February 8, 2016

State revenues up

Kansas is in a better economic place this year that it was last year, according to Kansas Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan said last week.
November revenue receipts bested estimates by about 1 percent. Kansas collected $3.6 million in revenues last month in individual income receipts – more than last November’s $35.2 million.
The increase was driven by a 10 percent increase in withholding receipts.
“It is encouraging to see solid signs that the economy is recovering,” Jordan said. “But we can still do better by focusing on tax policy and a frugal budget.”
— Danedri Thompson


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    That Nick Jordan fits in well with the Brownback administration and why he hasn’t been fired from his position with the Dept. of Revenue considering the mess our DMV offices are in across the state – pushing those costs to a lower level for the citizens but the citizens will PAY.

    Do you think this $3.6 Million increase is going to make a dent on the loss of around $700 MILLION in tax revenue the citizens are going to have to cover as a result of Brownback taking care of more special interests this past leglislative session, to say nothing about the $1 BILLION the taxpayers have had to come up with to keep the big money fat cats happy this past year.

    Elections do have consequences and some of them are really gut wrenching. Maybe one of these days Joe Blow is going to wake up and start doing his job as a responsible citizen rather than turning his head away from the mess he has created by his apathy.

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