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Revolution with the turn of a digital page

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] It was a day I had been dreading for a long time – the day I betrayed my beloved books. Roughly three weeks ago, I gave in to the so-called “cult of Apple” and bought an iPad, a device...

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OPINION: Carter book reminds of similarities to Obama

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] I have something to admit to you: I’m probably going to buy Jimmy Carter’s new book. Not because I am a fan of the man widely panned as the worst president in the history of our country,...

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OPINION: Massive traffic jam highlights challenges of overpopulation

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] And you thought I-35 during rush hour was bad. Chinese media – with the government’s unnecessary blessing, of course – released images of a massive traffic jam on a highway in Beijing...

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OPINION: Saying goodbye to a car a difficult process

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] I knew it was going to happen eventually. Last weekend I walked out to my car after finishing a shift at one of my three jobs. Wanting to escape the sweltering heat – it felt like 95...

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OPINION: U.S. among countries yet to deliver Haiti aid

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] A story on CNN’s website this week updated its readers on those countries that have made good on their promise to deliver relief funds to earthquake-ravaged Haiti – and the news isn’t...

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Opinion Column: Total preparation has no place at DMV

I was determined to beat the soulless DMV at its own game. Unlike the other members of the patient masses who wasted entire days standing in line only to be told they didn’t dot the appropriate ‘I’s, I would be prepared. I would wow those unenthusiastic DMV employees with my skills in organization.

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Opinion column: Twi-hards one example of pop culture phenomena

Corbin H. Crable [email protected] I wasn’t looking forward to this week. The third installment of ‘Twilight’ opened, and with the movie a barrage of squealing 12-year-old girls and giggling soccer moms descended on the...

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