July 6, 2015

Public Record: Marriages, Divorces June 15

Kevin Lee Allnutt, 44, Desoto and Sheryl Lynn Scheiterle, 55, Desoto
Aaron Michael Bruns, 24, Prairie Village and Xiangyi Huang, 25, Prairie Village
Jonathan Gene Chambers, 26, Lenexa and Breah Roxanne Gould, 24, Lenexa
Noah Kimeli Chirchir, 31, Olathe and Catherine Nzisa Kisuve, 24, Overland Park
Jacob Anthony Clair, 28, Olathe and Michelle May Rust, 37, Olathe
Edward Lawrence Cline, 69, Ava, MO and Sidney Ann Cline, 65, Olathe
Benjamin Keith Cowick, 25, Overland Park and Krystal Maria Hager, 24, Overland Park
Nicholas Scott Durand, 24, Lenexa and Danielle Marie Cavanaugh, 24, Lenexa
Michael Mugambi Gichoga, 30, Wichita and Krystal Ann Rogers, 25, Wichita
James Thomas Hackett, 28, Overland Park and Laura Jane Brooks, 29, Overland Park
Brandon William Lee Harris, 31, Olathe and Rebecca Ann Brosnan, 28, Olathe
Andrew Loren Jones, 21, Olathe and Abby Marie Miner, 19, Olathe
Adam Lyndon King, 31, Shawnee and Lynda Catherine Comer, 31, Shawnee
James Lyne King, 34, Olathe and Alysann Michelle Plunkett, 34, Olathe
Warren Newton, 33, Olathe and Lakeisha Shavone Herron, 28, Olathe
James Ray Penuel, 34, Owasso, OK and Erika Lynn Schmidt, 38, Owasso, OK
Stephen Mitchill Pierce, 22, Olathe and Katie Ann Gist, 22, Lenexa
Joshua Ray Poland, 24, Olathe and Melissa Ann Maurer, 25, Lenexa
Brad Vincent Raccuglia, 26, Spring Hill and Danielle Jaclyn Orrick, 24, Spring Hill
Joseph Charles Schneider, 24, Lewisville, TX and Jessica Leigh Ostermann, 24, Lewisville, TX
Bahman Ashoo Shahlori, 22, Overland Park and Katherine Irene Hersh, 23, Overland Park
Christopher Mark Sheridan, 45, Overland Park and Amy Nicole Pfeifer, 35, Overland Park
Joseph Vincent Sixta, 85, Shawnee and Nancy Ann Erwin, 66, Shawnee
Michael William Sterbach, 45, Olathe and Mary Ann Edmondson, 48, Olathe
Steven Mark Stricker, 65, Olathe and Susan Jo Mayer, 58, Olathe
Thomas Robert Tripp, Sr, 24, Mission and Jennifer Lynn Rouse, 29, Mission
Derek Scott Wilkinson, 21, Olathe and Trisha Nichole Catterfeld, 17, Olathe
Matthew Randall Williams, 23, Roeland Park and Kristin Elaine Winkler, 22, Overland Park

Judith Doretha Buffett vs. Donzell Buffett
Renee E. Gaston vs. Robert Dean Gaston, Jr
Freddie Lee Jenkins, Jr vs. Theresa Jenkins
Brenda Landreth vs. Thomas Landreth
Anthony Pontier vs. Suzanne Perrault
Ashley Bledsoe vs. David Smith

Kristina Elaine Brown vs. Eugene Edward Brown, III
Misty Dawn Lathrop vs. Joel Adrian Lathrop
Cheri Salts vs. Alan Salts
Wendy Michelle Ulmer vs. Kristopher John Ulmer

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