November 26, 2015

Pugh charged with battery, criminal deprivation of property

The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against Gardner City Council member Dennis Pugh for criminal deprivation of property and battery for an alleged altercation that occurred between Pugh and council member Larry Fotovich after a council meeting on Nov. 21.

Pugh is scheduled for arraignment at 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 3.  The charges can be viewed here.



  1. NOW we can pile on him says:

    I’ve been saying we need to wait and see what or if charges would be filed. With these charges, we need to remember that he’s not been convicted, but it IS telling that the DA thinks he has enough evidence to prosecute.

  2. GardnerPride says:

    Agreed. With charges filed, I again ask that Councilman Pugh resign from his seat on the board. I don’t believe he can represent the citizens of Gardner in a productive manner any longer.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    He should resign but will he??? Won’t be changing much of anything since Drovetta will appoint a like individual I am sure but there should be no way that Mr. Pugh should serve on the Council any longer considering his actions – his instability will not serve the people well in my opinion. He can make it easy on himself or he can mess with the citizens further.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I anticipate Chief Francis supported these charges which would enable him to continue to receive my high regard of him for all of the years he has served the people of this community well.

  5. Fotovich still to blame? says:

    There should be absolutely NO discussion about how much and who is to blame for the actions taken by Dennis. Please resign Mr, Pugh… NOW.

  6. So you like Francis? And the DA? says:

    Judith, it’s amazing how quickly you twist your words so that everything suits you. If the DA had refused to file charges, you would have been ragging on him like you were for the recall and anything else you think he hasn’t done. And you easily would have lumped Francis into the mix.

    Now, Francis is a standup guy and Howe probably made your Christmas card list. Hilarious.

    @Fotovich still to blame?

    Nobody is to blame for being assaulted, but Fotovich IS to blame for the noxious environment he creates on the Council and among city staff. That alone should be enough for him to, at the very least, try harder to work for the people, instead of his own ego.

  7. Lead story on the Edge says:

    What Kind of Jelly Bean Are You?

    Told you they were a news site!

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    I have always been a fan of Chief Francis but got worried with how they handled that 911 call. Not as big of a fan of Howe since I see the politician come out in him on occasion but Howe certainly helped himself with me by promptly filing charges against Pugh as he should have. And, yes, Howe would have been on the list, and you know what list that would be, if he hadn’t charged Pugh.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    In other news, go to this link to see how Coleman is laying off people and I continue to look upon them as takers……………………….

  10. Thanks for that Coleman story! It is truly shocking that a company that sells recreational equipment would have to lay off 40 or 50 employees in today’s economy.

    Please give us more links to earth shattering news such as this!

  11. Quick! Duck! says:

    No, that was Judith, ducking the subject and trying to drag some completely unrelated link into the conversation. What’s next? Slamming GardnerPride against the wall again?

  12. Mr. Pugh needs to resign. As I’ve said before, “The buck stops here.”: The blame is with the Mayor. He should never have allowed this progress as far as it has. Step up Mr. Drovetta. We voted you in office and you are disappointing us.

  13. Makes no sense! says:

    Senior, how in the world does what you posted make sense? Dennis Pugh is arraigned for assault and deprivation of property, so you blame the Mayor? What kind of buck is supposed to bypass Pugh and hit the Mayor, except the usual blather from people who already dislike him and are always finding new things to blame him for?

  14. Captain Caveman says:

    Senior, I couldn’t agree more – the mayor has allowed this fiasco to spiral out of control. He fed into it by making snide remarks and comments. Because the mayor controls the agenda, controls the issues that come before the council, he keeps any issue he wishes to silence from being publicly debated or discussed or voted on. He wishes to silence the citizens and Larry Fotovitch and anyone else who steps in his way.

    The mayor has been bought and sold by the same people who bought and sold Dennis Pugh. He is crooked. He is divisive. He is small-minded. He is unfortunate. He is untalented. He brings nothing special to the table. He is a blight and a curse on this town.

    Mr. Mayor, you should step down because nothing you do will ever, ever unite or bring order to Gardner. We were better off before you landed here.

  15. I like the Mayor. I attend his church. But I think he is wrong with some of the things he has done, for example the comment about Mr. Fotovich being the kid picked on in school. I also am familiar Mr. Fotovich. I am pained by this entire thing, but to say it’s because I dislike anyone is incorrect. Mr. Drovetta knows better. He needs to put his ego aside and do what’s right. That is what he was elected to do. Yes, the buck stops with him. If he can’t stand the heat he should not have gone into the kitchen.

  16. What about the the things that Fotovich says? He’s every bit as snarky and negative and childish as the statement attributed to Drovetta. More to the point, how would we know about ANYTHING Fotovich has said, given how Gardner News refuses to show HIS part in the stupid stalemate that’s afflicted our city government.

    Rag on Drovetta? Sure. Plenty of material to work with. But don’t let Fotovich off the hook. He’s every bit as culpable, if not more.

  17. Please tell me what Mr. Fotovich has done. I am listening.

  18. Judith Rogers says:

    Yes, Drovetta and Pugh both need to go……………it is certainly a “Bad Romance”…………

  19. Attend a Council meeting and see says:

    Poison attitude. Snide to peers, staff members, voters, and just about everybody else. Contrary for the sake of being contrary. Creating crises out of stupidly pathetic nothings (“OMG!” he says, “They rolled their eyes at me!! I’m TELLING!!! Daneeeeeeedriiiii!!!”).

    He is not responsible for inspiring Pugh to allegedly batter him, but he IS responsible for creating such and adversarial and contentious environment that nothing on the Council gets done without his dragging it through the morass of whiny, why-can’t-I-get-my-way nonsense.

    But the biggest reason for Fotovich to step down is that, given all the above or even IGNORING all the above, he’s the only politician Judith ever loved. That, alone, should be proof enough that he needs to go.

  20. Hey can anybody tell me says:

    whatever happened to JDELPHIKI? He used to proudly post all of the time. I always wondered if he got paid to write comments in order to swing public opinion a certain way. That or he just had a lot anger.

  21. Been to many council meetings and the only one that seems to care about the taxpayer is Fotovich or Morrow. Pugh wants to settle it all with a fist fight and the other two are so middle of the road and scared to take a stand it makes me sick.

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    The middle of the road guys are Drovetta appointees who know how to use the rubber stamp and Drovetta’s third vote that is so important to him is Pugh……….yes, Morrow and Fotovich are the only two who work for and serve the people……….that 3 vote majority is what is important to Drovetta and the big boys and you can see how with the Beasley Bunch and with Pugh, he continues to call the shots and will do whatever it takes to continue his cronyism government along with his enablers and supporters and the thieves who get to leech off the people because of people like them………that is my opinion…………….

  23. Captain Caveman says:

    Perhaps Mr. Fotovitch is like a dog with a bone – he just can’t let an issue go. He makes a mountain out of a molehill.

    I like it, I like it a lot. I want my representative to know an issue forwards and backwards before they cast a vote to spend my hard-earned tax dollars. I want someone to question the status quo. I want someone who is passionate about fiscal responsibility. I want someone who says that we don’t keep doing something because that’s the way we’ve always done it – we do it because it is right for our city and right for the taxpayers. I want someone who doesn’t give away tax abatements to every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Coleman who, mark my words, will skip town as soon as those abatements run out just like they did in Wichita).

    And if the rest of the knuckle-heads would agree to broadcast the meetings then citizens would have a video record of Mr. Fotovitch and his antics and attitude that the mayor and his crew are always complaining about. Although I kinda like it that Mr. Fotovitch has obviously ruffled some feathers.

    Mr. Fotovitch may not win a popularity contest but he will get my vote if he runs in the next election.

  24. Me like fotovich says:

    me no care how fotovich act
    me no care who pay for fotovich election
    me no care how fotovich cost city money

  25. Nice try, Me like. But Caveman is funny because Dennis Pugh is actually like a caveman. He speaks in grunts, uses one syllable words only and thinks clubbing people is cool. Fotovich uses big words. But I ReAlLy appreciate your sad attempt at humor, Me like.

  26. Fotovich use big words
    Runs crying, Daneeeeeddrrriiiii when not get his way

  27. Sense, Cents, Scents- Pounds Shillings and pents ………………………………………..

    Nothing justify Pughs attacking another city council member. Even if that council member asks difficult questions and demands accountability.

    I will cost Nil to webcast and arcive the meetings- thus keeping the public aware and behavior of city council at a professional level.

    Smells fishy to oppose such recording with the threat of violence! What else is going in [OUR] city council that isn’t seen by voters?

    And finally: Pounds shillings and pents!
    Just because I felt like rhyming :)

  28. Hello Everyone.

    Please read the Gardner news article in the following link.

    This problem is going to continue to be in city council even with Pughs resignation. The one that seems to promote this behavior is the Mayor.
    This came up months ago, also, I have witnessed it personally.

  29. when my beer nuts turn to cotton balls i’ll be coming home to you……….George Carlin

  30. iL nostro futuro dentro Gardner says:

    Crystal Ball! Future foretold

    Do not forget to remember that which was scribed 5 months prior to a recent yesterday with implications to a costly state of being to the distant tomorrow forth which requires recollection in the prevention of repetition of the recent past.

    Please read the Gardner news article in the following link.

  31. Bwahahaha!!! says:

    Nothing like beating a dead horse. It becomes less relevent, Danedri, every time you retell it.

  32. What happens now? The mayor gets in a fight?
    I still think there will be a big scandalous lawsuit within 2 years with the mayor right in the middle of it!

  33. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:
  34. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    01/03/2012 SCHED. NO GO COURT TRIAL on 01/12/12,11:00am,Div11
    12/02/2011 FILE STAMP 12/2/2011, AFFIDAVIT
    12/02/2011 SCHED. AR on 01/03/12,01:30pm,Div# M4
    12/02/2011 CASE FILED, Agency GRPD, Agency Rpt# 11-007535

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