February 12, 2016

Recall committee files more detailed finance report

The Gardner Recall Committee filed a detailed campaign finance report Feb. 25, following an inquiry by investigators from the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. Many of the contributors are listed as “anonymous.” The report reveals that Mayor Dave Drovetta and former council members Eric Schultz and the campaign of former council member Dennis Pugh were donors to the recall efforts against then-council members Mary Peters and John Shepherd. Tory Roberts, who sought election to the council in 2009, is also listed as a donor to the recall committee. Pugh, Roberts and Schultz were unsuccessful in 2009 bids for council seats losing to Peters.

Jared Taylor, who led the recall committee, along with Pugh and Roberts will be listed on the ballot for city council on April 5.

Campaign finance reports for 2010 were due at the Johnson County Election Office by Dec. 31, 2010.

A copy of the report is posted below and  a letter from Ryan Beasley, treasurer for the Gardner Recall Committee, can be found here.

Additional information will be in the March 2 edition of The Gardner News.


  1. traitor says:

    Apparently the truth will set you free unless you are on or contributed to the Recall Committee.

  2. As I have said before, in my opinion the lowlife Beasley Bunch and their supporters continue to be what they are. They show no remorse, they show no shame in what they have done but worst of all they continue to be lowlifes in my opinion and some of them, or people just like them, are in my city government by being appointed and/or re-appointed by the present City Council and create the City Hall stench because of their moral decay that is so stifling and hurtful to the people. And then you have the present City Council that for the most part (4 out 5) was appointed and has been the rubber stamp Drovetta government for months now. That City Hall and what it represents is not to my liking and hopefully the citizens of this city make the needed changes and it involves more than just this upcoming election – much, much more.

  3. First they went after John and Mary. And Dan. Now they’re going after Danedri. Who’s next on their list? Seems the only thing that bothers them is seeing their name on a campaign finance report. And then they cry foul. If they are so much about honesty, integrity and transparency, why did they work so hard to conceal the donors names? Why not recall Drovetta, he’s who benefitted from this nightmare. And what did we get? Look at your tax bills.

  4. Buh Bye Dave says:

    @@rm, congratulations for having the best idea of the night. Recall Dave.

  5. Think about it. Who benefitted from the recall? Seems everyone is taking potshots at everyone, except King Dave, who sits there grinning like a Cheshire cat raising his subjects taxes.

  6. traitor says:

    I would guess that Dave has been posting here. So has Steve. So has Tommy Mertz. So has Ryan and Jared. Oh, and don’t forget the prodigal son, Adam. All people I have no respect for.

  7. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

    “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

    “I am not interested in power for power’s sake, but I’m interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good.”


    “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”

    “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

    Words of a great person……….we need them now more than ever but there are those whose minds will never get the concept or the thinking behind these words….words to live by rather than to just read and copy……..be sure your mind is a fertile place for words that are based on something worthwhile…..

  8. Madoff says: “I am a good person.”

    Did Roeder think he did the right thing when he killed Dr. Tiller?

    Rationalization, manipulation – two practices that are widespread in our society now to get people what they want. Moral decay is the new coat worn by many in today’s world but it is nor really new, sin is always with us – you can make it a way of your life or try your best to stay away from it.

  9. @traitor says:

    Dave do something anonymously like post on here? Nah, no way. He always signs in and bestows his wisdom on his lowly subjects. Telling us why water rates, taxes and every other little thing needs to cost more. He should know, the city’s debt has doubled while he’s sat on the council. And what does he drive? Sure ain’t a Chevy.

  10. Yes, it must be a grand conspiracy. When all else fails, turn toward paranoia and assume that everyone is after everyone.

    But when your done with all that can you please answer the questions I’m asking instead of making up stuff? I mean, one poster even has Dennis Roeder killing George Tiller.

    So let’s recap: Why did Danaedri Thompson bring up the recall now?

    We’ve established that it was her who drove the DA to requiring the recall people to file their finances.

    We’ve established that she seems to be endlessly fascinated with the finances of a recall group that disbanded a year ago and that she doesn’t flinch about smearing the names of people she apparently opposes on the pages of her paper.

    We’ve established that, so far at least, she seems to be endlessly apathetic about the finances of the campaign to keep Sheppard and Peters and that even now, we’ve never seen who was propping up that campaign. We don’t know if they paid for it all themselves or if someone or someones else were funding it.

    We also have established (apparently) that instead of answering the question as to why Ms. Thompson would rather high-five Larry Fotovich at an election forum and dredge up the whole recall business than hold herself as a responsible, objective reporter, lots of people out here would rather indulge in paranoid fantasies and see Hitler and serial killers and mayors behind every door.

    Don’t talk about how people are “going after” Ms. Thompson. She brought up the subject. She had no way of knowing ahead of time that Drovetta had contributed to the recall effort until she got the finances, so THAT couldn’t have been behind her frequent inquiries to the DA and Election office. She and her newspaper must have already been planning on digging up the recall. Look at what SHE’S accomplished.

    So answer the questions. Why did she want to dredge up the recall? Why now?

    Tear me up if you can’t think of anything better to do. I dont care. But the rest of Gardner needs to know why Ms. Thompson so stuck on smear campaigns.

  11. rm, you are one sick, pathetic person. If anyone is showing paranoia, it is you, however, I am sure you will never recognize that fact just like the Beasley Bunch and their supporters don’t want to be held accountable or responsible for their words, actions or inaction. They are just around to create problems for decent people and to get their way by hook or by crook.

  12. Michelle says:

    Alfie, that was well said. I wish that everyone here could understand that news is news and not in fact an opinion. I applaud The Gardner News and Danedri Thompson for a job well done on this matter. It was about time the donation list was made public! I do not understand why there are people who are blaming your daughter for publishing something that was required by law to fill out. I also agree that it will remain unfinished until all the anonymous names have been listed. Keep up the good work Danedri.

  13. @rm, You’re right on rm. I overheard two ladies talking last night at a local restaurant, and they said a high five was a secret greeting between conspirators. Now that we’ve established that fact, I got to thinking of all the people who have high fived me. OMG! Gardner is rampant with a secret group dedicated to ferreting out members of the recall committee. At first I thought it was a paranoid fantasy, but then I remembered – there was a recall! OMG! And that Thompson girl, being a reporter and all, requested the report after the December 31 due date. OMG! And you know for a fact she called frequently – OMG! Apparently you have a source within the Da’s office. Look, we have to end this right now. Maybe Dave and Steve can get the council to ban high fiving within the city limits; Dave did appoint the council afterall. Heck, for that matter, let’s ban trolls on internet sites.

  14. Dumba$$ says:

    Didn’t Beasley choose the timing of this story by NOT turning in the finance reports until Friday February 25? If you look at the first page of the finance report (Copied in the above story) there is a date stamp on the upper right hand corner that says “FILED” and then the date of February 25 (I can’t see the time). This story appeared on February 25. I bet if the Bumbling Recall Committee had turned this information in on December 31 as required by the laws governoring the Election Office, this story would have appeared then.

    Further, I don’t care WHO chased this information, if it was Danedri Thompson OR a concerned citizen as the newspaper claims – the information is telling and the only people who wouldn’t want it out there are people who have much to lose (or had much to gain by the recall efforts).

    Finally, what I can tell from the information I’ve been given, the Recall Effort was held to a standard of revealing this information BECAUSE they formed a committee and solicited donations. Committee is the key word. Since John and Mary didn’t organize and form a group or accept donations they were not required to file a finance report. If you believe that they should have to file a finance report, perhaps you should follow up with the Election Commissioner OR with the JOCO D.A. instead of constantaly bitch1ng and whining.

    You can try to shoot the messenger, but you just make yourself look the fool.

  15. Speechless says:

    This whole issue is about two items,
    1) Danedri and her biasness
    2) The mayor and his unethical contribution.
    That’s it…nothing more.

  16. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Other than one traffic accident report on Monday and the wildly popular report last Friday on the Recall Committee Finance Report, the online Gardner News has offered nothing during the past week. No report on last Saturday’s city council candidates’ forum. No mention of our high school’s girls and boys basketball teams post-season play starting tonight. I would also like to see a timelier and more varied offering of the other traditional newspaper services from our hometown newspaper. The list below shows the most recent posts from each tab on this website since last August. Please, Rhonda, can you step it up a notch?

    Schools 02/18/11
    Editorial: D. Thompson 02/18/11
    Business 02/16/11
    Obituaries 02/14/11
    Classifieds 02/14/11
    Opinion: R. Humble 02/08/11
    Sports 02/07/11
    Public Notices 02/01/11
    Viral Video 01/28/11
    Public Records 01/15/11
    Intermodal 01/14/11
    Press Releases 01/12/11
    Around Town 12/08/10
    In Your Neighborhood 11/15/10
    Guest Columnist 11/11/10
    Opinion: C. Crable 09/24/10
    Weddings 08/11/10

  17. Everyone is confusing the issues for their own purposes. These comments have become ridiculous.

    The issue with Danedri “high-fiving” a candidate that she has ties to at an event that she is covering as a journalist is that journalists are supposed to be reporting. Journalist aren’t supposed to show bias or preference. Now, Danedri seems to have been compromised a long time ago but that is why this is such a big issue. The Gardner News cannot be considered non-biased, it has too much of a history.

    The people making a big deal of the campaign finance reports for the recall committee are forgetting the most important fact….the Election office told them they didn’t have to. As was reported in this very newspaper, there were questions on whether the recall committee had to even file a report. Leaving this important fact out muddies the issue and allows people to play their own side. It appears that once the committee knew they were supposed to file they did, again according to what the Election office told them.

    When complaints were filed to the DA about incomplete reports they again relented and made a complete filing. These are the facts and everything else is personal feelings.

  18. Charlie K says:

    I have to agree with Speechless on this. I think the important points here are getting lost in all this back and forth about the recall.

    The bias of news goes well beyond Danedri though into the major news networks. Honestly, as a country we should be disappointed with the state of all major political ‘news’ outelts which have degenerated into little more than a series of editorials. It’s really a shame you can’t get straight, unbiased news anymore. Everything always comes slanted one way or another and opinions are woven into fact like it’s second nature.

    The Mayor and Danedri’s conduct actually have a lot in common. It’s not illegal to do the things both have done, but it certainly is unethical and I wish that both had thought their actions through a little bit more and realized that donating to an opposing campaign as mayor and high fiving a candidate as a reporter aren’t the best ideas to maintain personal integrity.

  19. @kellogg says:

    Well said Mr. Kellogg, and I can help with some of your questions because much of the hard copy we get has the same issues. I don’t believe any photographer attends any event at the schools. No reporter is ever at a game, this paper relies on outside people to provide these things. We have some kind of youth sports happening year round but no one contacts parks and rec to get the results. But they can pay someone to sit at a computer and research “news” that happened so long ago everyone involved is dead. I grew up in a town of 500 and our paper was full of sports and other things that happened in the community and actually had a report do these things. So Gardner news lets stop beating dead horses and try reporting on the news instead of just writing something.

  20. Alfie Thompson says:

    Anonymous $620.00
    Anonymous 220.00
    Anonymous 200.00
    Anonymous 125.00
    Anonymous 110.00
    Anonymous 100.00

  21. Alfie Thompson says:

    Oops, didn’t finish.
    Anonymous, 24 donations from $5 to $75. Inquiring minds want to know who is trying to buy power in Gardner. When will we get a full report?

  22. Gardner Pride says:

    I know who tried to buy the power Alfie. If you look at Take Back Gardner’s campaign finance report, you’ll see that $23969.76 of the $29,788.42 campaign was donated by a single family. That certainly looks like a power grab to me.

    I’m curious how you think a $20 donation to the Recall Committee is an attempt to buy power. Why can no one admit that 1250 registered voters were not happy with their representation and took advantage of their democractic right to act upon that disatisfaction?

    I’ve also not seen the Mayor try to drive through any controversial legislation with his “hand-picked” City Council. Have I missed something?

    This has never been about Danedri pushing the campaign financing issue, it’s the fact that she’s only chosen to pursue it from one angle. That’s not fair, nor balanced. That’s called championing your own cause.

  23. Gardner Pride says:

    I also believe that those campaign donation were made by a family that are not voters in the City of Gardner. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  24. @alfie, What an absolute crock!! Your poor is me crap has no worn thin. It was ok when you were defending your unprofessional daughter who is full of revenge and bias who couldn’t write a honest story if her Dad was caught lying saying he was a previous member of a city government…oops that did happen!!

    If Danedri or the Gardner News were interested in honesty or had any passion about campaign finance they would have been all over the story as to why Shepherd and Peters didn’t file any campaign finance report. They were on the ballot!! They hired a laywer to defend their crooked, backroom destruction of Gardner (along with Fotovich and Dan T.). Sure Alfie and Judith the wack job can go along with the story that the DA’s office or election office know if Peters have to file a campaign report but in your small fragile minds you can’t possibly conceive that perhaps the recall committee and the questions that arose that they didn’t know whether they had to file a campaign report could be valid.

    This is all a joke fabricated by Danedri Thompson who wrote in her own story that she was pushing the Ethics commission to investigate.

    Where in the sam hill are Judith’s complaints or, anyone else on the side of destroy Gardner Fotovich group, on ethics and honesty in having everyone report. What are they afraid of. The only thing exciting we learned from the campaign reports are that a heck of a lot of Gardner citizens wanted all the goons of Fotovich’s TBG out of office. The people spoke, the crooks are gone. And now all that is left is Fotovich’s attempt for one last hurrah and Danedri Thompson trying to eek out any bit of credibility she has left… wait that went away when she high fived that loser Fotovich that totally and publically flushed any credibility she had left. Give her the last rites because she is done. She should be fired!! Any reputable news organization would have reigned her in a long time ago and when she didn’t comply they would have fired her.

    Or maybe the News is in cahoots with her and her voter fraud where she is registered to vote under her given name and married name at two different addresses. I’m sure the news would consider that a real story wouldn’t they?? Oh, probably not since it doesn’t include any good stories about villifying regular citizens just doing what they thought was right. I’m sure that story or the story of asking about shepherd and peters finance reports wouldnt’ include regular citizens who the Gardner news wants to put out there for the likes of Judith, Alfie, Danedri and Fotovich to harass and intimidate.

    The recall was a vote of the people and if Dan thompson, Peters or shepherd are anything like Danedri, Alfie, Judith of Fotovich then GOOD RIDDANCE TO YA ALL!!!

  25. Everyone has their priorties…..some want to hear about sports, some want to know who attended a garden party, some want news on a kindergarden graduation, how many points Bubba scored at the last game, some are interested in how their city and schools are run and whether they are being operated in a manner which includes integrity, character, ethics, HONESTY, some want to spread lies and hate about people, what are your priorities???????? Your priorities tell a lot about you as a person.

  26. Speechless says:

    What we are facing with Danedri and the mayor are important issues TODAY!

    If we find out that the “take back gardner” campaign or Sheppard and Peters were unethical, what would that change about what is going on right now? Finding out about that IS important but we have time to investigate and discuss that issue.

    Focus people!!!

  27. Alfie Thompson says:

    I had a fun thought. We ought to start a pool. Everyone can donate $5 and guess who the anonymous donors are. Then, whoever is most accurate with their guesses wins the pot.

    Oh wait, that wouldn’t work. Beasley and Taylor may never file a complete, legal report. We wouldn’t ever know the winner.

    Maybe we could make it the anonymous people posting here, trying very hard to keep the focus on anything except the real news. Gardner Pride, jm, ecosto, incognito, grinding axe? Notice how they all try hard to keep the focus on anything, anything except the late, great, illegally incomplete report that was required to be filed or the names on the incomplete report that was finally filed. Gardner Pride wants to focus on the Take Back Gardner committee—really old news, but they did file an on time, complete legal campaign report that’s available for all to see. The others want to keep the focus on John and Mary—who aren’t required to file a report. (Did you notice that jm manages to ignore that totally, no matter how many times someone points out the legal facts?) Others want the focus on the messenger—Danedri or the Gardner News–who brought forth the bad news. Any guesses about which council members, mayor or current crop of appointees or hopefuls are posting here anonymously?
    JM…any guesses?
    Gardner Pride…any guesses?
    No guarantee we’ll ever know those answers either, huh? But watch them hang in here and try to keep the subject on ANYTHING that dilutes or keeps the focus off the real issue.

    The sad thing is, this is how they manage to win when they can’t do it by following the rules.

    FYI, to any councilmen posting here anonymously, $20–especially several $20 donations–does buy power if the purpose is to get on the good side of the mayor who will then appoint you to a position…

  28. Been trying to stay out of this but I have to respond to Alfie’s challenge.

    I was active in the recall and received emails threatening to publish my address and attack my wife’s job here in town because people didn’t like what I said. They threatened to drag down, not me, but everyone I was releated to or knew in Gardner, all because of my involvement with the recall effort.

    So you’ll forgive me, Alfie, if I don’t exactly agree with your call to expose all the hidden names on the forum or on the recall list. There are a few crazy, angry people out there who don’t care who they hurt to silence or get revenge on the people they see as enemies.

    As for the rest of all this, I’ll stay bowed out. I have my family to think of.

  29. Gardner Pride says:

    Alfie, if you go back and read most of the posts on this thread, you won’t find many that say it was wrong of Danedri to post the Campaign Finance Reports. I’ll agree that they are news-worthy, perhaps old news, but newsworthy all the same. What most have been disappointed in is the one-sidedness of the reporting. Why no cry for clarity from any party other the The Recall Committee. That is the larger issue for most of us.

  30. Alfie Thompson says:

    Dear @Alfie,

    Yes, I agree, there are a few crazies out there. Many of them are posting here. And you think YOUR family has been attacked? Read this whole message board.

    Legally, as required by LAW, people who donate to any political campaign or election are required to have that info revealed. If someone isn’t knowledgeable about campaign finance laws, the people collecting money should be informing them or at the very least warning them that they might have to report the info. The people (voters) have a right to who is supporting different issues. Anyone who expects to remain anonymous on a campaign donor list shouldn’t have donated in the first place. Every donor should be revealed now.

    Many of the people here who are posting anonymously have agendas, if you haven’t noticed. They are not posting anonymously because they fear for the safety of themselves or their families. They are posting anonymously because they would and could not say the things they are saying publicly if someone knew who they were. There’s a huge difference.

    Do you honestly believe that the councilmen posting here would say the same things if they had to use their real names?

    I was raised to believe that if you were too ashamed of what you were doing to have your name credited to the deed, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

    If you feel too threatened to admit your name, okay, I understand that. But, like you said, you’ve been staying out of it, probably for that very reason.

    These people are jumping in exactly BECAUSE they don’t have to own what they do.

  31. Alfie Thompson says:

    Gardner Pride, pay attention. You DO NOT HAVE to file a campaign report IF you aren’t campaigning and if you didn’t volunteer for the ‘issue.’ YOU know that.

    John and Mary did not file because they did not have a committee and they did not put themselves on the ballot. Your honest, above board, transparent–but won’t file a legal report–Recall Campaign committee put their names on the ballot.

    Quit playing dumb and trying to distract.

  32. Speechless says:

    @GardnerPride – That is a big issue but so is the mayor contribution!!!

  33. Alfie, read the statute…it doesn’t specifically say anything about formally putting together a committee. It says anyone who is engaged in promoting a ballot. Stop lying!

  34. Samuel K says:

    Walk away for a day and this board is still lighting up. What’s in the water down there? What a mean spirited bunch. Do you all ever stop fighting and take a breath? Maybe your mayor should have donated to an anger management class rather than recalling his council members and raising taxes.

  35. Not Required to File? says:

    According to the statutes below, whether or not the formed a committee is irrelevant. If you look at the definition of a candidate below both numbers 2 and 3 apply to John and Mary.

    Chapter 25.–ELECTIONS
    25-4143. Campaign finance; definitions. As used in the campaign finance act, unless the context otherwise requires:

    (a) “Candidate” means an individual who: (1) Appoints a treasurer or a candidate committee;

    (2) makes a public announcement of intention to seek nomination or election to state or local office;

    (3) makes any expenditure or accepts any contribution for such person’s nomination or election to any state or local office; or

    (4) files a declaration or petition to become a candidate for state or local office.

    The statute goes on to further define a candidate. Mary and John once again fit the criteria.

    (c) “Clearly identified candidate” means a candidate who has been identified by the:

    (1) Use of the name of the candidate;

    (2) use of a photograph or drawing of the candidate; or

    (3) unambiguous reference to the candidate whether or not the name, photograph or drawing of such candidate is used.

    Here’s the definition of a contribution. (As seen above, accepting a contribution make you a candidate.) We all know Mary and John didn’t pay their attorney’s tab.

    (e) (1) “Contribution” means:

    (A) Any advance, conveyance, deposit, distribution, gift, loan or payment of money or any other thing of value given to a candidate, candidate committee, party committee or political committee for the express purpose of nominating, electing or defeating a clearly identified candidate for a state or local office.

    (B) Any advance, conveyance, deposit, distribution, gift, loan or payment of money or any other thing of value made to expressly advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate for a state or local office;

    (C) a transfer of funds between any two or more candidate committees, party committees or political committees;

    (D) the payment, by any person other than a candidate, candidate committee, party committee or political committee, of compensation to an individual for the personal services rendered without charge to or for a candidate’s campaign or to or for any such committee;

    (E) the purchase of tickets or admissions to, or advertisements in journals or programs for, testimonial events;

    (F) a mailing of materials designed to expressly advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, which is made and paid for by a party committee with the consent of such candidate.

    Here’s the definition of an expenditure. Again, they bought signs, they sent letters to registered voters, etc. so they fit the definition here, too.

    (g) (1) “Expenditure” means:

    (A) Any purchase, payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit or gift of money or any other thing of value made by a candidate, candidate committee, party committee or political committee for the express purpose of nominating, electing or defeating a clearly identified candidate for a state or local office.

    Finally, in regards to public communication, doesn’t “Support John and Mary – Vote No” sound like these examples below?

    (E) any communication by an incumbent elected state or local officer with one or more individuals unless the primary purpose thereof is to expressly advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.

    (h) “Expressly advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate” means any communication which uses phrases including, but not limited to:

    (1) “Vote for the secretary of state”;

    (2) “re-elect your senator”;

    (3) “support the democratic nominee”;

    (4) “cast your ballot for the republican challenger for governor”;

    (5) “Smith for senate”;

    (6) “Bob Jones in ’98”;

    (7) “vote against Old Hickory”;

    (8) “defeat” accompanied by a picture of one or more candidates; or

    (9) “Smith’s the one.”

    Looking at this statute and the definitions given, Mary and John were clearly candidates in an election who ran a campaign for office…albeit a campaign to remain in office.

  36. Alfie Thompson says:

    Find the word “incumbent” in there, bright light, and we can talk. You are a candidate BEFORE you get elected, when you VOLUNTEER to put yourself in that position.

  37. Alfie, where does it specify “recall”anywhere here?

    (h)”Expressly advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate” means any communication which uses phrases including…”

    How does this not include Shepherd and Peters? Alfie, you seem intelligent so your denial seems more shaded by your personal feelings towards it.

  38. @ Alfie says:

    We all see where your daughter gets her fire.

  39. Alfie Thompson says:

    It has nothing to do with denial. I has to do with facts. In a ‘recall’ you aren’t electing anyone. You are throwing them out. They are not running for office. They are NOT candidates. They can’t be forced to defend themselves. They cannot control whether or not the people who elected them decide to defend their votes. How is it right (I assure you it isn’t a legal requirement) to expect them to ‘file’ forms when they had nothing to do with any of it except trying to find out if there were legal grounds since the DA found no wrong doing. And that part had nothing to do with the election.

    Geminy Christmas. Don’t you guys think? Pretend someone decides to storm your place of business and get you fired. You decide what will be, will be and go home to take a nap. In the meantime, the people who hired you put out a sign saying they are pleased with your work. The people protesting finally manage to block the entrance so you can’t come back. THEN, the people who blocked your entrance scream holy h*ll because you don’t publish anything you may have said or did to defend your job.

    Are you all logically challenged?

    If you aren’t going to believe the legalities, you ought to at least think about what is right?

  40. Statute 25-901: Election campaign finance in cities, unified school districts, community colleges and townships; organizations promoting or opposing candidates or propositions to have treasurer and keep accounts of receipts and expenditures; filing of annual statements; contents; time of filing; state political party committee accounts, audited. Every committee, club, organization, municipality or association designed to promote or engaged in promoting the success or defeat of any party or the election or defeat of any candidate or candidates for any city of the second and third class, unified school district, except unified school districts having 35,000 or more pupils regularly enrolled in the preceding school year any community college or township office, or the adoption or defeat of any question submitted at any city, unified school district, community college, township or county election, shall have a treasurer, and shall cause to be kept a detailed account of all moneys or property or other thing of value received by it, and of the manner in which the same shall be expended; and shall file annually with the county election officer of the county in which such committee, club, organization or association has its headquarters a statement of all its receipts and expenditures, showing in detail from whom such moneys or property or other thing of value were received, to whom such moneys or property or other thing of value were paid, for what specific purposes each payment was made, and the exact nature of the service rendered in consideration thereof.
    The annual statement herein required shall be filed on or before December 31, such statement shall cover the period ending on December 1 immediately preceding. The accounts of the state committee of each political party shall be audited annually by a certified public accountant and a copy of the audit filed with the secretary of state.

    This section and K.S.A. 25-905, and amendments thereto, shall not be construed to require any committee, club, organization, municipality or association which is subject to the campaign finance act (K.S.A. 25-4101 et seq.) to file reports required by this act

    This statement is of most worth..”engaged in promoting the success or defeat of any party or the election or defeat of any candidate or candidates for any city”

    Demand that Shepherd and Peters submit a campaign report and that the News cover it.

  41. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  42. Alfie Thompson says:

    Amen, Judith.

    How ’bout I demand that Beasley and Taylor comply with the law?

    But as my wise husband says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  43. @@@Alfie says:

    Alfie the difference between the threatened attacks on my family and the attacks on this board on your family members is that my family members were being threatened because people wanted ME to shut up. One of your family members was on the Council (which appears to make them open game, given the comments I read out here on both sides of this issue) and the other is a reporter for GN. Nobody was attacking you for their involvement in city politics. Not so in my case. Still, I sympathize with you. It’s hard to watch your loved ones get beat down. Even harder to watch the crazy angry people go after the people you care about, just to silence you.

  44. Not Required to File? says:


    Your response points out (quite rudely) that recall campaign finance laws are unclear.

    The fact that John and Mary accepted contributions, made expenditures, had volunteers put out campaign signs, made phone calls, and sent letters to registered voters, all in an effort to get them to “Vote No” certainly fits the definition of running a campaign.

    However, the fact that KS campaign finance laws don’t explicitly discuss recall elections, certainly leaves your interpretation open for discussion.

    While I see your point of view, I think referring to somebody as “bright light” in such a condescending fashion because they made a valid argument that contradicts your personal bias, is unnecessary.

  45. Ever seen a three year old throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want? This is what happens when they grow up and no one corrects them. They figure if they scream loud enough they’ll get their way. You can’t reason with unreasonable people. And you can’t expect ethics from someone who is amoral.

  46. Speechless says:

    @Alfie – You havent mentioned how you feel about the mayor making a contribution to the recall effort

  47. Ryan Beasley says:

    For those people commenting on the side of the recall, I have a suggestion. Stop. Nothing anyone says is going to change some people’s thoughts.

    As far as the anonymous donors on our campaign form. If we were going to take anyone’s name off the list intentional don’t you think we’d take the Mayor, Pugh, and Schultz off first? Jared and I talked about the drama that was going to happen when these names were posted on the Gardner News and the comments that would be made.

    If the donor statements aren’t good enough for the DA then we’ll end up in court and I’ll tell the judge the same thing that has already been made public. If I’m found guilt I’ll pay the $100 fine and have a misdemeanor placed on my record. Like I said it is what it is. No amount of name calling and arguing is going to change it.

    In regards to John Shepherd and Mary Peters campaign contributions, do we really want to see them? What good will come from it? If I was a betting man, I bet John and Mary would rather not rehash this whole ordeal.

    For those blind followers of the Beasley Bunch may I suggest again, stop posting. As of today it has been one year since the recall and here we are. Call me what you will, but if we care anything for this city we’ll stop this.

  48. Charles in Charge, Beasley, has spoken – now all you cult members, shut your mouth. I just love Beasley’s arrogance……..

    Those anonymous donors must really be some entities that the Beasley Bunch and they themselves do not want to be known. That piqued my interest even further, Beasley……..

    I have to wonder what the D.A. will have to say about you not wanting to conform to the law with respect to anonymous donors. From previous postings, it sounds like someone has contacted the D.A.’s Office on that very subject.

    Nothing you would like better, Beasley, than to get the heat off your sorry rearend but people have long memories of what YOU AND OTHERS DID AND DID NOT DO and for that you and others will always be held accountable and responsible. But just remember this, Beasley, I don’t want you, Schultz, Taylor, Pugh, Roberts or Schultz involved in my city government in any way, shape or form but I may not get my way. Whatever is involved in the past or in the future I certainly won’t tell the lies and spread the hate to get my way.

    Beasley, you and your supporters including Drovetta have made your bed and you all can live with the results.

  49. Alfie Thompson says:

    For those of you using my name: Use your own!

  50. Wow..Ryan, Dave, Jared, et al., you must really want this story to go away if you are telling your supporters to stop posting. There must be some really good names on that anonymous list. Either that or Dave Drovetta is getting a little too much pressure to resign. Plus, this story has got to be killing Jared Taylor’s chances of being elected to the city council. After all, Jared didn’t find it at all unethical to take a contribution from the mayor, so he could recall his council members. Wait a minute, Ryan, you ran the recall effort with Jared, which means you didn’t have a problem either with taking a contribution from the mayor. Don’t you sit on the city’s Electric Utility Board, Ryan? Uh oh, I hope people don’t start demanding your resignation too.

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