February 7, 2016

Pugh replacement to be announced

According to comments on the Citizens for the Future of Gardner Facebook page on Jan. 16, Mayor Dave Drovetta will ask Gardner City Council members to confirm Heath Freeman to fill Dennis Pugh’s seat during a council meeting on Jan. 17. The council meeting occurred after press time.
Several candidates applied to replace Dennis Pugh, who resigned from the council after being charged with battery and criminal deprivation of property.
If confirmed, Freeman will serve out the remaining three years of Pugh’s term through April 2015.
Council vacancies are filled by Gardner’s mayor, but they must be confirmed by the council.
After a replacement is made for Pugh’s position; a majority of the council, three out of five, will have been appointed by Drovetta.


  1. What do we know says:

    about this guy? Is he connected to any of the power players in town?

  2. Did Freeman run for Council in the past? I seem to recall that he did, but am not sure.

    As for connections to power players…does it matter? If he leans toward Drovetta, he’ll be badgered as being a puppet, and if he leans toward the TBG PAC, he’ll be bulletproofed by the Gardner News PAC. And if he’s somewhere in between, both sides will accuse him either of being spineless or will do their best to accuse him of belonging to the “other” camp.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    What credibility would any candidate have considering he was appointed by the Dictator who doesn’t twitch an eyebrow about breaking the law just like Pugh didn’t have any respect for the law???? Another yes man and player who has been in Drovetta’s shadows for some time……more stench at City Hall……………….

  4. Charlie K says:

    Ha ha ha! That’s the way, don’t even give him a chance! If he has even spoken to the Mayor before then to hell with him! I don’t have the precious time to waste waiting for him to even vote on something before I start railing on him!

    You’re one in a million Judy…and thank God for that.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    This article makes it very clear the Dictator thinks he did no wrong just like Pugh……..what hopes do you have in having decent city government when you have an appointed city council majority by someone who does not even respect the law???? I have no hopes whatsoever and for good reason in my opinion.

    Gardner Mayor David DrovettaJan. 18
    The Kansas City Star
    The Gardner City Council held illegal meetings twice last summer to discuss a request from a city administrator candidate and employee salary increases, an investigation by the Johnson County district attorney found.
    “In both instances, these were violations of the Kansas Open Meetings Act and you should refrain from this type of conduct,” District Attorney Steve Howe warned in a Jan. 10 letter to the city council. He underlined the word “were.”
    One council member said the violations occurred because of bad advice from Mayor David Drovetta and City Attorney Jim Hubbard.
    “I was disappointed my name became associated with open meeting violations considering I was following the advice of others,” said Councilman Chris Morrow, who was elected to the council last year.
    Mayor Drovetta, a 17-year veteran of the city council, denied any wrongdoing.
    “On both these issues, I feel what was done was appropriate based on my understanding of the open meetings law,” said Drovetta, who added he is not an attorney.
    But Howe was quick to respond Tuesday.
    “We feel very strongly both were violations of the open meetings act,” he said in an interview.
    In his letter, Howe said the council violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act through serial e-mails on June 10 and at a work session on July 14.
    Serial e-mails allow public officials to discuss government business in private and avoid open meetings law requirements.
    The mayor sent an email to each council member, violating the law, Howe said. Howe’s letter contained excerpts of the emails.
    In Drovetta’s email, he told council members that a candidate for the city administrator’s position was interested in finding out if the council would agree to a $10,000 “bump” above the administrator’s maximum pay range of $110,000.
    “The candidate is very experienced and a long way from retirement,” Drovetta wrote in the email without naming the candidate. “The question I need answered is would you consider exceeding our maximum if this candidate turned out to be ‘the right fit’ for our needs?”
    Drovetta told The Star on Monday he was only trying to expedite the matter but couldn’t remember why he couldn’t wait for a council meeting that was scheduled to take place in a few days.
    “They didn’t say yea or nay, they said, ‘Don’t rule out anybody,’ ” Drovetta said. The council decision was only hypothetical, he added.
    Even so, Drovetta told the candidate’s recruiter that the council would consider the salary bump as negotiable.
    The candidate later withdrew from consideration.
    In the second violation, the council was having an open meeting on July 14 and then closed the meeting from the public to discuss salary range increases for some city positions held by non-elected personnel.
    Councilman Larry Fotovich, who like Morrow is new to the council, warned council members that he believed discussing pay ranges in a closed meeting potentially violated state law.
    But Mayor Drovetta and City Attorney Hubbard disagreed.
    “Everyone kind of stared at me like, ‘Why are you causing trouble?’ ” Fotovich said. “ ’We trust the mayor who has been doing this for 17 years and the city attorney who wouldn’t steer us wrong,’ ” Fotovich said.
    Hubbard could not be reached.
    Drovetta said Monday that the discussion about the pay range increases were not the focal point of the meeting. Personnel matters were discussed, he said.
    “He is out of touch with reality,” Fotovich responded.
    Drovetta said the issue had become moot because District Attorney Howe decided not to prosecute after learning that council members attended a class on Kansas open meetings and records in September.
    The mayor said there was no “ill intent involved” by holding the closed meetings.
    “I think if (Howe) felt there was ill intent he would have pursued it,” Drovetta said.
    But Howe indicated Tuesday that the council should proceed with caution when it comes to open meetings laws. In his letter, he warned the officials that he would reconsider his decision not to prosecute if future violations occurred.
    “We stand by the decision,” Howe said. “We believe it is supported by previous attorney general decisions. And we hope the mayor and the city council take to heart our letter and make sure no future violations occur. I think that’s what the public expects.”Tell a friend Share Tweet this

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    How many more rigged processes are the citizens going to stand for????

  7. Judith, I’m waiting for you to come to my house with the Dave Drovetta recall petition.

  8. So would you sign it?

  9. If Judith Rogers personally brought me an official recall petition to my front door I’d probably sign about anything,…..after someone picked me up off the floor.

  10. @"rigged processes" says:

    Really, Judith? You mean like the rigged process where some unnamed…as you call them…cowardly, backstabbing, lowlife…anonymous complaintant files ticky-tack, but valid, KOMA violations against the Mayor…followed by the requisite press release authored by the Gardner News Down-with-Drovetta PAC? You mean THAT rigged process?

    Or maybe the rigged process where emotionally-unstable Council member Fotovich, who was fronted into office by special interests, throws so many temper tantrums that he drives another emotionally-unstable Council member into dragging him into a poorly-produced WWE wrestling match (no pay-per-view)…ALL of this silliness resulting in the fact that we now have a vacancy in the Council that needs to be filled.

    Maybe we could AVOID rigged processes like this if we quit viewing our elected officials…and each other…as if they’re the enemy and instead start expecting them…and ourselves…to behave like grown-ups. All so we don’t have to keep finding reasons to fill vacancies on the Council because we wouldn’t have reason for the vacancies in the first place.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    The complainant I believe is only anonymous to you, backstabber – someone stood up and did what should be done……….it would never be you because you can’t even stand up for yourself and take ownership of your own words, actions and inaction.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    I’ll catch you at the Temple, Beasley, where you are supposed to be so pure to enter…………..

  13. All jokes aside Ryan, would you sign a peitition to recall the mayor if anyone asked you to?

  14. No I would not sign it. Say what you will and call me what you want, but I find the Mayor’s offense and the offense of Shepherd, Peters, and Thompson on different levels. The Mayor’s KOMA violation was not to try to underhandly change the city charter as Peters group attempted to do. Those are my thoughts and my opinion.

  15. Ryan says: “Say what you will and call me what you want, but I find the Mayor’s offense and the offense of Shepherd, Peters, and Thompson on different levels.” Glad you gave me your blessing on that, because here it comes, the big “h” word – you know the one, hypocrite. You do realize that’s what a lot of people are going to think about you Ryan, right? Unless you are covering for the real reason you don’t have the guts to support a recall of the mayor, that’s your fear of biting the hand that feeds you. It would be a little uncomfortable to go after the mayor after his good friend, the former mayor, appointed you to the electric utility board. And the fact that you serve in close proximity to so many other friends of the mayor. It could get awkward. I get the sense that keeping up appearances is a big deal to you. So, I guess it’s better for you to save face and look the other way when it comes to the mayor’s trangressions. You’re a real stand-up guy there Ryan. Saying that a legitimate finding of a KOMA violation by the DA is less worthy of consequences than the case where the DA said no KOMA violations occurred.. Really, how do you look yourself in the mirror? Or better yet, how do you look your neighbor John Shepherd in the eye? I’ve never been a big fan of Jared Taylor, but he’s starting to look better and better. His moral compass seems to be set a little higher than yours.

  16. To: Judith:

    I’ll catch you at the Temple, Beasley, where you are supposed to be so pure to enter…………..


    I’ll catch you at the nursing home where you are senile enough to enter :)

  17. To @Ryan because you don’t have a name I’ll call you Danedri Fotovich. If you’re so fired up and concerned about the Mayor breaking KOMA why don’t you come out from behind your anonymous name step up and put your own recall together. Stop complaining and depending on others to express your thoughts.

  18. True colors says:

    Now we can see the true colors of Judith Rogers and her supporters. When Judith and her friends can’t dispute even simple logic, they have to fall back to attacking the religion of the people they’re arguing with. Says a lot about how much…pardon the expression…”faith” Judith has in her own positions or those of her buddies.

    And @@Ryan, it’s hilarious, the lengths you’ll go to in order to mangle the truth. I mean, it takes a TON of nerve to dare bring up hypocrisy after the pathetic, but well-funded, actions of your conspiratorial friends from the last KOMA “krisis”.

    Do we REALLY need to highlight the difference between Peters, et al, surreptitiously hiding their plan to steal power from the city? Do we REALLY need to highlight the difference between the Mayor’s violation (sending out an email to the entire council), and the Peters/Shepperd/Thompson cabal’s violation-by-proxy (organizing an offline ordinance between PART of the council to take the legal authority from the mayor and give it to…themselves)?

    Are you REALLY saying that there’s no difference between these two KOMA situations? Really?

    Because if you are, you probably oughta drop that “h” word onto yourself…for not supporting the recall in the first place. The argument you’re trying to use on Ryan…even if it WAS valid…would apply just as much to you. Moreso if you really ARE an employee of Gardner News; or a sitting Council member who might have taken campaign donations from the PAC that was involved in the first KOMA-krisis; Or a politician who might have directly benefited from the ordinance change drafted at the heart of the first KOMA-krisis. Or, perhaps, a relative of someone who might have been up for recall as a result of the first KOMA-krisis.

    We shouldn’t have to explain this, yet again, but it seems you forget that KOMA violations are largely civil violations of the law. And that recall elections are referendums of the voters’ opinions on the events at the heart of whatever it is that’s been going on with the person(s) up for recall.

    I note that you didn’t bother to ask if, had the DA invoked stronger sanctions in the current KOMA-krisis, Ryan would have supported those sanctions. If he had turned against the legal judgement of the DA, your allegation of hypocrisy against Ryan would be on target. As it stands now, though, you highlight only your own hypocrisy…made worse because of your implicit support much more egregious and willful intent in the initial KOMA situation.

  19. Judith Rogers says:

    Another lie from the past: “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tax ‘Em”………..what a joke that one was but it is certainly no joke when elected officials lie or have no respect for the law, have been found to break the law and evidently will continue to break the law. You have big problems in River City and it is plain as anything as to why. Your government has rotted to its very core.

    Hey, Beasley, who were the anonymous donors and why did you also have to be slammed against the wall to submit the required report???? I know why and many other citizens know why. Your free passes and those for the other lowlifes are ending.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey Judith, where is your anonymous complaintant about this KOMA viloation? Why are you all about protecting THAT secret? Hypocrite!

  21. Sure, you can call me that, but you would be wrong on both counts. Whatever floats your boat.It does continue to amuse me that you and the other prolific poster on this site think only three people supported John and Mary during the period of time when you maligned them. Not sure if that’s arrogance on your part or more of your ongoing propaganda to make it seem like only three people disagree with your past actions and current hypocrisy. Correct me if I’m wrong, John and Mary did get more than three votes in that election, right? Clearly I’ve touched a nerve. Guess it’s better for your image to be known as a social justice crusader rather than a social climber who wouldn’t dare go up against the movers and shakers in town. And for the record, I’m not complaining, I’m simply holding YOU to the same standard that YOU created during the last KOMA saga. And you still haven’t answered my question. How do you look your neighbor Shepherd in the eye, especially now that you’ve exhibited a clear double standard when it comes to what’s recall worthy when it comes to KOMA violations?

  22. No you’re clearly complaining and we all hear your axe grinding. Your hatred for the city of Gardner and Dave Drovetta is evident. Enough of your whinning about this KOMA violation, if you’re so confident about your supporters why don’t you and your TAKE BACK GARDNER friends get your petitions put together and start your recall.

  23. Judith Rogers says:

    I am waiting for the Beasley Bunch to actually take action to what they preach………..I’ll be waiting a long time for them to do the right thing because they do not even know what that is as evidenced by their words, actions and INACTION. No surprises on that one. I am not whining about the KOMA violations – I am stating facts about how the law was broken by lawbreakers. You can smell and see the rot.

  24. On the contrary, I have no hatred toward the city, and the mayor is a non issue because I’m talking about your perceived hypocrisy. I didn’t even mention the mayor’s name in my post. Again, you assume that you know who I am, when you clearly don’t. I guess I won’t expect an answer to my Shepherd question. I’m sure it’s an uncomfortable topic for you. Maybe you have a guilty conscience about what you did to him, maybe not. Only you know. I’m done here.

  25. And I’m sure WE won’t expect an answer for your own hypocrisy. You cally Ryan a hypocrite for not supporting an imaginary recall for this KOMA violation, but YOU clearly didn’t support the recall the LAST time. That door swings both ways, sugar.

    In my opinion, I would MUCH rather have the “lawbreaking” Mayor being chastised for his out-in-the-open KOMA violation than I would the other three Council members, and all their behind-the-scenes cronies, who plotted their coordinated effort so opaquely that the DA couldn’t even find the bodies of people who might’ve seen firsthand the actual actions that took place. Instead, the DA had to rely on the honesty of the people involved to tell him whether or not they broke any laws.

    Whine all you want about “lawbreakers”. The simple truth is that Mayor’s “lawbreaking” for this KOMA violation…one in which the DA was satisfied with warning him with more dire consequences for future infractions…is far less damning than the hidden sleight of hand actions taken by Peters, et al, to technically obsucre themselves from actual lawbreaking.

    The question to you, hypocrite, is why you support crooks who got away with hiding their criminal activities (in my opinion) and condemn our Mayor who wasn’t trying to hide anything and was chastised (but not convicted) for his mistake.

    If your criticism of Ryan is valid and all KOMA violations (or near-violations) are worthy of recall, you’re criticizing yourself just as much. If you believe, like Ryan does, that the severity and intent of the KOMA violations are important, then you’re being dishonest by calling him out for standing behind his beliefs.

    So are you capable of being honest? Or even logical?

  26. Judith Rogers says:

    I am capable of speaking out against the wrongdoing that has been done and apparently which could happen again considering the Dictator’s and others’ words and actions. I have been capable of that for years and pretty sure I will be doing it for years to come since dishonesty is part of our lives and our world and someone, along with others, do need to stand up against it. You definitely have seen that fact brought forward of the lawbreaking by the Dist. Attorney’s most recent findings. You can spin it however you want and how long you want but the facts do not change nor do the wrongdoings of individuals – they blatantly thumb their nose at the law and to decent citizens who do not deserve rotten government entities. Make your choices and the consequences will follow.

  27. My opinion? I think all of this arguing is a waste of time as it isn’t really getting us anywhere.

    My thoughts are either start a recall over this or just shut-up. All this other TBG and Intermodal stuff is the past and nothing will ever be gained by arguing over it now.

    If you brought me a recall petition for Dave Drovetta, I’d sign it. I doubt I would see a recall petition though as it seems like Drovetta’s biggest detractors are unfortunately all talk and no action. None of this other stuff really matters. The fate of this town doesn’t hinge on one person’s opinion, be it Ryan Beasly or Judith Rogers.

  28. Judith Rogers says:

    That’s right it doesn’t rest with my opinion………..it takes a village to get away from lousy, corrupt leadership and get a city government, or any government for that matter, managed and lead by ethics, integrity, HONESTY and character…………..as I have said before, the people are going to have to get their act together, do their jobs and make some choices as to what the Sam Hill they stand for and what they want or whether they will continue to enable and support people who thumb their noses at the law and the citizens they are SUPPOSED to represent. I won’t ever shut up about that because it is an ongoing problem and/or issue that you are always going to have to be face if you ever think you are going to reach the level of excellence instead of keeping track of the lowlifes who are constantly operating in the gutter and/or getting in your wallet and bringing other adverse affects to your doorstep.

  29. Thumbed noses? says:

    If you’re truly worried about politicians thumbing noses at the rest of the citizens, then why in the world won’t you condemn the actions of the TBG three as WELL as the wrong you perceive with Drovetta?!?

    Your honesty and integrity would be a lot more sound and respected if you just bring yourself to acknowledge corruption that has occurred on the side of the political fence you seem to stand on, instead of just the people you see on the other side. Ignoring the disorder in your own house while screaming about everyone else’s makes you seem as dishonest, if not more, than the people you like to criticize so much. It makes you appear hypocritical and willing to stop at nothing, honest OR corrupt, to get your way.

  30. Judith Rogers says:

    I just finished watching the video of the Council meeting of 1-17-12 where Freeman was questioned and voted on as a Council Member. It was really sickening to me to see a law-breaking Mayor appoint an individual who openly went along and approved of the 2 violations of Koma. The Dictator then states he will get Freeman a handbook so he will know all of the procedures, rules, etc. – what good will that do if both of them already do not and evidently won’t follow the law but do what they want. Can’t get much worse than that in my opinion.

    I hope all citizens pay close attention how they can get stuck on infrastructure improvements done for developers and then the developers default or sue the City or not pay the assessment or NOT pay their taxes- some of this was made clear in the video of the meeting too. These developers have been defaulting and putting the people on the line to pay the bill for something they should not be responsible for in my opinion or not paying their taxes. Again, I will say these developers need to be getting their financing for THEIR needs in the open commercial lending market and the citizens should not be involved or placed at risk by being placed on the line through these general obligation bonds and benefit districts. Once again, citizens need to know how they are being placed at risk and making darn sure they want to be used in this manner – myself, I do not – keep me out of that – those developers and politicians don’t need to be putting me at risk – I cannot afford getting stuck with these kinds of costs and I don’t want to be involved.

    Thank God during that same meeting Harrison did save the citizens from spending $67,000 for a dump truck – the vote was split 2 and 2 until Harrison came in with her Nay.

    Then citizens should really pay attention to costs for lightening suppression. Nobody seems to know what insurance deductible we have or have had and staff was unable to really be clear as to the risk exposures involved and costs vs. exposures. Evidently the insurance is not covering loss of use of services, etc. that could occur and the staff was pushing buying this system when I cannot see where they sought to get insurance against the loss of use, etc., price the coverage or whatever. Press did his little thing of intimidation and I was grateful to see the Council did not buy into his spiel about the staff knows everything and you should listen to them but you still can see, in many instances, how the appointees go along with the Dictator and staff time and time again when they shouldn’t be but perhaps some of them are getting smarter and know these two entities cannot be trusted – the Mayor and much of his staff have no credibility nor do they have the moral values to be in their jobs in my opinion.

    So citizens, again, I will encourage you to be informed, interested, do your research and provide the oversight of your government that you always need to do – that job is one you will always have the responsibility of filling.

  31. Actually Charlie K says:

    “The fate of this town doesn’t hinge on one person’s opinion, be it Ryan Beasly or Judith Rogers.” I disagree. Ryan’s efforts were largely responsible for two people being recalled from political office. So I argue his opinion has a lot of weight in this town. People clearly bought what he sold them. Which is why people should question why he’s not equally outraged about the mayor’s KOMA violations. He likes to downplay his influence with cute little quips but it’s obviously there. You would have to be very naive not to see that. But what I really question right now is how he seems to be OK with letting the always verbose @@Ryan speak on his behalf. Really? Gross.

  32. Judith Rogers says:

    I also wanted to mention that as I watched all of that meeting of 1-17-12, about the only rays of decency that I saw in my city government were displayed by Morrow and Fotovich but you can sure see what the Dictator, his appointed members, staff and consulting city mgr. do NOT bring to the table. You won’t ever have decent city government until that hall of shame is cleaned out in my opinion.

  33. @Actually says:

    Wrong again. VERY wrong.

    If you will recall (pardon the pun):

    1. The recall effort involved quite a few people, not just Ryan Beasley.
    2. The recall effort took its concerns to DA STEVE HOWE (remember that guy from the current KOMA-krisis?), who determined that the recall group had grounds to go forward with its efforts at taking the recall to the voters.
    3. The recall effort collected a BUNCH of signatures. Not only enough signatures to put the question to an election, but enough VALID signatures. As verified by the JoCo Election office. Valid and perfectly legal.
    4. The recall effort was decided by…by…oh yeah: THE VOTERS!!!

    I suppose you feel like if you repeat the lie that Ryan Beasley was the single person who made the recall happen, all based on his “opinion”, that you will somehow change the truth of the matter.

    And I’m STILL waiting for you to answer for your own hypocrisy, at not being outraged by the KOMA-threatening activities undertaken by Peters, Shepherd, AND Thompson…with an intent to hide their efforts from the City Council, the Mayor, AND the city full of taxpayers and voters.

    You’ve been riding Ryan pretty hard, here, but you NEVER seem to own up for your own negligence. And now, you’re adding in spreading specious and very obvious lies about the recall effort itself. Hmm…I wonder if you’ll ever take the integrity to condemn ALL KOMA-threatening violations or if you’ll just keep hiding behind your smear campaign against Ryan.

  34. @"decency" says:

    How would you know decency, Judith? Are we supposed to take the word of someone who only cares about integrity in government when it serves their own purposes? Like “Actually” has been doing all day, you’ve become a veritable KOMA cheerleader: you, who so easily dismissed KOMA allegations against your cronies before. Worse, you’ve flip-flopped so hard on the anonymity of the original complaintant of this KOMA event, while STILL condeming anonymous donors to the recall effort, that it’s surprising you haven’t broken your back. Easy there, gal. You’ll hurt yourself by twisting your positions back and forth so dramatically.

  35. Judith Rogers says:

    Thompson, Peters and Sheperd DID NOT VIOLATE KOMA as found by the Jo. Co. Dist. Attorney and by many citizens within the city of Gardner and beyond. You CANNOT change that FACT. The Beasley Bunch does include many people who are off track and go along with lies and hate mongering – that has been clear for some time.

    I don’t care who the person was who filed the most recent complaint on the KOMA violations by the present Council members and the Mayor. I care about and am glad that the person did so. It needed to be done and it brought out how this administration and city staff are breaking the law (I also feel there have been many more violations but they haven’t been caught on them) and there are many who condone that breaking of the law and to me that is a disgrace. Just like it was a disgrace for Heath Freeman to be named a Council member and he advised he had no problem with the Mayor and the Council breaking the law which brings about two more disgraces – one that the Dictator is still in office and two for bringing in another person who evidently has no problem with breaking the law or for the Mayor or others to do so. You condone that kind of behavior and you are on the avenue for destruction and much suffering by the citizens. You have a government that is a disgrace to decency and doesn’t even meet any litmus test.

  36. Didn't we discuss this earlier? says:

    Are you STILL doing the Bill Clinton, “That depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” nonsense?

    What you are basically saying here is that Peters and the rest did not get charged with KOMA violations, so they’re innocent. Yeah….right… And Bill Clinton did not technically break any laws when he “slept” with his intern, then lied about it under oath.

    Just so you can be clear about it…and pay attention here…

    A. THREE Council members showed up to their first Council meeting with identical proposals
    B. At first they refused to explain how they could have gathered identical proposals without violating KOMA.
    C. The DA had to FORCE them to tell their side of the story, which…
    D. …relied ENTIRELY on their word alone. So…
    E. The DA had to depend on the honesty of people who had very clearly intended to circumvent KOMA and as a result…
    F. Did not have evidence to charge them with KOMA violations, but ALSO…
    G. Did NOT proclaim them innocent or the concerns baseless (you also remember the recall the DA allowed, right?)

    So…just to make sure you understand:

    A. Peters and the rest did NOT get convicted of KOMA violations in the same way that Bill Clinton did not have “sex with that intern”. The “innocence” that you keep spouting off about is the innocence of the “you didn’t catch me, did you?”

    B. Drovetta ALSO did NOT get convicted of KOMA violations. Do YOU recall any trials or convictions? Of course, that’s just a technicality. Kinda like the aforementioned “nobody saw them do it” technicality you’re using to defend Peters and the rest.

    So keep tap dancing. Apparently, your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  37. Put up or shut up says:

    It’s obvious that pointing out the hypocrisy of all those new converts to the religion of KOMA violations and recall elections. You know…the ones who tried so hard to downplay the significance of elected city officials trying their best to conduct secret business away from the Council chambers, but are NOW screaming about our so-called “lawbreaking” Mayor.

    Clearly the irony of switching sides is lost on them. The staggering shallowness it takes for them to flat-out admit, either that they were wrong about their objections to KOMA violations and recall elections, or that they’re simply going against their loudly stated beliefs from the past to exploit the current situation now.

    So setting that aside for now, let’s get down to business…where’s the recall?

    We’ve had YEARS of people clamoring for Dave Drovetta’s head on a pike. Some object to him, apparently just because he exists. They call him names like “Dictator” (and worse). They accuse him of everything imaginable (and most of it really IS just imagination). They’ve even formed a special, well-funded PAC that exists for the express purpose of removing Drovetta from office. And that PAC has pushed through to the voters several elections, all centered around either getting Drovetta voted out of office, overloading the Council with enough votes that they could change the city charter enough to make Drovetta (or any future Mayor) powerless to their control, or failing that, pushed the election of a Council member so annoyingly obstructive that the entire city repeatedly gets dragged to its knees over the childish crises he creates as he attempts to object to anything Drovetta seems to want.

    So it’s clear the group would be motivated to get Drovetta out of office.

    So where’s the recall?

    So far, all we’ve heard is people still trying to complain about the LAST recall. But you’d think that, given the DA’s opinion on Drovetta’s KOMA violation, all these loud, angry people would be lining the streets, mobilizing petitions and organizing committees to begin the process of ousting the guy they say is a “lawbreaker”.

    But instead? Crickets chirping.

    It’s almost as if they don’t really stand behind what they’re saying. Or maybe they’re afraid of the voters. Or that the funding behind their PAC is becoming tired of throwing away money to their angry, flip-flopping activists.

    Either way, they won’t get a better chance at removing Drovetta from office in shame. Of getting revenge for their KOMA-fallen comrades. But without a recall effort, if they don’t even TRY to get one organized for what they perceive as a REAL KOMA violation, all their years of complaints and fake allegations against Drovetta are meaningless…the rantings of people who aren’t happy, but don’t believe enough in their convictions to actually stand behind them.

    So…where’s the recall? The time is now to put up or shut up.

  38. Judith Rogers says:

    Drovetta and some others should resign like Pugh did. All you have to do is watch the video of that council meeting of 1-17-12 to see that he has built the foundation of this city government on wrongdoing and he has broken the law and then he has the audacity to bring on another Council member who buys into that law breaking and evidently is ready to do that himself and you have other Council members standing up for this law breaking. The mantra pretty much is break the law, connive, manipulate, lie or whatever just as long as you don’t get caught and/or let rotten politics enable you to stay in office. I shouldn’t have to physically go thru what it takes to recall these lowlifes, especially since I am physically unable to do so. The Dist. Attorney or some other law enforcement agency should be removing them from office when it has been made so clear they do not respect the law and evidently have no qualms to do it again or worse – either that or the people should be swarming that City Hall to demand their house of government be cleaned out and up and that they expect decent city government. I certainly won’t be going along with this and will looking at all avenues available to get these people out of office and I certainly will not stop speaking out against the wrongdoing.

  39. Charlie K says:

    My thoughts exactly. Though I was told that Ryan Beasly was King of Gardner and capable of single handedly forcing 3 Council Members out of office. Apparently until everyone associated with the previous recall admits they were completely wrong and should not have recalled 3 people based on KOMA violations, a new recall over KOMA violations cannot take place… What?

    Stop trying to badger the people responsible for the previous recall into doing your work for you and instead get off these comment boards and get moving if you are really so concerned. I’m sure even if the exact same people responsible for the previous recall banded together again to remove the Mayor from office you would still complain, since that is apparently all any of you are good for.

    We have some serious issues facing Gardner right now and reliving the recall and Intermodal spats does nothing to address them.

  40. Charlie K says:

    “I shouldn’t have to physically go thru what it takes to recall these lowlifes”

    And that right there is what is wrong with the world today. ‘I want change but I shouldn’t have to make it happen, someone else should do it for me!’ It is that sense of entitlement that everything should happen for you without you having to do any work that makes it so nothing ever gets done.

  41. I can not believe everyone is still harping on this. It’s done. Mr Freeman is brave to step up considering this council’s history. Let’s give him a chance. I don’t like having an appointed council; I believe it’s unAmerican, but it’s the hand we’re dealt and all this bickering is not productive.

  42. State of Affairs says:

    @Charlie K.–You slam Judith for “not physically able”; however, I do remember that you said you would support an ousting of the Gardner council, but would not be able to spearhead it. And, further I got slammed for Edgerton residents not speaking up about not wanting the intermodal. Well, a group of us Edgerton residents filled the Edgerton city hall city council meeting, voicing our wishes. And, you see where it got us, we didn’t even get to vote yes or no on taking over the project. Now, great-grandma, myself, and and and others, will probably taxed and fees out into the street.

  43. Judith Rogers says:

    You lowlife, you only spit out part of my statement – you make no mention of how I am unable physically to go out into the community to collect petition signatures, attend meetings, etc., etc. I do not expect others to do my bidding just like I don’t bloodsuck my neighbors or fellow man by not paying my FULL taxes, commit fraud to secure low appaisal property amounts, etc., etc. – I expect decent citizens to do their jobs but it is quite clear there are those who only want to go along with the wrongdoing and attack people who stand up for what is right. That kind of evil will have consequences.

  44. Judith, you are PERFECTLY capable of spending hours on the computer posting again and again and again your ideas on how to you think the community needs fixing. There are plenty of people to do the legwork of collecting signatures and going to places people need to go for arranging the recall. Nobody is (or should be) expecting you to trot door to door if you’re not physically able to do so.

    But it’s cowardly to say you shouldn’t have to recall Drovetta or that it’s someone else’s responsibility to make it happen. YOU seem to know everyone. YOU meddle in pretty much everything that happens in Gardner. Get your fingers off their proverbial duffs and start the process or ask your well-funded PAC friends to start the process. Or shut up about lawbreaking and KOMA violations. Because if you’re not willing to stand up for your beliefs, you shouldn’t try shoving them down everyone else’s throats.

    Worse by far is the sleazy hypocrisy you demonstrate by saying Drovetta should resign. REALLY?

    Where was your call to resign when Peters, et al, were hiring lawyers and suing voters to keep them from voting on the past recall question? Where was your outrage at the actions of Peters and the rest, playing backdoor shenanigans and hiding their activities? You didn’t ask for THEM to resign. Don’t expect Drovetta to do the same…especially since, at least, Drovetta wasn’t trying to hide his activities from anyone.

    Your call for him to resign, combined with your laziness at recalling him when you think he’s a “lawbreaker” make you the biggest coward in the county: willing only to complain but afraid to take action.

  45. Charlie K says:

    I didn’t really ‘slam’ Judith, just said that is a really poor attitude to have, but alright.

    Give you physical condition a rest Judith. Do you really think you are the only person in the world with physical and health issues? You say you don’t expect everyone to do everything for you but you sure act like it. Stop fishing for sympathy and get over it. There are plenty of people out there who have serious health problems who don’t lay down and give up.

    Now that was more of a slam. Quite frankly though the recall isn’t all about walking door to door though. Get on the phone and make some calls, round up some able people who feel like you do and get them to go door to door. Handle the paperwork. Do something besides complain here all day for God’s sake.

    Yes State, I did say I would support a recall but not spearhead it. That is more because of ‘I don’t want to do it’ than ‘I cannot do it’. Of course I’m not the one on here day after day constantly complaining and decrying the Mayor now am I? I do not expect him to resign or to magically disappear from office on his own though unless I personally do something to make that happen. That is the difference.

    And the time you are referring to State is when you went off on a tangent about how Edgerton citizens did not get to vote on the intermodal. My response was that Gardner citizens DID get to vote on the intermodal and the TBG crew went against the voters wishes anyway so the vote did not really do us any good.

    Don’t worry if you and great grandma get taxed into the street though, I’m sure classy Edgerton socialites like yourselves can just pick up and move to a nicer area and continue your profession of high standards.

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