February 10, 2016

Sutton to serve out remainder of Kiegerl’s term

Mark Taylor
Republican Bill Sutton is now the official representative of the 43rd District.
Sutton was selected by the 43rd District Precinct Committee to finish the balance of Mike Kiegerl’s term.
Kiegerl recently announced his retirement from the 43rd District.
Sutton, who has lived in Gardner for 14 years, recently defeated Republican challenger Dan Thompson in the primary.
He will face Democrat Kevin King in the November general election.
The winner of that race will be sworn into office in January.
Sutton said he plans to continue the work Kiegerl started as a fiscal conservative.
He calls himself a “strict” Constitutionalist who is pro-life and pro-second amendment.
Sutton, who spent several years as a precinct committeeman,  currently works at Steel and Pipe Supply.
He has been an officer in the Knights of Columbus for several years, including serving two years as Grand Knight.
Sutton has also been involved in Boy Scouts for many years and is currently an assistant scout master.
He also heads up the Gardner-Edgerton City Republican Central Committee.
Sutton and his wife, Lana, have three children.
In a recent letter to 43rd District Precinct Committee members, Keigerl said “the time has come for me to move on, and I am working on a project which will consume most of my time in the fall.”
Kiegerl had served four years in the 43rd District.
“It has been my great privilege to represent you in the Legislature these eight years, and I am most grateful for your friendship and support,” he wrote.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I want to see the picture of Sutton going to Topeka in his full regalia Boy Scout uniform and with a gun strapped to his leg……………..he will be following Brownback around with that pure puppy face and doing what he is told to do, if not by Brownback, then by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce or any Chamber of Commerce for that matter……………….wonder how much more all of those legislators and Brownback can do to take care of the big boys while sticking it to the average citizen……get your wallets ready…………

  2. Judith, usually, I just ignore your negativity and gadfly behavior. But your post above takes the cake.

    Do you even know Bill enough to qualify you to make these kinds of comments, or is it just in your nature to be contrarian on any news story dealing with Gardner? All you do is whine, moan, and complain about how terrible Gardner, and the people here, are. How about DOING something about it, other than bloviate?

    For the record, I’ve known Bill for years. He’s a good gentleman, with a very nice family, and unlike you, he’s been ACTIVE in the lives of this community, helping to improve our youth, and instead you denigrate Bill and the Scouts in general with your insulting post.

    And, Bill is his own man – he is not “owned” by the Governor or anyone else. If you knew him, you’d know that, but instead all you want to do is spout off to see yourself in print on a blog. Congratulations. Hope you somehow feel better about your miserable existence by tearing down others, again.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Mr. Sutton’s words, actions, inaction and voting record will speak for what he stands for IF he is elected and I am sure it will be business as usual or the good ole status quo. IF he is elected, I will be watching his voting record closely, I will see if he does anything about the fraudulent “farm” appraisals, whether he continues to take care of the big boys while the average citizen’s tax burden is made even more heavy, I will watch to see what he does about education and health care in Kansas, fair and equitable taxation, whether he continues to hand out the political drivel while he is actually making the back room deals like he did prior to the primary election …….I will be watching closely as to what he does with the opportunities available to him and most of all I will hold him accountable which is something like you and others, Mr. Schute, have such a hard time doing because your action plan is to go along to get along or be part of a popularity contest rather actually protecting and working for the average citizens of Kansas. Curse me all you want because I know the truth is hard for you to handle but it is what it is and that is what so many have such a hard time handling and that is to face what a terrible shape our country is in due to cronyism government which involves money, greed and power.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I want to also add that in my opinion Mr. Sutton is just another rubber stamper which I need like a hole in the head. I have rubber stampers with the Gardner City Council, the USD 231 School Board, the County Commissioners, the state legislators and more and with bureaucrats across the land. They keep rubber stamping anything and everything placed before them which results in me having a heavier tax burden and putting me further and further in debt while they take care of the takers aka the big boys aka special interests, etc., etc. Those rubber stampers are no more governing for me, an average citizen, than the man in the moon – they are only worried about sweetening their resumes and getting elected by the usual slimy political games and taking care of the money boys who contribute to their election campaigns, etc.

    Those rubber stampers bring about huge losses of tax revenue for the hardworking citizens. Look at good ole Kimberly-Clark who were given a 50% tax incentive on a silver platter and via the good ole blackmail game of “I won’t come unless you give me the deal I want” by politicians who aren’t working for the citizens and who should be saying ALL in our community pay their FULL TAXES. For three years they received a 75% tax incentive due to the rubber stampers who weren’t protecting the citizens and good ole Kimberly-Clark never picked up that phone to say hey, I am not being billed correctly and neither did good ole Tom Mertz with TradeNet and I am sure there are many other instances of this kind considering the number of errors I have found. That’s what you get when the politicians and the bureaucrats aren’t holding entities accountable or responsible and it has reached the point of shameful, shameful government. Shameful, shameful government is responsible for those fraudulent “farm” appraisals and much, much more.

    In my opinion, Mr. Sutton does not have the moral fortitude to be an actual “public servant or representative” but merely another worthless politician, however, he has every opportunity to prove me wrong. My expectations are not high as you can tell by my comments and that is based on my experiences with worthless politicians and bureaucrats for years now.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Go to http://ims.jocogov.org/locationservices/?id=CP66960001%200001 and review this property. You will note the situs address for this property is 115 N. Moonlight, Gardner, Ks. involving 1.45 acres and is getting appraised as Ag/Vacant land now.

    Here is what the appraisal screen shows for this property as to values for 2011 and for 2012 (the property tax bill for 2012 will be coming out in November:

    Taxes & Values
    Year Appraised Value Assessed Value Change In Appraised Value
    2012 $70 $21 -99.98%
    2011 $314,780 $37,774

    You will, I hope, note how the appraised value is going from $314,780 for 2011 down to $70 for 2012. Yes, that is right – $70 LOUSY DOLLARS.

    For 2011, Simmons First National Bank out of Pine Bluff, Ark. (you have Gardner Bank, builders, investors, savings and loan assns., developers and more involved in this) had a tax bill of $5,559.99. For 2012 that tax bill will go down to about $3.09 ( we don’t have 2012 mill levies yet so I calculated on 2011 mill levies but there should be very, very little difference).

    Here is a breakdown on the taxes as to what they were for 2011 and what they will be for 2012:

    State of Kansas – 2011 – $56.66 2012 – 3 cents
    Johnson County – 2011 – $668.61 2012 – 37 cents
    Jo. County Comm. College – 2011 – $331.50 2012 – 18 cents
    Jo. Co. Parks – 2011 – $88.50 2012 – 5 cents
    City of Gardner – 2011 – $1,175.98 2012 – 65 cents
    231 Unified – 2011 – $1,142.89 2012 – 64 cents
    231 Sch Gen – 2011 – $755.48 2012 – 42 cents
    231 Bonds – 2011 – $1,221.57 2012 – 68 cents
    Jo. Co. Library – 2011 – $118.80 2012 – 07

    So do you think perhaps Mr. Sutton might want to look into properties of this kind where the citizens are losing their shirts with respect to lost tax revenue while the thieves go to the bank with a smile on their faces? Do you think maybe he might get a listing of all “farm” properties within the 43rd District from County Appraiser Paul Welcome and then review those properties to see if there is actual farming being done on the properties? And if there are no farm activities on many of these properties , then what are his recommendations to remedy this financial rape of the citizens across Kansas (County Appraiser Paul Welcome says legislators have to act.)? Will he work as hard to get this fraud stopped as he did on getting that primary nomination? Will he actually be working on something that is very important to the financial well being of our hardworking average citizens? Will he be making an actual difference???

    These are my opinions based on facts which I have provided to you. Do you want another rubber stamper or do you want someone who will actually do something about all of the wrongdoing going on in our governments??? Are there candidates for office out there who will actually do the job for which they were elected?? In my opinion, it may well be a cold day in hell when that happens.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    To put the cherry on the top of the cake, the good citizens of Gardner, Ks. bankrolled and took a risk on the benefit district for Simmons First National Bank for their needs and they thank the citizens by reducing their taxes they pay for the needs of the community from $5,559.99 to $3.09 – not going to help much in paying the bills for all of the services they demand and want. This year you had entities within 5 benefit districts here within Gardner who either didn’t pay their taxes or assessments or both and one I reviewed hadn’t paid their taxes or their assessments since 2008, the year they requested and got their slimy farm appraisal.

    Here are the assessments they paid in 2011 for THEIR WANTS AND NEEDS but they sure don’t care about how they transfer their tax burden to the citizens of this area and state.

    244 GACLINCOLNLN 1,789.99
    246 GACSANITSR 732.92
    247 GAC WTR/ELEC 1,102.16
    400 GAC CHGS 59.00

  7. Judith, NOTHING justifies the kind of behavior you exhibit out here. Instead of offering rational criticisms of the elected officials you disagree with, you attack them personally. And attack the organizations they’re involved with. What’s next? The Catholic Church? His family? Where does it stop?

    For someone who talks so much about integrity, you seem to be curiously devoid of it. You won’t even own up to your anonymous posting habits, but you STILL act like that’s the worst thing in the world for someone to do. Are we REALLY supposed to listen to you when the biggest characteristic you display is your own hypocrisy?

    Seems like your eye has plenty-enough mote in it.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Cowardly Nonamer Backstabber, I really don’t care if you or anyone else listens to me, reads my postings or not, etc., etc. I am no politician – I provide information, viewpoint, opinion, thoughts, etc. as any citizen may do so in the U.S. where we have freedom of speech. Tough toenails if you don’t like the message/information I provide – I am sure not putting the arm hold on you and forcing you to read my postings. All you ever do is rant about the hate you have for me along with numerous lies……………hope it keeps you fueled up and making you happy and, of course, your drivel is always expected – almost like the sun coming up each day in the east .

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Hey, Nonamer, when you are going to go to bat for U.S. Rep. Akin or perhaps Yoder???? They sound like your kinda guys……………

  10. You insult people in our town, people who are positive and make a positive contribution to the overall good. You do everything you can think of…including attacking their family lives and their beliefs…just because you don’t seem to like them. I usually read your posts only when you’re being openly vile. Or outright silly. Like trying to act like your free speech is at risk on a site where you post five or ten times in a row, and nobody…not me, nor anyone on Gardner News, takes any action to stop or silence you. Even when you break the site rules for libel, offensive, and/or profane.

    As for lies? Let’s count lies, shall we?

    Name one lie that I’ve said. But you have to back it up with proof.

    While we’re waiting, I’ll chime in with the most obvious lie that you repeat almost every day out here. A lie of omission. Every time you attack anonymous posting without acknowledging that you do it yourself, you’re lying to all of us. One. Big. Fat. LIE!

    C’mon, Judith. Own up to your lies.

    It’s a free country and you have free speech. So why is it so hard for you to use that free speech to admit the truth to us?

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    BORING………………Working hard for your employer today, Nonamer????

  12. Coward, Judith. Change the subject to hide your guilt?

    Since you asked, nosy, perhaps I’m retired like you. So my employer is just as happy with me as yours is with you. At least, I never quit my job by sending an email.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, as usual the politicians are as pure as driven snow………..LOL. The conniving and manipulation continue in Topeka and across the state including the local level with some amnesia and Alzheimers and ignorance of the law thrown in there………….and these lowlifes are voted into office………..

    Shawnee County DA: No ‘substantive’ open meetings violation at governor’s mansion
    Aug. 21 brad cooper The Kansas City Star
    Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor said this morning that he could not find any “substantive violations” of the state open meetings law when lawmakers attended meetings held by Gov. Sam Brownback at his home earlier this year.
    In an investigation spurred by the Topeka Capital-Journal, Taylor said it was impossible to tell what, if any, lawmakers broke the open meetings law when they met with Brownback at a series of meetings held in January at Cedar Crest.
    The meetings involved members of specific legislative committees to discuss issues the governor was dealing with during the last legislative session. Taylor’s investigators interviewed nearly 50 lawmakers in the course of determining whether an open meetings violation occurred.
    Other than one meeting held Jan. 9 that raised “considerable concern,” the dinners held by Brownback to discuss his legislative agenda were “shrouded in incomplete recollections and vague memories.”
    The investigation found that discussions at the Jan. 9 meeting involving committees working on reforming the state retirement system delved into strategy for passing the legislation.
    During a question-and-answer session about the reforms, conversation started drifting toward specifics of the legislation, including the differences between a defined contribution and a defined benefit plan and the positions of other states on public employee retirement systems.
    At one point during the discussion about the retirement system, Senate President Steve Morris warned that discussion about strategy related to the retirement reforms strayed too close to violating the open meetings law and the governor agreed.
    At another meeting of the education committee members, Brownback encouraged them to bring his education finance reform plan to the floor.
    But in the question-and-answer session that followed, talk focused on the need to get school superintendents to rally around the plan. There also was talk by state Rep. Clay Aurand and state Sen. John Vratil about litigation related to school funding.
    Nevertheless, prosecutors acknowledged that their efforts to determine if there was a violation of the open meetings law was impeded by lawmakers’ memories.
    “Without the attendees having a specific recollection of the (question-and-answer) sessions that followed the governor’s remarks as well as the identities of the participants in the Q&A sessions, it is impossible for us to determine which legislators, if any, violated the tenets” of the open meetings law.
    Taylor wrote while he may not be able to identify “specific actors,” he added that it appears “more probable than not” during question-and-answer sessions with the governor that the open meetings law was violated on more than occasion.
    However, Taylor concluded that no lawmaker attending the meetings at the governor’s mansion “intended to surreptitiously” discuss committee business in violation of the law.
    While the governor’s staff cautioned lawmakers about the violating the open meetings law, almost of all them attending the dinners were not knowledgeable about the law or how it might have applied to their committees.
    “While we can conclude that none of the legislators attending the January 2012 dinners at Cedar Crest appear to have acted in bad faith, we must conclude that the legislators acted out of ignorance of the applicable law.”
    Taylor recommended that all lawmakers receive detailed and specific training on the open meetings law and its application to their roles as members of the Legislature.
    He also recommended that the attorney general’s office be consulted about the legality of any similar meetings in the future, especially since dinner gatherings a common with lobbying groups in Topeka.
    Outgoing Kansas Speaker Mike O’Neal was happy with the results of the probe.
    “I am pleased the result of the district attorney’s investigation found no substantive violations” the law,” he said.
    “I had nothing but confidence that our legislators adhered to the guidelines laid out in (the law) while at the Governor’s residence,” he said.

    P.S. I have never resigned from an employment position by the use of an e-mail and Nonamer has added liar to his resume of cowardly behavior which is no surprise. Hopefully, he continues to post his drivel which so makes it clear as to his credibility on about any subject, however, I believe his only subject is his or her hatred of myself. Whatever, Nonamer…………you just keep stealing time from your employer and you will standing in the unemployment line where you belong……….

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    Gardner must really have a lot more amentities than Overland Park……….Gardner’s city mill levy for 2011 was 31.132…………..Overland Park’s mill levy for 2012 will be 12.779………get that checkbook ready and you better have lots of money in your checking account because your city’s mill levy is going to be even higher than last year I predict. Of course, the city won’t provide you with the proposed budget nor will Gardner Energy so wait for the surprise package to arrive at your door.


    Overland Park’s 2013 budget trims property taxes
    Kansas City Business Journal

    The Overland Park City Council has passed a 2013 municipal budget that includes a modest property tax decrease.

    Overland Park’s mill levy dropped from 12.814 mills to 12.779, the lowest among Johnson County cities.

    Still, homeowners and office building owners will notice little difference on their property tax bills. The average Overland Park home will see its property tax bill decrease by $1.40 — from $368.40 in 2012 to $367 in 2013. An average office building’s tax bill will drop from $3,205.50 to $3,195.

    The Overland Park budget for 2013 does not contemplate new programs or initiatives, instead favoring maintenance of existing programs.

    Street maintenance will see an $850,000 increase in financing.

    Employees will be eligible for raises for the first time since 2009.

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