July 30, 2015

Rep. Mike Kiegerl hospitalized in Topeka

Danedri Thompson


Rep. Mike Kiegerl is in a Topeka hospital after suffering a mini-stroke at the close of the

Mike Kiegerl

legislative session yesterday.

“They’re telling me I’m going to be OK,” Kiegerl said.

Kiegerl, who represents Gardner, Edgerton …

EDITORIAL: The Gardner News offers its legislative agenda

Many entities, especially public or taxpayer funded entities, offer legislative agendas to elected officials. The agendas lay out items of concern and areas in which legislators may expect a visit from a lobbyist on their behalf. In many cases, the …

Sunflower expansion hearing draws hundreds

Danedri Thompson


Environmental and economic concerns clashed on Monday afternoon at a public hearing hosted by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

The hearing allowed citizens to document their concerns surrounding a draft environmental permit for the …

Guest Column: 1 cent sales tax right decision for state

Sen. Stephen Morris
Kansas Senate President

The 2010 Legislative Session is now officially history. When this chapter of the Kansas story is written, it will go down as perhaps the most significant since the Great Depression. In fact, the challenges …

Column: NJ may surpass KS in fiscal responsibility

Derrick Sontag

Guest Columnist

What’s the difference between Kansas and New Jersey?  One answer that comes to mind: unlike the comparison to our neighboring states, Kansas has a more limited, fiscally conservative government than the Garden State.  Or so we …

Editorial: Time to clean up Topeka big top

Members of the Kansas Legislature had a few late nights at the end of the 2010 legislative session. They finished up the year with three disastrous bills sometime in the early-morning hours following an all-night marathon.
Their actions in the …

Governor considers cigarette tax increase

Jan. 6, 2010
Danedri Thompson
A spokeswoman for Gov. Mark Parkinson announced last week that he will propose an increase in tobacco taxes to raise state revenue next year.
Beth Martino said Parkinson has yet to determine how much …