February 9, 2016

OPINION: Cat tails and feline furry wardens

Rhonda Humble Publisher When I married my husband, he said the only good cat was a dead cat, but that was years ago and more cats than I can remember. Just like some marriages are split along political lines, one a Democrat, the other a Republican, he was the dog guy and I was the Continue Reading

COLUMN: Growing old doesn’t mean changing styles

Rhonda Humble Publisher I’m getting a bit touchy about my age. A few associates have recently implied I might be on the downhill slide of middle age, but if they are trying to tell me something, I have decided not to listen. And if they know what’s good for them, they’ll pipe down. Now I’ll Continue Reading

OPINION: Tales from my bedside

So, as someone famous once said, the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Or, as my mother used to say; it’s best to know the difference in a fryer and and a stewing hen before you fix dinner – I’m a tough old bird.

Column: Slow down; smell the weeds

Rhonda Humble Publisher It’s always disconcerting to run across a rude or mean-spirited person, but if you work with the public, you know they are out there.  Thankfully, they are in the minority. There’s a difference between someone who is dissatisfied with service and someone who genuinely enjoys being contrary. It’s easier to deal with Continue Reading