August 27, 2015

COLUMN: House debates issues during lengthy sessions

Rep. Jene Vickrey

Last week had three long days of session with Wednesday being the deadline for non-exempt bills to be passed out of the House. This means that any bill not from Appropriations, Federal and State Affairs, or Taxation …

Vickrey: Legislative update

Rep. Jene Vickrey, R- Louisburg

6th District

This week the Legislature has reached “Turnaround,” the halfway point of the 2011 session. The last days committees held hearings before spending the rest of the week debating a wild variety of issues …

Rep. Vickrey earns leadership position

Rep. Jene Vickrey was elected to leadership in the Kansas House of Representatives earlier this week. Vickrey represents portions of Spring Hill in the state legislature.

Vickrey was named Speaker Pro Tem in a five way race. He narrowly defeated …