from law enforcement and the energy sector, auto dealers, bankers as well as state government officials.

Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan, who oversees the DMV, said a cross section of backgrounds will be represented on the task force.

“I look forward to working with them in the coming months as we forge recommendations on the best path forward for customer service and efficiency, incorporating not just technology but many other aspects of vehicle-related laws, services and business processes,” Jordan said.

The task force will next meet on Oct. 12 at the Kansas Department of Revenue.



  1. Judith Rogers says:

    When things go wrong and it gets hot for the worthless politicians and in this case, Brownback and Jordan, they come up with a committee…………..they never want to be held accountable and worst of all, the people don’t hold them accountable but keep backslapping them……..politics is a dirty, dirty game for which the citizens pay a high price and much due to their own apathy or going along with all of the wrongdoing…………..

  2. So, Judith, what’s YOUR plan to fix it? You complained that Brownback and the government were doing nothing about the problem. Now that they’re trying to do something, you’re complaining again.

    So what’s your fix? Got any answers? Or just complaints?

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Do the rotten politicians/bureaucrats/thieves LISTEN to average citizens???? What a joke…….they are too busy taking care of THEIR interests on deals they have already made in the back room………….time and time again I have seen government entities not even answer citizen inquiries on information they need to know with respect to important issues, stonewall, violate the Open Meeting and Records Acts, etc., etc. ………..yeah, they will get their usual committee to tell them only what they want to hear or who go along with their program………think Intermodal Review Committee as an example and all of the adverse affects and propaganda that are coming and have came out of that stinking project………I know the jaybirds are waiting with bated breath waiting to hear of solutions to problems they created………..they will just continue to do what they are so good at doing and every citizen should know what that is……….

  4. Duane Waldman says:

    I wonder if they will give the new system to the same company to implement? The workflow can be greatly improved, however the problem here was the implementation of a current workflow and not the workflow. I am sure they can find another way to blow 40+ million dollars on another crap system. The DMV office should be nothing more than a place to pickup a new license plate, stickers, and title exchange. Everything else can be done digitally, over the internet. It should take 5 minutes to go into the DMV, hand them your order form, and exchange documents. Plus, you would only need a few employees. I however, have no faith in Brownback to not give the people’s money away for no good reason. It will take years to recoup the loss he already created with the current system.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    If the state had an outstanding computer program in the DMV department (won’t happen with Jordan at the helm), set up by excellent, qualified personnel, then I see no reason why a qualified person at a car dealership couldn’t take care of your tags, titling, etc. right when they sell you the car. Oh, but that would be toooooo easy for the citizen and might save us some money in the process…………dream on Judith……………

  6. Actually, Duane and Judith, I agree. I feel like we would have done a lot better starting entirely from scratch to design a new system and process. Converting an old process is like thinking two steps behind. Computers change so quickly that if you aren’t planning ahead, you’re always fighting from behind.

    I’m not sure, though, if we could have tags and registration being done at the dealer level. Too much opportunity for misuse. The state had enough problem with the driver’s license machines being stolen for producing fake id’s. Handing out tags to dealers would likely create problems.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    Like you haven’t had problems for YEARS at the DMV……….about time to think out of the box. You could either have government employees or dealership employees processing at the dealership levels and don’t you think that any dealership that would QUALIFY for having that service in house would be selling more vehicles (the service would be taken away from them if they screw up – you know, holding people accountable)………..the people would love it if it saved them a trip to the DMV. You always have exposure to misuse regardless of what entity you are dealing with – it all comes down to management OVERSIGHT (if that still exists in today’s world such as having qualified (someone who knows what the hell they are doing and has years of experience doing the work of tags, titling, etc.) supervisors doing in detail audit work every day) and setting up an excellent system including many safety measures which would call for innovation and someone with some computer smarts.

    I remember well how I was very instrumental in seeing the insurance company I was working for back in 1986 go paperless on a worldwide basis. Twenty years later I was watching a Jo. Co. Commissioner’s Meeting and they were gloating like crazy how they had recently gone paperless in one of their departments – government is always the last ones to show any type of innovation and that is because they so mired down by bureauacry and the slimy politicians who only work for the thieves instead of the people.

    Start out with the attitude of it can’t be done and it won’t get done. In the 21st Century we should be saying how will we get this done and when and at the lowest cost possible for the citizens.

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