February 13, 2016

Stacks of tracks

Staff photo by Mark Taylor

Railroad tracks are stacked up at the corner of Sycamore and Warren streets as workers prepare to install new tracks that will allow trains to enter and exit the intermodal logistics park in Edgerton. The intermodal, which has one warehouse tenant identified so far, is slated to open in late 2013.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Love those open storage lots………….can hardly wait to see the stacked containers………I am sure people will be moving here from Mission Hills and Leawood to live here………

  2. So that is what imaginary railroad tracks look like.

  3. State of Affairs says:

    Well, folks. The rail road said they were going to take care of all the “ugly” agriculture land here. “Pretty as a picture”! Better than Joyce Kilmer’s poem “I think I shall never see a poem as beautiful as a tree”. Get rid of all those “ugly” trees, etc.

  4. State of Affairs says:

    Up, up, and away we go! Spending the taxpayers’ money like “drunken sailors”. Water & sewer set up for the intermodal plus other projects for the intermodal. Edgerton Cemetery tax. School bond. Price of feed higher so price of beef higher. Food imported since we have to get rid of all that “ugly” agriculture land. Trucks to be longer so they can haul 20% more. Heavier, so will increase wear and tear on the highways. Citizens expected to upkeep the highways. Is there any thing else the average citizen expected to pay for to put them out into the streets and in the soup line?

  5. State of Affairs says:

    The Bush tax relief expires the end of this year. It will hit the April 15, 2013 tax return. Joy for the ones that like to pay, pay.

  6. State of Affairs says:

    Now, Washington faces a $1 trillion-plus deficit

  7. Stacks of state says:

    Feeling a bit manic, State?

  8. State of Affairs says:

    NO! Just repeating the news both local and national.

  9. How does anything you’ve posted actually apply to the subjects in the articles? And why does it take you four posts to get it all?

  10. State of Affairs says:

    Bottom line–all related. And, the average citizen has to pay for it all.

  11. @ Bottom line says:


    Bottom line: It’s all related. The average citizen is a member of the universe.

    Maybe if you narrowed the scope of your comments to they were relevant to the topic at hand. Or tried to actually explain how Obama’s mega-trillion dollar deficit is related to stacks of construction materials. Otherwise, it’s like your head is out in the stars and we’re left trying to figure out what you really mean with all your spam-posting of random thoughts from outer space.

  12. State of Affairs says:

    @Bottom line–you are the one out in the galaxy in your intangible/entitlement era. There are those of us from the tangible & if you don’t work, you don’t eat era. We are the ones that have to pay $$$ for all the entitlements and there are becoming fewer and fewer of us.

  13. You say that like it never occurred to anyone else, State. Or like it was somehow relevant to the original topic.

    We’re all also aware that, although the Internet is like open mike night at the local beatnik poet house and people end up posting pretty much whatever they want, the people who have a hard time staying on topic end up sounding a little “off”. You seem intent on missing this point, so let’s try an example.

    Imagine, if you would, a heated discussion of the 2012 presidential elections. Lots of people chiming in with their opinions on the subject. Suddenly, somebody posts, “I like waffles!” Now, the statement, on its own, is probably true. And probably meaningful to the person who posted it. But it would also be completely out of line with the election discussion that’s going on.

    So don’t take this the wrong way when I tell you that your posts are the equivalent of the “I like waffles!” statement in my example…made worse by the fact that when somebody tries to ask you what the *&*^$ the things you post have to do with the discussion, you try to argue the veracity of your post, instead of just answering the question. Made even WORSE by your tendency to post your waffly statements multiple times, in every thread you can find.

    For the record, I like waffles, too. And the economy sucks, and we’ve got tons of deficit, and a bunch of bickering politicians running the country in exactly the way we apparently want them too because we bicker JUST like them instead of demanding that the get stuff done. But NONE of that has anything to do with stacks of railroad tracks on the Intermodal site. Or stars in Andromeda.

    So maybe you could try a little bit harder to stick to the topic? Or send in an editorial to Gardner News that highlights your concerns so you’ll have an ON-topic place for people to talk about it.

  14. State of Affairs says:

    Good-Bye “No, duh”, so I won’t bother you. I will continue to read Judith’s posts. Since the country is or has gone to h____ in a hand basket” and the majority is to busy with sex and Hollywood and entitlements to care or have any logic. From national news, Iran most likely is ready with nuclear arms to probably attack us, so maybe they will end it for us.

  15. We have a beatnik poet house in town? Maybe I can still fit into my poodle skirt.

  16. Senior, if not, there is Annie’s Poodle Skirts you can order online only. Based in Garland, Texas.

  17. “keep reading Judith”

    It’s almost like you’re reading your own words or something. Not that Judith would ever do anything like posting under two names to give herself someone who seems to be on her side.

    Either way, your love for Judith, in itself, makes about as much sense as all your “I like waffles” posts.

  18. Derp!!!!

  19. State of Affairs says:

    No, I am not Judith. Amusing that you think that I am. Hope Judith finds it amusing also.

  20. That’s just his little propaganda game. He likes to make it look like only 2-3 people in this town disagree with the way he and his supporters think about things. Talking down to you and calling you someone else’s name is just part of his game. It must really drive him crazy that you’re not Judith. Either that or the guy just really hates elderly people.

  21. @@State – nice try. It makes SO much more sense, repeating my last post and making like it applied to me. The truly ironic part is that Judith has a history of doing just that…posting in legions of other identities to give the appearance of majority opinion.

    In reality, I don’t care.

    Better still is the fact that we’re STILL not talking about railroad tracks. Instead, State continues to waffle.

  22. Double derp…..

  23. State of Affairs says:

    Don’t think I’ll order one of Annie’s Poodle skirts, but the saddle oxford shoes look inviting.

    Tracks. If you want tracks, we are getting 40 sets of tracks!! At least that was the initial plan of the intermodal.

    (Just a little note of caution–“Use your brain around trains!!”–public service announcement from Union Pacific Rail Road). (It is announced on local radio periodically thru out the day.)

    @State, thanks for the support. Good to know that not everyone out there support him.

    And, I am not Judith, but I do take heed to her postings.

  24. I am THE beatnik. All others are posers and wannabes….

  25. Amused citizen says:

    @state, You don’t seriously think we are going to have 40 sets of tracks coming into and out of Gardner do you? Yes there may be a lot of tracks in the Rail yard kind of tough to load and unload trains without that. I am just so glad that it was moved to Edgerton so that when I tell people I live in Gardner and they say something about the Intermodal I can say it is ok it is in Edgerton.

  26. State of Affairs says:

    @Amused. The location has not been moved–just the administration. Understand that Mayor Drovetta is mentoring Mayor Roberts, who is a Gardner water works employee. So, it is “All in the Family”!!

  27. AMEN!!!!!!

  28. Hahahaha! says:

    All in the Family! A big, circuitous group of buddies, all of whom praise Judith who, in her typically hypocritical fashion, ignores their anonymity. After all, none of THEM can stay on topic, either.

    I really don’t care who you are. It’s just that you write like Judith and praise yourself like Judith (or was that praise Judith like Judith? It’s hard to tell, what with you coming out of left field all the time. You can’t seem to stay on “track”).

    Hilarious, also, is the notion that you’re still trying to blame the Intermodal on Drovetta. Remember the part where they’re gonna build it in Edgerton? Or is that out there in waffle-land for you too?

    Best of all is the notion that you feel you need support. Why? Is it so hard to answer the simple question as to why you can’t stay on topic? You keep redirecting, a la your buddy, Judith, every time someone asks you to explain what you’re posting and why you decided to post it a thousand times, all over the site?

    Do you have an answer? Or do you need someone to tell you you’re okay, so you don’t have to think about what you wrote?

  29. stay on “track”

    Stacks and Stacks of tracks. Who cares anyway. Its an Edgerton environmental problem now!
    They will have asbestos in the air from all the brakes and there will be noise and traffic.

    The only pollution we will have will be Judith’s constant yammering.

  30. Judith Rogers says:

    Jdelphiki mentions me 6 times in one posting……………he seems to have an addiction and I am always on his mind……..have fun, Jdel…………..smile………..

  31. seem to be obsessed with you. Creepy.

  32. that you think I’m that Jdel guy when I’m not. Whatever.

    Anyway, sorry if it offends you, Judith, seeing your name, Judith, over and over, Judith. Almost as bad as State and William Burrows posting seven times on every thread on the site every time a thought seems to cross their minds. Don’t see you complaining about the creepiness of that. Or the anonymity of State, for that matter. Judith.

    But what’s REALLY creepy, Judith, is the number of times a day you seem to mention Drovetta in one of the childish names you always call him. You even got State to bring him up. Or maybe that was you. Who can keep track? At least I’m not casting myself as God or calling you Satan. Devil’s in the details, Judith.

    (was that seven times yet? nice to know you’re keeping score)

  33. State of Affairs says:

    Well, now!! I try to keep up on the State of Affairs both locally and nationally. And, post here. People can check up on the tidbits that I post. Find out for themselves. Now, if you don’t appreciate it, so be it. What I posted was related to tracks/intermodal. I do believe the article said that the materials, tracks, that were stacked up were for the entrance/exit to the intermodal.

    I am not Judith and she will reply to you if she so desires. And, just maybe there are more people than you want to admit that support Judith.

  34. Well said says:


  35. Wow. Waffles.Beatniks, William Burroughs. But who is “him” that everyone talks about? I must have got sidetracked counting Judith’s name. Judith, you must be a very important person the way everyone quotes you. Are you a government official?

  36. Mutual admiration society says:

    I’m with you, Senior. It’s kind of an odd circle of people either patting each other in the back, or putting a knife there. Judith MUST be important..ask her and she’ll tell you.

  37. Don’t worry Judith. I focus on you a full %60 , but, only one tenth the time :)

  38. This species has amused itself to death!

  39. Im with stupid says:


  40. I noticed in your comments you were all talking about poodle skirts. I found a really good website where you can buy Annie’s Poodle Skirts and 50s costumes. Check it out!

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