August 29, 2015

Mediation fails in school funding lawsuit

Danedri Thompson
Attempts to resolve a school funding lawsuit against the state of Kansas fell short last week. According to a mediation status report filed by the parties May 1, mediation “was unsuccessful.”
Gov. Sam Brownback and Attorney General …

House passes tax plan using rare parliamentary procedure

Danedri Thompson

Gov. Sam Brownback said he will sign a tax-cutting budget he says will add jobs, but opponents warn it will result in a $270 million deficit by 2014.

“It will create tens of thousands of new jobs, …

Officials to tour storm-damaged areas

Danedri Thompson

Emergency and state officials are touring sites hit by 97 tornadoes that swept through Kansas this weekend.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management is reporting there were no deaths resulting from the storm, but Gov. Sam Brownback …

Brownback urges stores to continue selling beef that contains ‘pink slime’

Danedri Thompson

Gov. Sam Brownback may have a beef with signs posted in the local grocery store. The signs alert customers that the store’s beef does not contain an additive called “pink slime,” also known as Lean Finely Textured …

OUR VIEW: Kansas politicians advocate for the ways of Washington

The tired politics of yesterday are, unfortunately, alive and well in Kansas.
Despite a political climate against government picking the winners and losers through the tax code, and despite political tailwinds for fairer taxation, two Kansas giants are advocating that …

Brownback wants toll road to help pay for intermodal infrastructure

Governor Sam Brownback visits with members of the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corporation before the organization’s quarterly luncheon on Sept. 14 at Mildale Farm in Edgerton. Brownback spoke to the group about the economic impact of the intermodal logistics

Brownback selects Colyer for running mate in governor’s bid

Danedri Thompson

Sen. Sam Brownback, candidate for Kansas Governor, made a whirlwind tour through eight cities in Kansas on June 1 and June 2 introducing his Lt. Gov.-running mate, Dr. Jeff Colyer to voters. Overland Park was the closest …