February 13, 2016

Public Record: Marriages, Divorces July 6


Hamid Boumehdi, 41, Kansas City, MO and Franccesca Margarita Usseglio-Carbajal, 20, Lenexa

Dennis Evan Cooney, 36, Prarie Village and Michelle Monica Marquez, 30, Prarie Village

Todd Allen Fuller, 45, Olathe and Linda Michelle Ball, 37, Olathe

Joshua Allen Geary, 28, Overland Park and Sheila Kay Baker, 28, Overland Park

Randal Lee Hughes, 50, Overland Park and Teresa Marie Foil, 45, Overland Park

William Bryon Hull, 24, Mission and Danae Lynn Erb, 26, Spring Hill

Brandon Michael Hunt, 25, Overland Park and Anne Keren Reade, 21, Overland Park

Marcus Lorenzo Hunter, 20, Kansas City, MO and Brae Anna Danielle Walker, 19, Kansas City, MO

Daniel Clayton Michelson, 22, Carmel, IN and Hannah Lynne Bolter, 22, Carmel, IN

Juan Carlos Ramirez-Tapia, 21, Lee’s Summit, MO and Elizabeth Velazquez, 20, Lee’s Summit, MO

Paul Sandoval, 21, Kansas City, MO and Wanda Marilin Herlein, 20, Olathe

Thomas Randall Schroeger, 26, Overland Park and Laura Jean Abels, 23, Overland Park

Jared Raymond Wells, 33, Olathe and Rebekah Grace Hopkins, 27, Lenexa

David Allen Wise, 50, Overland Park and Kris Mae Dizon Marcelo, 23, Overland Park

Jose Luis Canales vs. Terre Dean Canales
Lucele Duffin vs. Herman William Duffin
Melissa Hadi vs. Rasool Hadinajafabadi
Julia Krishna Simmons vs. Niall Ormond Longsworth Cargill
Tiffany W. Lydon vs. Charles P. Lydon
Michael S. Meisenhelter vs. Carolyn S. Meisenhelter
Ronald Edwards vs. Jessica Paola Moreno
Angie R. Wilson-Perkins vs. Brandon Perkins
Brandy Sue Rothlander vs. Brent Allen Rothlander
Kenneth R. Shern, Jr vs. Michelle L. Shern
Christina M. Spieker vs. Brian S. Spieker

Elitza Tzvetanova vs. Todor Dimitrov
Lisa Michele Horton vs. Daryel Keith Horton
James Vitera vs. Marilei Titera
Monica Pantoja-Tucker vs. John Fitzgerald Tucker

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