April 16, 2014

Kids camp weird science style

As part of the games portion of Camp Invention, held June 6-10 at Spring Hill Elementary School, students were challenged to move a balloon to a certain point in the gym without using their hands.  One of the camp’s attendees uses his head to propel the balloon forward. Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

Amy Cunningham

Students in the United States have consistently scored lower than their international peers in science and math, but programs like Camp Invention, held last week at Spring Hill Elementary School, may help children in that district excel …

Kids use science, math to create

A camper shares his invention, a bug made of household items, with the camera. Students at the weeklong daycamp used science and imagination to create.  Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable

Corbin H. Crable

Although classes are done for the year at Spring Hill Elementary School, the doors opened last week for kids wanting to use the power of their imaginations – and science, too – to create inventions.

National …