February 8, 2016

Reader fed up with ‘tax and spend’ politics

Maurice Taylor
Wake up America!  I’m tired of paying taxes.
With the brouhaha going on at the Gardner City Council meetings, the bloggers are missing the point.  It’s about taxes.  It’s about Gardner citizens paying more taxes.  It’s not about professionalism, it’s about taxes.
What kind of professionalism do you want?  The kind seen on C-Span last week where Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young got into an argument with Rice Professor Doug Brinkley; or the kind where a South Korean politician throws tear gas in Parliament?
I doubt Council members Dennis Pugh, Larry Fotovich, or Mayor Dave Drovetta consider themselves professional politicians.
If so, they wouldn’t be holding office in Gardner.  While it may show a lack of, shall we say sophicstication, on the part of concerned parties, it does show a passion for the job they do, and the duty they have taken an oath for.
And for all the bloggers, when will I see your name on a ballot?
As for video taping a public meeting, it’s a moot point.  I believe any one can walk into the meeting with a camera and record the meeting.  The point is who pays for it?
I would guess the city would spend close to $50,000 per year to record, produce copies or stream it live on a website.
They would need recording equipment, broadcasting equipment, bandwidth and the personnel to monitor and maintain it.
The only revenue stream they have is taxpayers.  I’m tried of paying taxes.
Having opened the recent property tax bill I discover approximately 80 percent of my property taxes are being donated to USD 231.
But that is another letter, and living in Edgerton, I would have to put on my bib overalls and muck boots to write it.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I DO NOT oppose paying taxes for a service that informs and educates citizens on their own governments. People are working all kinds of jobs now just to keep bread on the table plus all of their family responsibilities. One of the biggest problems we have with our governments now is the apathy of the people and they are not doing their jobs. That videotaping will bring an opportunity for ANY citizen to attend a city meeting and at their leisure. If they do not have a computer, they can go to the library and bring up the city website and hopefully view the meetings to get educated and informed on important issues that most certainly will affect every single citizen within the city and even beyond. But the work does not stop there for a concerned and responsible citizen – they will have to demand FULL information from their city, the consultants they hire, the employees, etc., etc. to make sure that is how you want your tax money spent or whether you even want some thing they are pushing. We have not been holding the jerks accountable and that is why you have a circus going on all the time – the rotten politicians and the big boys and consultants that tell them what to do are eating every citizen’s lunch and it most definitely hits you in the pocket. I have had it with the Drovetta/Lehman dynasty and the culture that has resulted and nurtured which involves cronyism up the gut, appointees that do the bidding of the dictator, consultants that are draining us dry, sweet deals for the big boys and on and on. But none of that cronyism government will stop until the people start doing their jobs and that involves getting involved and educated – no better place to start than videotaping and archiving every single city meeting there is and every citizen taking some time to watch these meetings and getting the additional information they need on issues by asking questions and doing their own research and then getting those representatives notified of exactly what you want and don’t want. You keep leaving everything up to that City Hall and things will continue to get worse and cost you more. Pugh, Drovetta and others need to be held accountable and get kicked out of office and/or employment and/or appointmet. But again, I will gladly pay to have all of those meetings videotaped – that could end up being the best money spent in decades if the citizens will take it from there.

  2. State of Affairs says:

    Yes, fed up—
    #1–Edgerton residents did not get to vote to have or not to have the intermodal.
    #2–Hear that there are 2 options for the residents to pay for the water set-up for the intermodal–one is an additional $12 a month onto the already high water fees; and the other one is for the residents to pay an additional $174 a month.
    #3–Hear that the area citizens will be responsible for moving and setting up new electrical poles. Each pole to cost $2,000 to $10,000 which KCP&L will pass onto its customers.
    #4–When Warren Buffet bought BNSF, people had to give up their investments in the company. Oldsters had planned to leave the investments in their wills. With the forced buy out, the oldsters now have taxes to pay on considerable capital gains over the years. But, oh how nice, they are being given 2 years to pay off the taxes on their capital gains.
    And, Warren Buffet goes on national TV, advocating to give to charity. What is he going to do for the residents of Edgerton? (besides wiping them out financially?)

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