February 10, 2016

QuikTrip plans still in the works

QuikTrip developers provided a rendering of the store they propose to build in Gardner. Rendering courtesy of the city of Gardner

Danedri Thompson
There’s no truth to the rumors that a planned QuikTrip Convenience store in Gardner is being scrapped.
Amy Kynard, Gardner city planner, told planning commissioners that as far as she knows plans are still in the works to construct one of the popular convenience stores between Casey’s General Store and Walgreen’s on east Main Street.
“My understanding is they are still moving forward,” Kynard told commissioners during a meeting July 24.
Store officials are still resolving issues related to the purchase of land, however. The planning commission approved site and preliminary plans for the store last February and final plans in April.
QuikTrip developers still need to submit construction plans to the city, but the final plans are good for up to three years.
Plans for the store can be viewed as part of a planning commission agenda here.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is the key to this issue:

    “Store officials are still resolving issues related to the purchase of land, however.”

    Some jaybird who is probably, but I am not sure (I will have to check on that), is getting a “farm” appraisal on the land or some other handout and hasn’t been paying taxes that they should is now wanting a small fortune for the property…….always a huge difference in how entities want to pay their taxes and then how much the land is worth when they want to sell it…………just like that property involved in the last school bond or like Gardner Bank is involved in on the property in the Moonlight Business Park or good ole Paul Licausi on that property located at 183rd & Center St. They all know how to get the citizens to bankroll them or give them handouts, etc. with the enablement of politicians/bureaucrats but never want to pay any taxes but sure want to make a bundle when selling the property or having citizens paying for the costs they should be paying for. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and you have citizens enabling and supporting this type of cronyism government across the U.S. and then you wonder why you have money problems???? Brownback is making damn sure the big boys don’t have money problems and he doesn’t mind one iota about transferring those costs and tax burden to the average citizen. Get your dollars ready to get your kids into school here in less than a month – you are going to need them plus lots more to build and maintain the schools and pay the salaries and the KPERS RETIREMENT PROGRAM which is putting many a city and individual into bankruptcy.

    And then if you ask your city or school district any questions you feel you need answered about your government, then you better have big bucks for that too and do you think you always get all of the information?. Do you honestly think they want you to know about YOUR government entities and do you think they provide transparency??? If you do, then I say your are a fool.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    While doing some research on the above property just now, I come across the KFC/Taco Bell store here in Gardner. Look how much the values have been lowered for 2012 and I feel sure that was probably as a result of the owner seeking an appeal but don’t know that for a fact but from my experience, I would say it was from an appeal and they are getting by with this. How many tax dollars do you think you will lose on just that one property this coming year? Did your home value go down by almost 46% and your accompanying taxes???? If everyone got by with this bull hockey, there would be even bigger problems. Know what entities are doing to you………..know it real well. Lots of ways to cut your taxes in half……..in this case by getting your values cut from $729,000 to $394,160 and I have seen this happening lots more than just this example. Having money problems??? Know the reason why.

    651 E MAIN ST
    GARDNER, Kansas

    Parcel Summary
    Parcel ID: CF221425-3006
    KUP #: 046-137-25-0-10-02-002.00-0
    Quick Ref ID: R3023
    Description: Fast food restaurant
    Value: $394,160
    Square Feet: 3,137 sq. ft. *
    Year Built: 1997
    *includes basement, if any Click to enlarge image

    Taxes & Values
    Year Appraised Value Assessed Value Change In Appraised Value
    2012 $394,160 $98,540 -45.93%
    2011 $729,000 $182,250

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is the appraisal screen on Bob & Dee’s old building. Do you see the statement advising this property too is under higher appeal? Metcalf Bank now owns that property. How much do you think they want to lower their taxes and how much tax revenue will you lose if they are successful in getting their appeal approved? Know where and how you are losing tax revenues – this example is just the tip of the iceberg. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and if you think those banks have changed their ways any since the last financial meltdown, then I believe you have lost brain power somewhere along the way.

    GARDNER, Kansas

    Parcel Summary
    Parcel ID: CP66950001 0001
    KUP #: 046-144-19-0-33-03-001.00-0
    Quick Ref ID: R201659
    Description: Full-service restaurant
    Value: $660,000
    Square Feet: 6,188 sq. ft. *
    Year Built: 2004
    *includes basement, if any Click to enlarge image
    Property is currently under a higher level of appeal. Please check back later for any valuation update.
    Taxes & Values
    Year Appraised Value Assessed Value Change In Appraised Value
    2012 $660,000 $165,001 0%
    2011 $660,000 $165,001

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is the property at 115 N. Moonlight Rd. owned by Simmons First National Bank out of Pine Bluff, Ar. They had a value of $314,780 for 2011 and now for 2012 they get their slimy “farm” appraisal and get their value reduced to $70. Think that is going to affect you in lost tax revenue for next year??? How much tax revenue do you think you will get off of this property now that it is valued at $70? Wonder why you have money problems?? Think any politician or bureaucrat such as the County Appraiser or the Gardner City Council or the School Board or the County Commissioners are lifting a finger about this crapola?

    GARDNER, Kansas

    Parcel Summary
    Parcel ID: CP66960001 0001
    KUP #: 046-144-19-0-33-05-002.00-0
    Quick Ref ID: R201668
    Description: Farming / ranch land (no improvements)
    Value: $70
    Square Feet: 0 sq. ft.
    Year Built:
    Land Sq. Ft: 63,598 sq. ft.
    Click to enlarge image

    Taxes & Values
    Year Appraised Value Assessed Value Change In Appraised Value
    2012 $70 $21 -99.98%
    2011 $314,780 $37,774

  5. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    I believe the subject property for QT is zoned C-2 Business Commercial, as is probably 90% of that entire section of land on Main Street, from Moonlight Road west to White Dr (Casey’s) and north to Lincoln Lane. The land north of the QT site is probably agricultural, since crops are grown there every year. A few residential properties exist along the east side of White Drive north of Casey’s.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    “I believe” and “probably” doesn’t cut it and many, many properties getting a “farm” appraisal have never seen a crop or a grazing animal for years within city limits and beyond …………….and if you were doing your research or feel the TRUTH is important, you would know that. Citizens need to know what is happening to property values on appeals and most definitely seeing the differences on commerical vs. residential properties. How much do you think that would cost you to find out or get that information???? Do you think you would get the ole stone wall thrown up there if you asked that question for the past 5 years of appeal results????

  7. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Correction: My references to Casey’s being located on Main St at White Dr should have been Cedar St. Sorry for not checking a map first.

  8. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    According to the Johnson County AIMS online mapping system, the entire section of land I mentioned above, Moonlight Road west to the property line on the east side of Casey’s, Main St north to Lincoln Lane, is zoned C-2, with no agricultural zoning.

  9. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:


    I try to be as accurate as I can with the information I have readily available at hand. If not sure, I will use phrases such as ‘I think,’ ‘in my opinion,’ and ‘I believe,’ so that I do not portray to readers that every remark I make is a statement of documented fact.

    Another commenter today has chastised me today for doing that, stating, “’I believe’ and ‘probably’ doesn’t cut it…” and “if you were doing your research or feel the TRUTH is important, you would know that.”

    However, the commenter’s own remarks today similarly include such phrases:
    • probably, but I am not sure (I will have to check on that)
    • I feel sure that was probably as a result of
    • but don’t know that for a fact
    • but from my experience, I would say

    In the future, I will endeavor to construct my remarks more coherently, and more clearly distinguish my opinions from documented facts actually relevant to the article’s topic and for which I am able to provide links for the reader. I encourage others to join me in our journey seeking the “TRUTH.”

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    How a property is zoned and how it is appraised are two totally differnet things, Kellogg and all better be very cognizant of that fact. You have 3 houses in the 500 Block of E. Main St. and the values are all over the place on those also and I bet none of them would be selling the properties for the appraised/assessed values. Follow the money, the appraisals, the tax bills and follow the thieves/politicians/bureaucrats and you will be much better informed.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, Kellogg, I have done just that for you today – provided the information, the links and given you the TRUTH in black and white and you still try to cover up the crap in my opinion. People only see what they want to see in many instances. Cover-ups and going along to get along do not work for the citizens.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    Be sure to look at County appraisal and tax bill information on the property located at 811 S. Creekside Dr., Gardner, Ks. which is owned by Gardner Bank and is located within the Moonlight Business Park. It carries an appraised value of $150 (do you think they would sell that property for $150) and is creating a whopping tax bill of $6.64 due to their “farm” appraisal and only $2.82 going to the local schools and only 90 CENTS going to the general school fund that goes for schools across Kansas. They also got a benefit district on that Business Park with the citizens bankrolling them and involved in the risks. To me what Gardner Bank and many other entities are doing may be legal but it is not morally right by any means in my opinion. I am very cognizant of who is taking me and other citizens for an expensive ride and I don’t like it one iota. And by the way this property at 811 S. Creekside Dr. is zoned as M-1 (Restricted Industry Dist.) but it sure doesn’t keep them from getting their slimy “farm” appraisal which may be legal but not morally right – in my opinion.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    You only know what I want you to

    I know much you don’t want me to

  14. Y’all need to calm yourselves. Its not that big of a deal. Property value goes down. Its just the way it is no matter where you live. How did this turn into this kind of conversation about corruption and Politics? Take a chill pill.

  15. Judith Rogers says:

    Perhaps it is a big deal but “M” (nonamer who doesn’t have the integrity to take ownership of his/her comments) wants to act like it is not or is one ignorant citizen or one of those involved in corruption and Politics………………..

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