February 11, 2016

Summer food program off to good start

The Summer Food Program, located at Gardner Elementary, began on June 7. On the first day, 431 people were served lunch. Since then, between 240 and 250 breakfasts and 425 to 450 lunches have been served each day.

The students enrolled in summer school programs at Gardner Elementary are the main participants in the program, along with the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department summer daycare program kids. Community walk-ins have been increasing daily. The program is running smoothly with summer school and JCPRD transportation schedules.

— Veronica Mullin


  1. I am sure it is running smoothly for those who do not have to pay for their lunch or breakfast. I just wish there was a way to get jobs for these people so they could pay for their own meals and I am not talking about low-paying, no benefit, hire and fire jobs we will get with the warehouses and railyard.

    Education is the key so people can get a job that will pay for their needs. But the people are going to have to decide if they want to continue to bankroll big biz and developers or bankroll their kids brains with an education – it is getting too costly to do both and we shouldn’t have to be bankrolling the corporate takers.

  2. I note Olathe is offering this same free meal plan at four schools: Fairview, Central, Washington and Rolling Ridge. They getting around 338 kids for these free lunches while Gardner is providing meals for around 450. Tells you hard times have hit Gardner for sure.

    Once again, what do you think is most important? Bankrolling the fats cats like BNSF and the Allen Group or bankrolling your kids brains with an education which might put them in a position so they won’t have to ask for a free meal. Still get upset when USD Dist. 231 Board of Education won’t get off their kaboodies and start saying NO to the city councils about giving tax incentives to developers which causes such a huge loss of school tax dollars. I know I won’t be voting for the board members in the future nor will I be voting myself a tax increase thru a school bond issue until these board members, or any board members in the future, start working for the school families as they should rather than the special interests and other worthless politicians.

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