February 11, 2016

School finance director’s status uncertain

Danedri Thompson
Despite confirmation last month that Eric Hansen, USD 231 finance and business director, is no longer with the district, members of the board of education apparently have yet to approve of his termination or resignation at a board meeting. As of May 1, school officials would no longer confirm Hansen’s status with the school.
“It’s an ongoing personnel matter,” school communications director Leann Northway said.
In the meantime, she did confirm that Superintendent Bill Gilhaus is attending a series of meetings with staff at each of the district’s school buildings to discuss budget reductions.
She could not say what those reductions might be, just how tight the district’s budget is or how short the budget might be.
In a March 2011 presentation to the board, Hansen estimated a possible $573,000 revenue shortfall this year, and a shortfall of $1.1 million over the course of 18 months – excluding possible new expenses for 2012.
Hansen urged the diligent use of cash reserves, district-level and building-level reductions and a salary freeze during his March 7, 2011 presentation.
At this time Northway said she could not say who is acting in the role of budget director for the district.
According to Gilhaus’ contract, he can terminate and accept personnel resignations with board approval. But Gardner News reporters do not recall board members approving Hansen’s departure in a public meeting as the Kansas Open Meetings Act requires, and according to available board minutes, such a motion has not occurred.
Hansen and board members did not respond to inquiries from The Gardner News.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, they are in the middle of the huddle trying to figure out what the news release will say and I am sure you will have to figure out on your own what the real TRUTH is.

    I can hardly wait to see what reductions are made to the athletic program, coaching staff, etc. I find it quite interesting that none of the austerity programs were talked about before the school bond issue was voted on and of course, none of the important issues are talked about in open meetings, no supporting documentation is provided with agendas, no answers will be given to your questions unless you have the money to pay for the information, etc., etc. If you want the truth, you are going to have to get out your heavy duty shovel and dig for it. The good ole back room conniving and manipulation are alive and well in our government entities throughout the U.S. and CITIZENS are paying a pretty penny for this type of operation.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Not a good place to post this information so I will post it here. This information should tell each and every citizen they are getting close to getting screwed royally once again just like they have been so many times before. You better get on that computer and sending some e-mails and on that cell phone making some important calls with a message that slaps them silly right in their worthless faces. Just like the thieves have done so well with their fraudulent farm appraisals, they will be lining up to get their LLC corporation status and get huge windfalls since they won’t be having to pay taxes but you know or you should know, who in the hell is going to have to make up for that lost tax revenue.


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