August 31, 2015

Blazer softball squad faces off against St. Thomas

A home doubleheader versus St. Thomas Aquinas March 27 officially opened the season for Coach Joanne Calvin and her Gardner Edgerton High School Lady Blazer softball squad.

Top returnees include seniors Shelby Plank, Morgan Buie, Alexis Pacheco, Ashleigh Perry, and …

ESPN rolls into town for ‘Blazer game

Amy Cunningham

ESPN, Kan. —  ESPN employees will spend Thursday and Friday readying the District Activites Complex to broadcast live the football game between the Gardner EdgertonTrailblazers and the St. Thomas Aquinas Saints, but preparations for telivising the match-up …

‘Blazer squad readies for big televised rivalry match

Amy Cunningham

When the Saints come marching into town this Friday for the much-anticipated televised match-up with the Gardner Edgerton High School football team the ‘Blazers will have no trouble maintaining focus.

According to GEHS coach Marvin Diener, the …

GEHS preps for national close-up on ESPN

Amy Cunningham

As game time draws near, Gardner Edgerton High School staff continue to prepare for the upcoming match-up between the Trailblazers and St. Thomas Aquinas this Friday, Oct.  22 at District Stadium.

Members of the ‘Blazer football team