September 2, 2015

Campaign finance reports

Citizens curious about who funded Kansas Legislature political candidates and how the candidates spent their campaign funds can visit the Kansas Ethics Commission’s website. Final reports are not due until the end of the year, but the most recent campaign …

State officials seem to want healthcare reform both ways

Rep. Charlotte O’Hara, 27th District

Ah, early January 2011 the Republicans ride into Topeka on a vote that swept the Democrats out and placed them (the Republicans) in charge of government in the State of Kansas! One of the …


Rep. Charlotte O’Hara

27th District

How can Kansas, with a Republican Governor and Republican control of both the House and Senate, pass budgets that have a 6.7 percent increase in the State General Fund?  How can an amendment to the …

Rep. Vickrey earns leadership position

Rep. Jene Vickrey was elected to leadership in the Kansas House of Representatives earlier this week. Vickrey represents portions of Spring Hill in the state legislature.

Vickrey was named Speaker Pro Tem in a five way race. He narrowly defeated …