February 14, 2016

Sewer changes, CARS considered by council

Danedri Thompson
City council members reluctantly approved a series of change orders for a sewer project related to the construction of a new elementary school and middle school, June 3.
Three of the changes will add more than $43, 883 to the cost of the project.
A fourth change will require a monthly cost of $12,633 to pump sewage around the construction site so the elementary school can open with sewer capabilities later this summer.
Council member Heath Freeman moved to approve the change orders, however, he said the city should have a discussion with the school board about possibly sharing the costs of the sewage pump around.
“There should be a conversation with the school district saying here’s the cost we’re going to have to absorb,” Freeman said. “We’re going to have to do this one way or another, because the school is going to be opening.”
In other business, city council members tabled the approval of a contract for photo services for team and individual pictures of Gardner Parks and Recreation sports. The city anticipates earning more than $9,000 in commission from the sale of the photos, but council members had questions about parts of the proposal, specifically the offering of a $20 gift card for parents who can’t afford to purchase photos.
Council members also adopted a five-year list of road improvements they hope will be partially funded through the County Assistance Road System Program. The projects include a $294,000 proposal to put a traffic signal at the 183rd and Center Street intersection in 2014; Moonlight Road rehabilitation in 2015; and partial Center Street reconstruction in 2017.
Approval of the list does not commit the city to doing the projects. Under the CARS program, cities are eligible to receive 50 percent of the cost of construction on approved projects each year.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I like how the city is going to make $9,000 off of the photos taken of Gardner kids……..too bad the photographer couldn’t take $9,000 less and reduce the cost of the photos for the parents…..the back room deals are so prevalent and the citizens sit around with their fingers in the noses and let it all happen. I also like how they always sell the CARS program as a half-price deal for the citizens – do citizens actually need to be reminded that the citizens pay both County and City taxes for all of this infrastructure along with state and federal taxes – there is no half-price sale and NOTHING is free or a good deal for the citizens – they are merely the best ATM that any government entity and the thieves could ask for.

    The City Hall Bunch are already hitting the citizens with costs for the Zimmer project before it ever is approved by the light at 183rd & Center (that one is needed is already needed) and Center St. reconstruction in 2017. The developers come in here via the red carpet put out by the slimy politicians and bureaucrats and they have their list of things that need to be done to enable them to make millions while giving the absolutely huge bill to the citizens living here and they only want to pay 25% of their taxes. You will be taken advantage of if you allow it. I am sure the ignorance and apathy of the people will enable and support these thieves, politicians and bureaucrats – we have seen the drill time and time again and it is easy now to anticipate and see the financial rape come into fruition. And all of these elected and well paid lowlife government employees/appointees know they can connive and manipulate the citizens to get the thieves what they want.

    Citizens will be getting their just desserts at a very, very high cost and a cesspool to live in due to their ignorance and apathy.

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