September 4, 2015

OUR VIEW: Good idea, bad timing for bill to eliminate food tax

There’s good news and bad news in a plan adopted by members of the Kansas House.

First the good:

Kansas is one of only a handful of states that taxes groceries the same way other items are taxed. Right now, …

OUR VIEW: Kansas politicians advocate for the ways of Washington

The tired politics of yesterday are, unfortunately, alive and well in Kansas.
Despite a political climate against government picking the winners and losers through the tax code, and despite political tailwinds for fairer taxation, two Kansas giants are advocating that …

OPINION: Washington needs to cut spending, reduce debt

Sen. Jerry Moran

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor released a dismal update on the state of our nation’s economy. Not only did the national unemployment rate rise to 9.1 percent, but the number of Americans looking for work …

EDITORIAL: Citywide garage sale matches entrepreneurs with customers

Once again, the citywide garage sale drew hundreds, if not thousands of people to our community last weekend.

The streets teamed with bargain hunters and vendors. There were entrepreneurs from

Audrey Hamilton, 10, and Cortlyn Tryon, 11, sold baked goods