February 8, 2016

School board previews new Multi-Purpose Athletic Center at meeting

Mark Taylor
USD 231 School Board members got a bird’s eye view of the district’s planned Multi-Purpose Activity Center on March 5.
Architects presented a digital 3D rendering of the $7.91 million athletic complex that will be paid for with proceeds of a $72 million bond issue approve by voters in February.
The facility, which will be built on the southeast corner of the existing high school, features a large gymnasium with two practice basketball courts along with separate strength and conditioning and fitness and cardiovascular rooms.
Superintendent Bill Gilhaus said the addition to the existing gymnasium wing will be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, among other uses.
“It’s going to be used for a variety of (athletic) programs and physical education,” he said.
Gary Diener, director of operations, said in a memo to the board the new facility will allow for increased student participation in athletics.
“This project will greatly enhance the ability at the GEHS to meet the instructional demand for elective courses related to fitness and physical education programs within the curriculum,” he said.
Voters approved the bond issue by a margin of 2,795 to 2,424.
Other projects include a new elementary school and a new middle school that will be built just east of Center Street and south of Main Street, new turf for the Gardner Edgerton High School football field, renovations at Gardner and Sunflower elementaries, and district-wide technology upgrades, including laptops and audio-visual equipment.
School officials have said the bond issue will not result in a tax increase for at least two years.
However Gardner’s city fees and taxes will likely go up as a result of the city council agreeing to partially fund sewer upgrades to serve the new schools.
In other business, the school board unanimously voted to extend Gilhaus’s contract through June 2015.
Board president Ron Ragan said the contract extension does not include salary or benefit increases, although those items may be addressed in the future.
“It’s just a standard extension of the existing contract,” he said.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Wonder what the citizens are paying for the “digital 3D rendering”???? I still have to shake my head at those citizens who voted for this school bond and wonder where in the Sam Hill their priorities are – evidently their priorities are on a “sports” education…………….never will I ever be voting for ANY of these School Board members in the future especially considering how they are enabling and supporting Gilhaus with his sky high salary and having the priorities that he and the Board has……….the educational system gets further off course as we speak in my opinion…….

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Again, I want to remind citizens how far behind we are. Had 2 kids home for Valentine’s Dinner, 1 a junior and 1 a senior and they were both taking the same graduate course, either a math or science class, and were talking about how hard it was since they had never had any studies previously on what was being taught and covered and how they were talking about this with other kids in the class. My kids said the Asians in the conversation said they had studied what was being taught in 6th GRADE in their home country. Tell me again how I should have voted for this school bond which included millions of dollars for sports…………….I still say the security of country is at risk considering what is being supported by parents across the U.S. – I have to wonder what it is going to take to get their heads screwed on right. That is my opinion.

  3. Amused citizen says:

    FYI Judith something else for you to rant about those Asians are probably going to school on your dime and if their education system is so great why are the going to college in the US.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I am sure the Asians have VERY GOOD reasons for going to school here……..why don’t you go up to KU and talk to a few of them………..and then while you are there you can talk to our U.S. kids who are getting financial aid, scholarships, grants, taking loans, etc. in order to be able to go to college and you can tell them how THEY are costing you and on YOUR DIME………..

  5. Amused citizen says:

    Wow so you are not against all free loaders my mistake. And I have a child in college and they are doing it on loans. Guess what they have to be paid back.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Yeah, you evidently can’t afford to get your kid thru college or he/she wouldn’t have to be taking out loans……………you are probably delinquent in paying your taxes, etc. just like so many in the middle class are doing……….and soon may be slipping into poverty………….glad you are so amused……………cowardly no-namer………….

  7. Amused citizen says:

    Wow Judith I guess my kid could be a career college student hiding from the real world like your family. We are there helping my young adult in college. But even at that loans must be taken to meet some obligations. You of all people should understand that something you work for on your own with your own finances at risk will do everything in your power to complete that task. They are doing very well in school because they are paying for it. Do you have any idea how many kids I saw fail miserably in school because Mommy and Daddy were paying the bills and these were smart kids. And how many exceptionally successful people do it on their own. And don’t you worry about my taxes and my working status. They are both doing quite well rest assured that I and my wife are still paying your social security. Too bad you didn’t plan your future a little better and you would have more of a nest egg then just waiting for the government handout know as social security

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    I feel sure your kid feels supported by you and your wife……….make it on your own……it builds character…………….I’m sure you are doing quite well now and in the future since I know who is coming FIRST in your household……………..keep paying that Social Security because I need it and I have earned it also…………..hope you choke every time you look at your pay stub……..

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