February 7, 2016

School’s PR director resigns

Debbie Hickman

Special to The Gardner News

 The Gardner News has learned that Leann Northway, director of community

Leann Northway

Leann Northway

relations for USD 231, has tendered her resignation effective Sept. 27.

Kristi McNerlin, director of communication for Blue Valley School District USD 229, has confirmed that Northway will be joining its communication team.

Under the direction of Northway, Gardner Edgerton School District received a National School Communications award from the National School Public Relations Association. The award went to the 2012-2013 Horizon quarterly news magazine. The Horizon was deemed at the top of its class in the specific judging categories that reflect the four-steps of a quality relations program.

A message left for USD 231 Human Resources department, seeking confirmation on the Northway resignation, has gone unanswered.  This story will be updated as additional information is received.


  1. gardnerstandup says:

    So sad, Leanne is one of the good guys. Goes to show if you cross Gilhaus you’re OUT, do not pass go and don’t talk on your way out the door. Leanne has done some fabulous PR for the district.
    When will the School Board take back the power for Gardner, when will they take the blinders off and see what is right in front of them. Never should a Superintendent have more power than the Board. The School Board is in place to help protect the school, students, and town not enable a power hunger, ego driven Superintendent.
    The fact is the School Board, Administrators and some of the district staff just don’t and won’t stand up for what is right and what really needs to happen…Gilhaus needs to GO!!!

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    And when will the Nonamers have the integrity to take ownership of their comments…………probably about the time citizens clean up their school district and city governments………..

  3. Just like Judith does. Follow her example of making such broad sweeping strides as to get rid of the “Slimey, backroom dealing”, types. Oh, wait. It hasen’t got any further than name calling in a small town online newspaper. So when will us “No namers” take ownership of the things that people like Judith’s parent’s probably voted for? Ladies first.

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