February 13, 2016

Video of the day – You Failed

You failed…horribly

Video of the day – 2010 in 60 seconds

How quick can you compile a whole years worth of events…apparently in 60 seconds.

Video of the Day – Kids doing virals

Not real, but funny.

Video of the day – Top Videos of 2010

So here are the top videos of 2010… vote on your favorite in the comment section You made it this far? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Video of the day – Wii Reactions

You got a what? A Ninentdo Wii?…so did these guys. and a 360 reaction…

Video of the day – Shaq conducts the Boston Pops

Shaq does everything! more classic holiday reactions

Video of the day – My Blackberry isn’t working

Does anyone still use blackberries…besides me?

Video of the day – Holiday public announcement

We have just one more holiday left…but keep this locked away for next year. and a classic holiday reaction

Video of the Day – Caroling on the web

Long gone are the days of caroling…except on the web, and with your pets. and some cheer…

Video of the Day – H.S. Football Trick Play

G.E. didn’t make it to the State football championship but this team did…and they did it with style!