February 10, 2016

Sprint sale unlikely to alter local landscape

Danedri Thompson
It’s unlikely Softbank Corp.’s purchase of 70 percent of the Sprint-Nextel Corporation will alter the local landscape anytime soon. Although the Sprint Corporation was instrumental in building the North Supply Building at New Century AirCenter in the 1980s, the building no longer hosts Sprint office space or distribution facilities.
The office building at New Century AirCenter houses businesses that contract with Sprint-Nextel.
Softbank announced on Monday that it has entered into an agreement to purchase approximately 70 percent of Sprint Nextel. Headquartered in Overland Park, Sprint- Nextel is one of the largest employers in the Kansas City metropolitan area employing more than 7,000 people locally in 2010.
Tom Reiderer, president of the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corporation, said it’s way too early to tell what effect the sale will have on the local economy.
The sale is imminent, but the deal won’t close until 2013.
“It’s final, but it’s not going to be final-final until 2013,” Reiderer said.
According to a Sprint- Nextel press release, the telecommunications giant will retain headquarters in Overland Park despite the majority-stake sale to the Japanese-owned Softbank.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Hope all citizens know what property taxes were and are collected on that North Supply building in New Century THROUGH THE YEARS and what the full taxes should be…..38 companies in New Century are paying no or little taxes of what they should be paying……………wonder why you don’t have enough money for your schools, libraries, etc., etc.??????? For over two years I have been asking the County Commissioners and the County government to give a detailed report to the PEOPLE on the deals these 38 companies have got and how long the sweet deals will last with the never ending loss of tax revenue to the citizens………Calvin Hayden certainly hasn’t produced that report nor has he got anything done about the endless list of entities getting their “farm” appraisals on properties which certainly financially rape the average citizen and yet the people will continue to support and enable him as a Commissioner. Go figure and while you are at it be very cognizant that Sprint received over $1 BILLION in financing from the citizens via industrial revenue bonds and we lost over half of the tax revenue on those deals due to the lovely accompanying “pay-in-lieu” agreements allowed by the jaybird worthless politicians the people continue to backslap and vote into office. And how many jobs did Sprint eliminate since 2000??? Plenty and you should wonder what will occur in the future as the politicians will continue to court all of the thieves in one way or the other and the costs will be coming to the average citizens to cover.

    No, the local landscape of cronyism government will most likely continue because the people support and enable that type of government…………you make your own bed and you will have to sleep in it but I don’t look for that bed to be too comfortable except for the takers who are always hanging around your government halls of shame with their hand out and the politicians and bureaucrats continue to roll out that red carpet for them.

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