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She’s going for the win

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Sofia Semon wasn’t so sure about signing up to take...

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OPINION: One angry Tea Partier

Some things aren’t a right. Like spandex, they’re a privilege. The recipe for health insurance and for home ownership is as simple as the one for spandex. You earn the privilege of wearing spandex in public by working out – a lot – and eating right. So, too, you earn the privilege of health insurance and home ownership. Work hard. Make good choices and you too can own a home and have health insurance.

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OPINION: Congress, American people could use a little tough love

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Although their reasoning is flawed, Congressional Republicans were wise to give the Heisman arm to another round of unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, they’ll be eating the...

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School districts continue to await delayed state aid payments

Danedri Thompson [email protected] It’s becoming all too common, according to school business directors in Gardner and Spring Hill.  The school districts are waiting for state aid payments that are sometimes more than 30...

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SFFF files legal notice of claims against Kansas legislature

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF) is moving forward with  plans to sue the state legislature. The lobbying group comprised of Kansas school districts filed a “notice of claims” with the...

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USD 231 employees to receive 1.4 percent pay increases next academic year

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Gardner Edgerton School District employees will receive pay raises next year. The board of education approved salary increases of 1.4 percent for teachers, staff and administrators. It...

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Column: Soccer haters not racist, just bored

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Soccer is boring. Earth-shattering, mind-numbingly, painfully dull. And the majority of Americans agree, but don’t tell the staffers at The Nation magazine. Soccer haters are imperial...

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Center Street bridge may not need replacement

Danedri Thompson [email protected] The Center Street Bridge may not need to be replaced for additional railroad tracks related to the intermodal project, according to Gardner Public Works Director David Greene. The...

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Column: Women stepping on political stage

Danedri Thompson [email protected] After Tuesday’s primary elections in a number of states, it’s looking like 2010 could become the year of the woman. Thank goodness. I’m typically not one to join in an estrogen fest. I...

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Column: Letter to 2010 graduates

What you’ve learned in school isn’t all that important. If your teachers taught you what to think, they’ve failed. If they’ve taught you how to think, you should use that skill everyday with reckless abandon. From this day forward, you get to learn what you want rather than what someone tells you need to know.

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