February 8, 2016

KU, K-State fans respond to possible dissolution of Big 12

Kansas State and University of Kansas fans are getting an education about just how valued their sports programs are. In what could become a major college conference shuffle, the Big 12 may be dead by press time, and KU and K-State may be schools without partners

Column: Letter to 2010 graduates

What you’ve learned in school isn’t all that important. If your teachers taught you what to think, they’ve failed. If they’ve taught you how to think, you should use that skill everyday with reckless abandon. From this day forward, you get to learn what you want rather than what someone tells you need to know.

Column: What happens in Vegas should stay there

Sen. Reid should remember take a cue from his most-populous city’s ad campaign, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and think: What happens in my head should stay there. The American people don’t need his misrepresentations and lies coloring the healthcare debate. It’s too important of a debate to gamble on historical inaccuracies.