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OPINION: Playing by the rules is for dolts

Danedri Thompson [email protected] A lifetime of playing by the rules just looks dumber and dumber every day. The way to get ahead in America these days is to make terrible choices. That’s how you get your very own...

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Gardner puts comprehensive plan on hold

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Gardner won’t be updating its comprehensive plan in 2012. Council members agreed to save the proposed $75,000 expenditure in the 2012 budget. “I can’t see spending $75,000 when we...

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Gardner council hears citizens’ budget concerns

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Although she didn’t attend the meeting, Theresa Hall, Gardner quickly learned about a June 20 council meeting that dissolved into an argument. “Good news travels fast in Gardner,” she...

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OPINION: What 2011 graduates need to know

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Dear Graduate, I have some good news and some bad news for you as you prepare to collect your high school diploma this weekend. The good news: Other than the piece of paper that...

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OPINION: Kansas has storied history in its 150 years

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Nothing induces road rage like a shiny, Johnson or Douglas County-tagged car sporting the bumper sticker: Kansas, as bigoted as you think. The stickers are a play on Kansas’ tourist...

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OPINION: A holiday poem

’Twas the week before Thanksgiving and all through the town, No residents were spending. They were keeping expenses down. Residents’ wallets were tight – not quite filled with cash, While elected officials were planning to raid...

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OPINION: Social Security gravy train wreck looms

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Granny, please don’t fall for this bribe. In the face of what’s sure to be overwhelming political losses in November, Democrats are promising to offer Social Security recipients a...

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