February 7, 2016

Obamacare will be an improvement of America’s current healthcare system

Brett Limer Wes Rains Guest Columnists While far from perfect, the ACA (Affordable Care Act), or Obamacare, is actually an attempt to improve the health care of Americans going forward.  Yes, there are many unknowns —that is true for any new path chosen. However, the current health care system is untenable, and doing nothing is not Continue Reading

OPINION: It’s I-told-you-so time on health care overhaul

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Well, duh. This is the sort of oversight that occurs when members of Congress fail to read thousands of pages of legislation to overhaul one-sixth of the American economy. The few of us in the American populace who bothered to read the legislation – and yes, my life is that exciting that Continue Reading

Missourians should send McCaskill message she’ll understand in 2012

While Sen. Claire McCaskill said she got the message after Tuesday’s election, her words lead this columnist to believe she missed the mark. She’s up for re-election in 2012, and Missourians should send her a much clearer message two years from now. The message should say: “You’re fired.”