February 9, 2016

Recall committee files more detailed finance report

The Gardner Recall Committee filed a detailed campaign finance report Feb. 25, following an inquiry by investigators from the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. Many of the contributors are listed as “anonymous.” The report reveals that Mayor Dave Drovetta and former council members Eric Schultz and the campaign of former council member Dennis Pugh were donors to the recall efforts against then-council members Mary Peters and John Shepherd. Tory Roberts, who sought election to the council in 2009, is also listed as a donor to the recall committee. Pugh, Roberts and Schultz were unsuccessful in 2009 bids for council seats losing to Peters.

Jared Taylor, who led the recall committee, along with Pugh and Roberts will be listed on the ballot for city council on April 5.

Campaign finance reports for 2010 were due at the Johnson County Election Office by Dec. 31, 2010.

A copy of the report is posted below and  a letter from Ryan Beasley, treasurer for the Gardner Recall Committee, can be found here.

Additional information will be in the March 2 edition of The Gardner News.


  1. Campaign Finance Question says:

    This question is for those who seem outraged over the fact that a seated Mayor would contribute $25 to a local political campaign…

    Are you 10x as outraged by the fact that a seated City Council Member would contribute $250 to a local political campaign?

  2. Speechless says:

    No, and if you don’t see the diff…I can’t even belive I am repling to such an assinine question CPQ

  3. Campaign Finance Question says:


    Actually, I don’t see the difference. Please explain it to me.

  4. Speechless says:

    CFQ – nah

  5. Speechless says:

    I am sure that you all will be very happy that I will no longer be posting on this thread. Time to get off my butt and get moving

  6. If you are an April Fool, you will be making more mistakes when you get in that voting booth. This campaign finance and the recall mess should definitely tell who to NOT vote for.

  7. Campaign Finance Question says:

    I find the lack of responses to my question interesting.

    Is it OK that John Shepherd, while seated on the City Council, donated $250 to the election campaign of Larry Fotovich, Mary Peters, and Dan Thompson?

  8. re: Campaign Finance Question says:

    Not Required to File/Gardner Pride/Campaign Finance Question/Mr. Councilman?…whoever you are this posting.

    Still trying to keep the focus where ever you can get it other than on the current issue, huh? Good try.

  9. Speechless says:

    @CFQ – of course it is

  10. Not wrong of John. Of course, that report was filed complete and on time with full disclosure. I’m sure John, who is a fine and honorable man would not have expected his name to remain anonymous. Finally, I believe the conflict is that the mayor gets to choose the replacements for the election that he contributed to. Looks like stacking the council from where I sit.

    John donated to a campaign where the people decided the outcome, the mayor donated to an effort where he decided the outcome. That is where he did wrong.

  11. @traitor says:

    I can’t disagree with most of what you’ve said. It’s a shame that is was all over a $20 bill that made no impact in the final result. He should have just stayed on the sidelines.

  12. My guess is that some of that anonymous money also smells like Dave, too. There are A LOT of anonymous donors.

  13. It must really burn some a$$es that Danedri won an award from the Kansas Press Association for her coverage of campaign finance in 2010. Keep up the good work, Danedri. A great many people rely on your coverage to know what’s happening in our town.

  14. Samuel K says:

    Were any of the other donors on the council? Or did they receive appointments after this election. That would be interesting to know if the mayor rewarded other donors with positions. Any on staff?

  15. Speechless says:

    WHY WHY WHY – is everyone still talking about the recall??? This is about Davey’s contribution!!!

  16. @ Speechless says:

    Speechless maybe you should call Dave and ask him about it instead of acting like an idiot on this board.

  17. Speechless says:

    Ah…let the name calling begin! LOL

  18. Alfie Thompson says:

    Samuel K.
    These are people who (we know) got their moneys’ worth with their donations to the Recall Committee:
    3 donations appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals
    1 donation appointment to the Planning Commission
    2 donations appointment to the Electric Utility Board
    2 donations appointment to the Electric Utility Board
    1 donation appointment to the Electric Utility Board
    Really makes you wonder who the anonymous donors were, doesn’t it? Did $620 get you a seat on the council? Some kind of lucrative city contract? Rewards yet to come?
    Guess we’ll never know since the ethically challenged Beasley and Taylor are much more concerned about keeping their promises to people who want to function under the radar. (Or as my grandfather would say, people who probably shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing if they don’t want anyone to know.) ‘I’m doing what’s right’ Taylor and Beasley obviously do not feel as strongly about following the law or protecting citizens with the info every voter has every right to know. I guess they don’t believe full and complete reporting cuts down on political graft and corruption.

  19. GardnerPride says:

    Hey Alfie, how many of the appointments were initially made before the Recall? I know there were a couple re-appointed after the process, but I can’t think of any new appointments that came after the Recall effort. I think that’s pretty relevant to your argument.

  20. Speechless says:

    It looks like everyone is going to give the Mayor a free pass with his unethical actions

  21. @ Speechless says:

    Looks like it. Guess you’ll have to put your pitchfork and torches away for two more years.

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    City Hall continues to support and enable the Beasley Bunch and those like them and even continue to thumb their noses at the law…………….these no-namers represent what City Hall stands for and it gets worse by the day in my opinion…………..

  23. Forescore

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