February 6, 2016

SW zoning board meeting agenda provided

Members of the Southwest Consolidated Zoning Board will meet at 7 p.m. Oct. 23 at 128 E Park, Gardner.
Business before the board includes:
– an application for a conditional use permit at 26605 W 207th for accessory buildings that exceed the number and size allowed.
– an application for a planned light industrial park district at 30700 W 191st
– an application for a conditional use permit at 30700 W 191st for approval for operation of a cargo container storage facility on 203acres.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Pandora’s box has truly been opened on these container storage lots – this latest one at 203 acres. The last one I read about was only around 30 acres and bad enough but this one is even worse and should let citizens know what they are going to be living with. How many trucks do you think are going to be coming and going just on this one facility? Do you realize how little tax revenue these lots will provide and the costs this truck traffic will create? I remember clearly doing research on those container storage lots near the Elwood, Ill. intermodal which were 500 acres or more and how the government entities were trying to control them or eliminate them due to their adverse affects and loss of tax revenue. You also are facing more industrial parks, accessory buildings exceeding the number and size allowed and on and on.

    Citizens will truly be living in a highly commercial, industrial area WHERE NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE……………THANK YOUR SLIMY POLITICIANS AND YOUR OWN APATHY FOR BRINGING THIS INTO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, CITIZENS. Now I am waiting for the asinine to tell me if we had got that project, we could have CONTROLLED what is going on………..yeah, right……….

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