February 10, 2016

Sheriff’s department eyes $324,000 armored car

Mark Taylor
Johnson County Commissioners will vote Nov. 3 on approving the sheriff’s department’s planned purchase of a $324,234 Bearcat armored car.
Kent Brown, chief financial officer for the sheriff’s office, told commissioners during their agenda review meeting on Oct. 27 the vehicle is needed for “tactical situations” in critical situations such as standoffs.
Brown said the sheriff’s department plans to pay for the vehicle using its forfeited property fund, which comes from property and money seized from criminals.
That fund currently contains about $420,000.
Brown said the purchase would require no county tax dollars, but the sheriff’s office must have approval from county commissioners for expenditures that exceed $100,000.
Sheriff Frank Denning, in a memo to commissioners, said the armored vehicle would enable deputies to transport negotiators to standoff situations, rescue downed citizens and officers, evacuate citizens, block getaway routes and provide cover for deputies during gunfire.
“This vehicle is necessary in order to maintain overall control when responding to barricaded subjects and other critcal situations,” he said.
The armored vehicle is expected to have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.


  1. An armored car? This is as silly as when they wanted a black helicopter. Boys and toys.

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