February 6, 2016

Starling cited for drinking

Bubba Starling, former Gardner Edgerton High School standout and recent Kansas City Royals aquisition, was cited on Sept. 24 in Arizona for underage drinking.
Starling was cited along with two other Royals players during a traffic stop. He was a passenger in the vehicle. The driver had not been drinking.
None of the players tested above the legal blood alcohol limit.
“The players involved, which included Bubba Starling, put themselves in jeopardy by having a drink and not being of legal age,” Royals General Manager Dayton Moore said. “It was not a good decision on their part. We’re disappointed in their actions and we’ll deal with it internally.”.
The Royals drafted Starling, a centerfielder, in June.
In August, he signed a deal with the Royals worth about $7.5 million over three years.
At the time Moore called Starling “one of the best athletes to play the game of baseball in many years.”
The $7.5 million deal is said to be the largest the Royals have ever spent on a single draft pick.
Starling is currently participating in the Instructional League in Pheonix.


  1. Wow . . . says:

    the silence is deafening on this story. Not one comment, really?

  2. It’s old news. Was in The Edge last week and on all the tv channels.

  3. Hey @? … you’re no intrepid reporter.
    The story broke last week on Wednesday, and the Gardner News had it in their Friday edition and posted online on the same day. The other news source (are press releases news?) in town did not report on the story at all.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Underage drinking and sex are by-products of the Friday Night Lights culture present in our high schools today. I know what parties are underwriting and nurturing that culture and wanting me to pay for it. Our kids need to be reminded about how laws are to be respected and if you make poor choices that there will be consequences – no matter what kid is involved. I would have a hard time believing that this was the first time Starling was involved in underage drinking – I believe the practice is rampant across the U.S. but it sure doesn’t make it right. But what is most stupid is when there are parties who blame the media for reporting on real life……..many want to hide the facts and not talk about many issues and usually I have found many times it is the religous wingbat hypocrites who like to continue the closed, small world for their own selfish reasons and who use their religion as a cover for their despicable actions.

  5. @Judith Rogers says:

    Hey @Judith Rogers
    Have you forgotten what it’s like to be young?
    Underage drinking and sex are by-products of teenagers, alcoholic beverages, hormones, and opportunity. Behavior of this type has been rampant since the invention of teenagers, alcohol, and hormones.
    I attended a strict parochial school many, many decades ago and we had problems with underage drinking and sex. That existed even with clergy on the prowl and above average parental oversight as the order of the day.
    Young Mr. Starling at least was in a car with a designated driver. He had consumed enough alcohol to be measurable, but not necessarily impaired. It appears he and his companions showed more common sense than the average young person. Should he be let off the hook? Not necessarily. Should he be excoriated and made an example of? I think not.

  6. The Gardner News and The Kansas City Star were the only ones to cover this. I’m not surprised the other site didn’t touch this. Someone there probably has a relationship with the Starling family and didn’t want to go near this. That’s how special interest journalism works. Thank goodness we still have traditional news outlets that cover everything, even the uncomfortable topics. I’m not going to pretend that he didn’t do anything that the typical college student does all the time. However, if we are going to put someone on a pedestal, as this town has done with Bubba (I remember a whole lot of impressionable little kids running around wearing “Hubba Bubba” t-shirts last year) then we also need to cover it when that person takes the occasional tumble from the pedestal.

  7. The other news site probably didn’t report on it because this isn’t a news story worth publishing. Also, I’m sure Brandon’s “source” is just another news site reporting this and this was only posted for the page view count.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Again, what Starling was involved in recently is going on right in your own backyard big time…….it is most important as to how parents handle these situations, especially before they leave home, and help their kids go down the path that will benefit them rather than hurt them Remember these teenagers have brains that are not fully developed and their decision skills are not where they will be someday hopefully, especially when you are talking about following the law, however, if you ignore or make allowances for poor choices that your kids make then you are not, in my opinion, doing the job that parents should do.

    If you go along to get along, you are just adding or creating the problems. Every time you turn your head to the wrongdoing, then you enable and support the wrongdoing and we sure have seen lots of that here in this area and beyond. Kids need to know in no uncertain terms what the family values and expectations are. You expect nothing from people and that is exactly what you get.

  9. You might be right. I’m no intrepid reporter; too busy entering info in a computer. Guess I heard it on the news. Anyway, kids will be kids. Kids with 7 million contracts, especially sports figures, get watched pretty closely. Anyway you look at it, he’s still one heck of a player.

  10. Freddyhusker says:

    @Judith – You are absolutly correct!!

  11. Do you have an aversion to the truth? Or in legitimate news organizations covering it?

  12. It is illegal but a stupid law in many’s opinion. 18 use to be legal then wasn’t. Alcohol is bad 1 day then ok on your 21st birthday. A man can die for his country but not have a beer.

    A 19 year old kid having a beer or two does not reflect poorly on his charactor or his family unless you are a self righteous pompous teetotaler.

    Sounds like he was pretty responsible for a 19 year old adult with that much money and fame.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, as usual Skeptic shows he has no respect for the law………hate to tell you that you cannot pick and choose which laws you will follow and respect……….that is why you have to pay big bucks for the biggest jail in the whole state of Kansas there off Moonlight Rd. – those residents don’t think the law applies to them and/or they do not respect the law………many like to not be held accountable and think they are above the law or make excuses for those who do break the law. Like we see so much – people like to use pathetic excuses for their actions ;- reminds me of Phil Kline. A whole lot of difference between excuses and valid reasons. Some truly struggle with following the law or being ethical and having integrity, character in all of their dealings and really drag out the pathetic excuses when it is politically convenient for them to do so or they look for a scapecoat to take the blame for their lowlife actions. Discussions such as this one truly show you the difference between the wheat and the chaff. Starling just needs to learn a lesson from this incident – hope he does so for his own good. Time will tell how he conducts himself in the future and whether he will respect the law. The choice is his.

    This incident would be a perfect subject for a learning discussion with your kids. I believe how you guide them in an open discussion with them will have a profound affect on their lives. Could be good or it could end up with parents setting a poor example for their children.

  14. Why is this news? says:

    A nineteen year old kid gets cited for a minor infraction of the law and it’s suddenly the end of the world? All the sudden, the actions of a kid in Arizona are an indictment of the high school football program in Gardner? Really?

    Would anyone care to connect the dots between the obvious mistake made by Bubba and the “Friday Night Lights culture”? Not just innuendo about the things you don’t like, but the direct chain of events that led Bubba from an innocent little tot, to the apparently-crime-ridden thug, guilty even before any trial or conviction of misdemeanor underage sipping? And then compare it to the statistics of the kids his age who are arrested for much worse.

    Got those numbers? Can you compare the relative amount of underage drinking in the football program to those outside the football program and show how Friday Night Lights somehow causes more teenage stupidity than the regular variety? No?

    Then why don’t we all take a deep breath, chalk it up as an object lesson that teenager Bubba, like so many of his peers, may or may not learn, and get over our sanctimoniuos arm-chair-quarterbacking of someone else’s life.

    Maybe Bubba figures it out, maybe he doesn’t. For God’s sake, can we at least let him figure out his own life for himself?

  15. @Judith Rogers says:

    @Judith Rogers
    I think perhaps you were Carrie A. nation in another life, and no, I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  16. Give the kid a break. If he chose to go to college he probably would have attended several keg parties by now. Does anyone remember college as an under 21?

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    As I have said before this wasn’t the first time Starling or other teenagers have been faced with the issue of ILLEGAL underage drinking…………it is going on week after week right here in your own backyard…..up to families to decide how they will guide their children and the choices all citizens make on important issues every day.

  18. Starling? says:

    @Judith –

    Is there PROOF that you have to offer that Starling has been faced with “ILLEGAL underage drinking”? Do you know more about his legal record than the rest of us? Or are you making generalized insinuations about Starling’s past that have no basis in fact?

    You keep making claims that you don’t seem willing to back up, except for referring to your prior post.

    And where is this perfect world that you’re living in, where nobody makes mistakes? Is that the same world where you libel the football team and talk publicly about Starling’s personal history?

  19. Judith Rogers says:

    And are you naive enough to believe underage ILLEGAL drinking is not going on here in your community and other communites across Kansas???? Again, all including our youth need to know there are consequences to the choices they make. You and others have a hard time holding people responsible and accountable for their actions which results in even bigger problems. Don’t try to manipulate the issue based on your hatred of me…….just bad mouth me and try to make me look like the wrongdoer but hey, in the real world it doesn’t fly. Grow up and many times that never happens with certain people.

  20. Judith Rogers says:

    P.S. I also like how all of the backstabbers, bullies and cowards never take ownership of their comments – real examples of integrity, ethics, character – NOT!!!!!

  21. You directly accused the GEHS football program of inciting drinking among its players. Remember your “Friday Night Lights culture”? In your previous post, you suggested that Starling had had past issues with underage drinking. So what are you saying now? Do you or don’t you stand by your libel?

    Underage drinking and drug abuse ARE problems for teenagers. Have been pretty much always. Did that change from when YOU were a teenager? Is Saint Judith going to say that she NEVER broke any rules when she was young and rebellious? (As opposed to libeling people now?)

    Besides, what in the world does 19 year old Bubba Starling drinking with his professional baseball buddies in Arizona have to do with unnamed high school kids drinking in Gardner? You STILL haven’t connected those dots in your long list of allegations you seem to think he’s caused.

    As for identity? Who cares? You don’t see a lot of people posting their names out here. Why should THAT be your only criteria for what counts for “integrity”? You post YOUR name and can’t seem to stop yourself from libeling people and whining about anyone who asks you to back up your claims. It’s not backstabbing you to ask you to stand behind what you say with even a little proof. Where’s YOUR character?

  22. Commonsense says:

    @starling: what proof that he was faced with illegal underage drinking (a redundant phrase). The proof is the citation for underage drinking-which is illegal and a crime.

    So my question is, do young exceptionally talented people only present as role models when thy make positive choices? Do we overlok negative choices? remember that it’s the youngsters that are emulating these role models that are the reason we expect a high level of respectable, mature behavior? If this young man is going through fun youthful indiscretions similar to college, then maybe he wasn’t mature enough to handle fame and fortune.

    And, for the record, alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. On top of the biological and organic damage alcohol does to the brain, not to mention liver, kidneys and other major organs-but the social acceptance of the use/abuse of alcohol exacerbates it’s harmful properties.

  23. @@starling says:

    In the US, you’re not guilty of a crime unless you’ve been convicted by a court of law. It doesn’t sound like Starling is going to contest his citation, but he is not guilty until he signs off on the citation as guilty or, if he chooses, steps in front of a judge in trial and is deemed so. I know the Constitution is a technicality to some of you who would rather string him up right away, but it IS how the law works, right?

    I love how people keep trying to connect the fact that Starling was cited as an out-of-high-school adult (albeit an underage one), living and working in his chosen career in ARIZONA, to some grand conspiracy scheme here in Gardner. THAT’S the point I’ve been trying to make with Judith.

    I mean, we all get it: underage drinking is bad. And underage kids should know better than to do stupid things. And hometown heroes should think of the impact their actions will have on those who hero-worship the ground they walk on. And yes, alcohol is dangerous…even though they legally sell it in just about every store and restaurant these days. And of course, abusing drugs that damage your body is a really bad idea. We get it, okay?

    But can we perhaps NOT make the reasonably-minor stupidity of the guy into some kind of “OMG!! Friday Night Lights is turning our kids into drunken slobs! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!” panic attack? Starling messed up. Why is this news?

  24. sick of the negative says:

    Its not news. Its out there because the insecure masses feel better about their lot in life when someone who is succesful stubs their toe. Its easier to hope others fail than to work hard and achieve personal success.

    Bubba worked hard for what he has acheived. Anyone who actually watched him play saw that he pushed himself harder than anyone in the field of play.

    He made a mistake, so did the other guys in the car, so does every human being, mulitple times over a lifetime.

  25. Judith Rogers says:

    The no-namers are the ones making a big deal about Starling the Darling getting caught. I just think it is important for all to respect the law. I also believe it is important to realize this ILLEGAL underage drinking is rampant in our communities and probably won’t have beneficial results. Starling made his choice and he will continue to make his choices which won’t be affecting me personally, hopefully, unless he starts drinking and driving and hurting an innocent party or doing something else real stupid. Raise your kids to not respect the law and in my opinion you are asking for bigger problems.

  26. So why don’t you respect libel laws, Judith?

  27. Judith Rogers says:

    Doesn’t your warped mind want to throw slander in there too???? Cowardly backstabbers and bullies who don’t take ownership of their comments pointing the finger at someone who does – pretty pathetic and lowlife………………………

  28. Keep ducking says:

    Funny how whenever you get questioned about your own wrongdoing (like the libels of suggesting that Starling had a drinking problem before or that Friday Night Lights was responsible for teenage drinking in Gardner), you change the subject and start fretting over the identities of the people asking the questions.

    Why change the subject? Afraid to admit you’re wrong? And why fret about who’s asking unless you DON’T have an answer for your own wrongdoing and are trying to deflect attention away from yourself?

    So tell me…are the questions I’m asking you unfair? You DID write your own posts, trying to link together Starling and GEHS football as the cause of teenage drinking in town, didn’t you? Is it backstabbing you to ask you to back up your claims?

    Why do you need anyone else’s identity to justify the words you, yourself, write? Is the only way you can back up what you say by trying to belittle others? THAT sounds pretty cowardly on its own, regardless of whether or not you post your name.

  29. @Keep Ducking . . . says:


  30. Judith Rogers says:

    Liars don’t use their own names because they don’t want to be held accountable for their libel, lies, hate and slander and most of all they are too cowardly to take ownership of their comments. Again, cowardly backstabbers and lowlifes. Little boys in big boy pants or little girls in their Barby outfits but who never grow up nor do they want to be held responsible or accountable. Comment some more under your fake names…….I love to see you make a fool out of yourself numerous times and show you have no credibility. Your baiting has no affect on me in case you haven’t figured that out by now.

  31. STILL ducking says:



    You describe yourself perfectly. Cowardly. Backstabbing. Hate. Slander. Libel. All those things were part of the question I asked YOU? And you STILL keep changing the subject.

  32. Bubba isn’t enrolled in GEHS, is he?

  33. Conspiracy theory says:

    Maybe one of the Take Control of Gardner members tipped Arizonia cops off that Starling was drinking. In fact, maybe they paid someone to tempt Bubba with alcohol. Then they waited outside the police station til he was charged, contacted the Royals management and coerced them into writing a press release so it could be sent to the local media. All of this was done because someone Bubba took a class with in high school knew the intermodal was being built in Edgerton and was angry that the train whistles blow all night long.

  34. @Conspiracy that is funny.

  35. Conspiracy theory says:

    @Ryan, Everybody knows you like trains. And baseball. And I bet if you were shown a map of the USA you could pick out Arizonia. I also bet you’ve drank a beer at some point. So it all adds up – it’s another conspiracy of you and the rest of the Brady Bunch. We’re sick of the negative Ryan! Start whistling a different tune.

  36. Florence Henderson says:

    This is why I won’t move to Gardner.

  37. Judith Rogers says:

    I couldn’t encourage you to do so either, Florence.

  38. Charlie K says:

    Do some people in this town really have nothing better to do than make a big deal out of this? Well I know Judith doesn’t but…

  39. @ Conspiracy, I’ve been saying that for years. People love to hang on to the past.

  40. Robert Reed says:

    Florence is right. As an architect I would love to move to Gardner, but there are just too many leaks, and I don’t want everyone on here discussing my personal business. And all the conspiracies! It’s better than watching reruns on tv with Alice.

  41. Proud GEHS Alum '08 says:


    You are the biggest joke in the entire world. You make me absolutely sick. All the comments on here from Judith Rogers just have you running your big mouth and demeaning people. I’m sorry that your sh*t doesn’t stink like the rest of the world. Get over yourself and find something else to occupy your time.

  42. Judith Rogers says:

    And you sound like such a winner, Alum 08………………….take ownership of your comments but that would call for some integrity or ethics…….are you in college Alum 08, a college dropout or are you flipping burgers?????

  43. It’s easy to look at the class roster and figure out who the poster is. No surprise there.

  44. doesn't matter says:

    Question: Is there something wrong with flipping burgers? I know College Professors that work during the summer in resturants, Judith it might be nice if you read the book instead of judging it by its cover.
    What makes you so special? Just once answer a question so we all can understand “who Judith is and why she is right about everything” Why do you think that you are so special and the rest of this town is full of Morons and poeple who just dont belong. Why is Judith Rodgers so right and everyone else is so wrong? Answer the question so we all understand.

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