February 6, 2016

Pugh appears in court; added to diversion docket

Dennis Pugh, who resigned from the Gardner City Council after being charged

Former Gardner City Council member Dennis Pugh

with battery and criminal deprivation of property, has applied for diversion.

“As I understand, it is being granted,” his attorney, Mark Lewis, told the court Jan. 12.

Pugh allegedly battered council member Larry Fotovich following an argument about videotaping council proceedings at a council meeting.

Pugh’s case has been added to the diversion docket. However, Steve Howe, Johnson County District, said in an interview last week that Pugh’s diversion isn’t yet finalized.

“I can’t comment until there’s a final deposition on it,” Howe said.

The diversion, if granted, will be a matter of public record.

At his arraignment on Jan. 3, Pugh entered a not guilty plea.

Pugh is scheduled to next appear in court at 11 a.m. on Feb. 24.

— Danedri Thompson


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Howe and Pugh’s baloney is rancid!!!!!!!!!! Only the people can clean up their corrupt governments. Not an easy job or one that you will be thanked for.

  2. Do you think he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat when he went to court?

  3. A litttle history says:

    For what it is worth Mr. Pugh, I believe Fotovitch should be charged too, if for no other reason than being a pansy.
    He is the kid on the play ground that likes to talk a lot of bs and when someone finally has had enough of it he cries like a girl.
    Now for the history…
    I remember seeing Fotovitch before he ran for council, while walking around the track at Veterans Park or at the store. Being from a small town we all say hi to each other, right? Not Fotovitch, he snubbed us more than once. Then he got involved in Gardner politics and all of sudden it was like running into a great friend everytime we seen him. No thanks we already figured out just how phony he is.
    I worked in an office Judith did many years ago. Though I did not work directly with her I heard what her coworkers thought of her and how she quit…Everyone knows the proper way is giving 2 weeks notice, if not for your employer but out if respect for coworkers. Seems this does not apply to Judith, she called after work one evening and left a message on voice mail saying she quit, that way she wouldn’t have to speak to anyone directly. The term Chicken S#!T come to mind? Haha yeah it does mine too. Mostly because she gets on here like she is the all knowing Judith and we should all believe what she quacks as gospel. Her time would be better spent cleaning off her front porch.
    Point is…we have all done things because we are caught up in a moment or reasons only we really know that we are not so proud of and we all hope others remember this while JUDGING.

    I expect the ramblings of the madwoman to be coming and all I can say is, I got the ole gals blood moving today.

  4. "Clean up corrupt government"??? says:

    Judith, even for YOU that statement doesn’t make any sense.

    Dennis Pugh was a Gardner Council member when he decided to stop by his neighbor, Larry Fotovich’s, house. During the nesuing altercation, Pugh allegedly exerted enough force (headlock) to be charged with battery, and took a video camera that Fotovich had been using to film the altercation, resulting in a charge of criminal deprivation of property. Upon being arraigned on these charges, Pugh resigned his position on the Gardner City Council. The resolution of this case is likely to remove the “allegedly” from these events to “convicted of” because that’s how the law works…remember the “innocent until proven guilty” thing? We all expect him to be proven guilty, but BY THE LAW, he is not yet.

    I repeat that scenario for you, Judith, because your post here seems to be missing an important point: DENNIS PUGH IS NO LONGER PART OF GARDNER GOVERNMENT!!

    Did you MISS that part of the story? Need new bifocals or something?

    So tell us, how can a guy who is NOT part of Gardner government, who stepped down of his own volition, and did not, for instance, have to be recalled for his improprieties…how can that guy be representative of “corruption” in Gardner government?

    It’s almost like you’ve got a list of words by your computer that you check off every time you post something…like you try to include at least three or four of your favorite “angry words” in every post, regardless of whether or not they make sense.

    In this case, unless you’ve got any REAL proof, you ought to try reading what you write so you don’t look foolish trying to morph a childish spat between two Council members and an even MORE childish tussle that resulted in charges against the one of the angry, frustrated combatants, into some kind of governmental corruption scandal. Connect the dots, or sound evenr MORE nonsensical than you usually do.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    The liars are going strong……………..poor, pitiful things and they are cowardly to boot………..Gardner’s Finest………….

  6. I mean, Judith.

    You can’t even keep your OWN facts straight. Why should we trust ANYTHING you say?

  7. @a little history says:

    Interesting. I’ve always thought our former councilman was a little fake. You know, all smiles one minute, facing crimininal battery charges the next. Imagine that, fake people living in a small town. Stop the presses, this is big news.

  8. George Adam Rifford IV says:

    “A litttle history says” – I have to say that you hit the “nail on the perverbial head” with your assessment of Mr. Fotovich. Nicely done:).

  9. “To Be is to Do” ….Socrates

    “To Do is to Be” ………..Sartre

    ” Do Be Do Be Do Be Do”……..Sinatra

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