February 7, 2016

Video of the day – Top Videos of 2010

So here are the top videos of 2010… vote on your favorite in the comment section You made it this far? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Video of the day – Making fun of the TSA

This is not laughing matter. Canadiens should not be allowed to make fun of us. Obama, do something!

Video of the day – Thinking of going away for the holidays?

So some of you are thinking of going away for the holidays– do these make you want to visit their city? … and my favorite one with A ROCKIN theme song (slight NSFW at min 1:04 so it is not on our website) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npawmHVaf-E&has_verified=1 BONUS… evah been to Jersey?

Video of the day – Greatest goal ever

Skating? Easy. Skating with a stick? Easy. Skating with a stick and then doing this… NOT easy.

Video of the Day – The Maccabeats Hanukkah

So for a little multi-cultural ism holiday love here rock out to Hanukkah and the Bonus video… a little something to get your Monday off to a good start.

Viral Video – A proper pigeon

This isn’t just a pigeon, it’s a law abiding pigeon crossing the street. Good day.

Viral Video – The Bacon

Logitech Revue, Google TV and Kevin Bacon? SOLD!

Viral Video – I hope this gets to you

As well you should… this might be a hoax in a long line of hoax’s but it’s great.

Viral Video – 12 days of Christmas with style

Straight No Chaser bringing joy 12 days of Christmas at a time

Viral Video of the Day – The Decembeard

Get a beard for charity… What will yours look like