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Gardner City Council members clash over 2013 budget concerns

Mark Taylor [email protected] The Gardner City Council has two weeks to hash out its differences over the city budget before voting to publish it. Council members debated the budget for nearly three hours on July 2 before...

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Mayor Drovetta expects to name Pugh replacement in January

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Mayor Dave Drovetta expects to name an appointment to former council member Dennis Pugh’s seat in mid-January. Pugh resigned after being charged with battery against council member...

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Gardner city council considers communication policy

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Council members will continue to discuss a communication policy once they’ve all had the opportunity to read the Kansas League of Municipalities recommended policy. Monday night’s work...

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Residents address council about meeting dysfunction

Danedri Thompson [email protected] A subdued city council listened as three citizens, including the former mayor, asked that council members learn to work together with civility. “You have a chance from this moment on to...

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Francis explains police department’s arrest policy

Mark Taylor [email protected] Many Gardner News readers are asking why no arrests were made after Councilman Dennis Pugh allegedly assaulted fellow Councilman Larry Fotovich following Monday night’s council meeting....

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