November 25, 2015

Kansas could learn from Florida, education researcher says

Danedri Thompson Matthew Ladner had some good news and bad news about Kansas’ educational system last week. The good news: Kansas ranks 7th in a nationwide survey of state education performance. “Kansas is a high performing state in a low performing nation,” Ladner, Vice President for Research at the Goldwater Institute, told a crowd Continue Reading

Video of the day – Lord of the Rings, real ending

This is how it should have ended

Video of the day – Ahh look

Look at the cute carnivore between meals of mauling living creatures…it’s so cute

Video of the day – Rappa

What what!! Representing

Video of the day – Bluetooth Man

You’re walking along talking a BOOM…this happens

Video of the day – Prank call from Elmo

Surprised? I was… dumb muppet

Texting while driving now banned

Amy Cunningham The texting while driving law may have taken effect on Jan. 1, but local law enforcement agencies patrolling Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill streets have yet to write a ticket for it. Deputy Tom Erickson of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, the agency that patrols the city of Edgerton and outlying parts Continue Reading

Video of the day – Animation that’s funny

I don’t know that I get it but others think it’s funny…so I post

Video of the day – Footballers wife

I don’t know if it is real or not but it is still sweet

Video of the day – What did he say?

I went nuts on a cow’s bottle of ketchup yesterday… I hope the crayons are safe More carrots on the watery planet