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Charter commission passes on partisan elections

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Johnson County will continue to have non-partisan elections. Members of the county charter commission voted, 9-14, against recommending a return to partisan elections. An audience of...

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Provisional ballots unlikely to change outcome of Gardner council race

Danedri Thompson [email protected] Larry Fotovich can tell you about the waiting game following a close election. On election night in 2009, he was down by six votes once election officials had finished voting machine...

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Local filing deadline approaches

Danedri Thompson [email protected] The next election is just around the corner, and candidates are trickling into the Johnson County Election Office to get their names on the ballot. Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill...

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Advance mail-in voting starts this week

Danedri Thompson [email protected] An initial batch of advanced ballots will leave the...

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