February 13, 2016

Snow slows search in skull investigation

Mark Taylor
Special to The Gardner News
Snow has slowed the investigation of a skull that was found near Gardner.
Tom Erickson, public information officer for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, said the investigation hinges on forensics and weather.
“They will resume (the investigation) once the snow melts,” he said.
Sheriff’s officers discovered the skull on March 18 and had been searching the area for the possibility of additional remains.
Master Dep. Rick Howell told The Gardner News last week that the skull was found by hunters at 213th Street and Gardner Road.
The skull had been at the location “long enough for grass to grow around it,” Howell said.
It is not clear whether the discovery of the skull is related to unsolved homicides in Johnson County.
Neither the age nor sex of the deceased has been determined.

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