September 4, 2015

OPINION: Kansas has storied history in its 150 years

Danedri Thompson

Nothing induces road rage like a shiny, Johnson or Douglas County-tagged car sporting the bumper sticker: Kansas, as bigoted as you think.

The stickers are a play on Kansas’ tourist theme: Kansas, as big as you think. …

OPINION: Kansas spilled blood in U.S. Senate

Amy Cunningham

Today Kansas may be a state largely sheltered from violence, but that wasn’t always the case.  The state earned the nickname Bleeding Kansas from the violence that preceded its birth into statehood.

The Missouri Comprimise of 1820 …

EDITORIAL: It’s a great day to be a Kansan

A couple of weeks ago, The Gardner News challenged several fifth, sixth and seventh grade classes to compose essays using the theme “I’m proud to be a Kansan”.  On page five of our newspaper you will find their works.  As …