February 6, 2016

OPINION: Students, adults waste talents by using drugs

Veronica Mullin Intern Guest Columnist Doing drugs isn’t a recreational sport, but it really seems to draw the crowds. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I fail to see the attraction. I believe that drugs destroy everyone who uses them. Everything is habit-forming, and once you’re hooked you’ll use until you kill yourself, or at least Continue Reading

Opinion Column: High school students should value education

Veronica Mullin Guest Columnist Writing is a talent. Unfortunately, it’s a talent that is in danger of becoming lost to my generation. It’s probably not a surprising how many kids I know who roll their eyes at simple journaling assignments, essays or projects and find their English classes disgustingly boring. But I think it’s annoying. Continue Reading

Shell station owner: Fuel prices likely to remain steady despite oil spill

Veronica Mullin Special to The Gardner News At least one owner of a Gardner filling station believes the massive oil spill in the Gulf Coast won’t affect fuel prices. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, controlled by huge oil company BP, exploded on April 20 near the coast of Louisiana. Since then, barrels of oil have Continue Reading