February 13, 2016

OPINION: Iowa voters’ decision should spark debate

There will be much written and said in the coming days to explain the story of the 2010 election. Much of the punditry will focus on the massive red wave that swept the nation turning much of the U.S. electoral map into Republican hands from Governorships, to statehouses to the historic 60-plus gain in the Continue Reading

OPINION: Social Security gravy train wreck looms

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Granny, please don’t fall for this bribe. In the face of what’s sure to be overwhelming political losses in November, Democrats are promising to offer Social Security recipients a one-time payment of $250. Seniors are angry they won’t be receiving a cost of living adjustment in their social security checks this year. Continue Reading

OPINION: Time to take off the rose-colored economy glasses

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Our shaky economy appears to be growing slowly on sand instead of rock. Finally, the American media is starting to report that although it appears the recession is behind us, there will be a new normal with minimal growth for years if not decades to come. As a CNBC story so eloquently Continue Reading

OPINION: It’s I-told-you-so time on health care overhaul

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com Well, duh. This is the sort of oversight that occurs when members of Congress fail to read thousands of pages of legislation to overhaul one-sixth of the American economy. The few of us in the American populace who bothered to read the legislation – and yes, my life is that exciting that Continue Reading

OPINION: Honesty necessary in discussion about public education

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com The time for an honest discussion about the state of American public schools has been ripe for quite some time – even President Barack Obama has noticed. He spoke on Monday  to NBC’s Today Show expounding on his belief that the school year should be longer and poorly performing teachers should get Continue Reading

OPINION: Flight attendant’s glorious resignation sparks happy memories

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com He didn’t do the right thing, but I get it. Steven Slater, a Jet Blue flight attendant, cursed passengers over an airplane’s public address system before grabbing a few beers, yanking open one of the plane’s emergency doors and hurling himself down an emergency chute onto the tarmac in New York’s JFK Continue Reading

Missourians should send McCaskill message she’ll understand in 2012

While Sen. Claire McCaskill said she got the message after Tuesday’s election, her words lead this columnist to believe she missed the mark. She’s up for re-election in 2012, and Missourians should send her a much clearer message two years from now. The message should say: “You’re fired.”

Column: Palin-haters green with envy

Danedri Thompson dthompson@gardnernews.com To hear some people talk, you’d think Sarah Palin personally accosted them in a dark alley. I’m fairly certain that isn’t the case for many of the people who react to the mere mention of her name as if they’ve been slapped since Palin has spent most of her life in Alaska, Continue Reading