May 27, 2015

Edgerton approves 2011 budget

Corbin H. Crable

The Edgerton City Council approved the city’s 2011 budget, which includes a 50-percent trash subsidization for residents, at its Aug. 26 meeting.
The city’s current mill rate will hold steady at 42.893, but due to the …

Edgerton to consider budget with flat mill rate

Corbin H. Crable

Edgerton City Council members prepared to approve the city’s fiscal year 2011 budget, which may include a 50-percent trash subsidization for its residents, at an Aug. 19 work session.

As of right now, Edgerton residents pay …

Dillner: Edgerton does not need to submit revised 2010 budget

Corbin H. Crable
The city of Edgerton has no plans to amend its 2010 budget, according to City Administrator David Dillner.
The Gardner News had contacted Dillner in the spring to alert him to discrepancies between the budget it …

EDITORIAL: Edgerton should be embarrassed by its council

Somehow the Edgerton City Council isn’t embarrassed.

With one of the highest mill levy rates in the state, Edgerton officials are choosing not to lower it even though they’re sitting on a giant pot of cash worth $615,000 per year. …

Edgerton council OKs site plan for Logistics Park warehouse

Corbin H. Crable
Edgerton City Council members on July 29 gave the OK to the site plan for a 312,000-square-foot warehouse that will eventually be part of the long-awaited KC Logistics Park.
Council members also voted to rezone the …

Edgerton council approves new city logo

Corbin H. Crable

The city of Edgerton has a new logo for its banners, letterhead, business cards – and, eventually, a city flag.

Edgerton's newly adopted logo

The Edgerton City Council approved a design by local resident Matt Todd …

Edgerton mulls subsidizing city’s trash services

Corbin H. Crable

If the Edgerton City Council has its way, Edgerton residents may be paying less for trash services next year.
The council, at its July 15 work session, discussed subsidizing the city’s trash services in 2011, from …

City of Edgerton to begin review of FY 2011 budget on July 15

Corbin H. Crable
The Edgerton City Council will review the city’s proposed 2011 budget at a work session July 15.
City Administrator David Dillner, at the council’s July 8 meeting, distributed a June 22 memo to the governing body; …

UPDATED: Edgerton approves issuance of $500M in bonds for logistics park

Corbin H. Crable
A resolution of intent to issue industrial revenue bonds totaling $500 million for the construction of facilities related to the intermodal breezed through the Edgerton City Council on July 8.
It took council members only minutes …

EDITORIAL: Edgerton council, school board handled IRB issuance poorly

The city of Edgerton has grossly missed the mark when it comes to the issuance of $500 million in industrial revenue bonds for facilities to be constructed in the KC Logistics Park.
The council approved the issuance of the IRBs, …