February 9, 2016

District confirms resignations of two board members

It’s rumor no more. According to a district update from USD 231 interim Superintendent Christy Ziegler,  Shelta Collins and Tim Rayburn are resigning from the board of education.
Collins submitted a resignation letter to the district saying she is relocating out of state in September. Rayburn confirmed to Ziegler by word-of-mouth that he, too, will be relocating out of state.  He will continue on the board until a replacement has been named.
The memo, which includes information about Gardner Edgerton High School’s average ACT scores, is available at the link below.



  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    This is an excellent example of why all state and local agencies, commissions and boards should allow the public to review and comment on policies BEFORE adoption. If USD 231 had proceeded with filling these two Board of Education vacancies according to Board Policy #1220, created by district administration and adopted without offering input from the public by the previous board on April 16, 2013, the replacement members would have been approved and seated illegally, according to Kansas Statute 25-2022. I continue to encourage USD 231 to become more proactive with transparency and accountability, especially with regard to involving district taxpayers, parents and patrons in critical policies and actions.

  2. I agree with Jerry, since this policy was shown to the school district’s attorney after the fact and found to be in error you have to wonder how many other policies “differ from state statutes” that were not made available for public review prior to being voted on by the BOE and maybe were over looked, missed by, or not shown to the attorney.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Much moral corruption within our government entities and even within our citizen population so consequently lies, conniving and manipulation are commonplace today and carry a heavy toll. Gets worse by the day and to think citizens pay top dollars for these so-called public servants. The only people these jaybirds serve are themselves and the thieves – that is my opinion.

  4. The district probably already has someone in mind to appoint. People need to wise up. The good people I’ve seen hurt by that district is sick. How many of our good people are going to leave or get fired before somebody steps up.

  5. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:
  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I sent an e-mail to the USD 231School Board last month about this huge loss of tax dollars, especially school tax dollars (see below), and asked that they speak out about this wrongdoing like I have been doing for numerous years now and yet I DO NOT receive one response from any of those School Board members. Just like I never hear from any of the leaders with the city of Gardner or the Board of County Commissioners with respect to this “farm” appraisal matter. The thieves have these so-called public servants wrapped around their little fingers and the citizens are never at the table except to pay their taxes and not be listened to about their concerns, especially the unfair and inequitable taxation that continues and huge loss of tax revenue that the citizens need so much, especially for education. Only the citizens can take care of problems like this, and there are plenty more like them, however, I have lost confidence in the people doing their jobs – they will continue to support and enable these so-called public servant lowlifes and get more poor by the day and deal with other adverse affects that never end.


    Law Allows Major Property Tax Shift For Some Vacant Land
    July 18, 2013 @ 9:02 am|By: Citycode FinancialNo Comments
    Neatly rounded bales of hay are a common site around the Kansas countryside this time of year. But they recently turned up, dotting the landscape of a the decidedly urban lots around the WIBW-TV studios, west of 6th and Wanamaker.

    When the grass grew this year, 13 News contacted the real estate company managing the land, who told us it was being baled. (Here is Jo. County the thieves don’t even bale their weeds – you have to call City Hall to get them to mow their properties.)

    The move turned the lots into land being used for agricultural purposes. Shawnee County appraiser Mark Hixon explained that makes a major difference in their tax bill. He says property taxes can be assessed, not necessarily based on how a piece of property is zone, but on its primary use.

    In the case of the 11 acres between WIBW and the Kansas Bankers Assocation, it brought the bill down to just $23.11, a difference of $34,578.49 to Shawnee County. For all five lots around WIBW-TV, the agricultural use tax totals $58.70, instead of the market value rate of $83,443.40.

  7. Walter H. says:

    If you include the Bond Issue the School District has access to around a $100 Million dollar budget with virtually NO ABILITY of the voters and tax payers to hold them accountable.

    These “public servants” rewrite their policy letters to grossly benefit their corrupt actions with ZERO input from the public. It was asked to review the policies before they voted on it and we were told we could see the policy after it was approved and posted.

    Now we are stuck with policies that allow email to be deleted off of the server after 24 hours. This is NOT good government and wreaks of corrupt use of tax payer money. Seriously, what public entity deletes email after 24 hours?

    The only thing worse than the shenanigans of the district “leadership” is the people that are asleep at the wheel and letting this happen. Those people work for US and until we wake up and realize this it will be business as usual for them.

    AND..while they are eating their pizza during the board meeting our classroom sizes grow larger, the reading and math specialist that our kids need are cut, good teachers are ran out of town in favor of newer, less costly teachers etc… ..The FIRST contract that was taken care of this year was the Superintendent…and a nice fat contract it was. He’s not the chief double dipper. Meanwhile the teachers had to fight and claw in negotiations for every little penny they received. It should be the other way around…but not in this district.

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